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ByTechNadu Staff-March 24, 2017.761 Renowned British physicist Stephen Hawking spends most of his time researching the universe’s complexities. He is a theoretical physicist and cosmologist Wheelchair-bound and said to be one of the great men in society. He has focused primarily on black holes quantum gravity quantum mechanics and more stuff he’s one of the most popular science educators has written several numbers of books including ‘ A Brief History of Time ‘ that sold over 10 million copies. Good news Stephen Hawking is eventually flying into space after businessman Sir Richard Branson has given the world’s first commercial Spaceline a free seat on Virgin Galactic. The company of Sir Branson proposed first to travel to space with the common people it is one of the biggest steps towards our vision. Stephen hawking was diagnosed with a motor neuron disease when he was twenty-one, so he was confined to a wheelchair he was communicating through a computer and traveling with two employees. During his 65th birthday he was close to his vision of space in a modified Boeing 727 jet at the time, experiencing zero gravity. He said after his ride “the zero-G part was wonderful and there was no problem with the highest-G part. I just might have gone on and on. I’m coming here space. A journey date has still not been confirmed. The spaceflight of The Virgin Galactic is back on track with orbital flights expected to be conducted later this year.