Stephenie Meyer Net Worth 2020

Stephenie Meyer Net Worth 2020 Career and Marital LifeImo Nyong January 21 Stephenie Meyer Net Worth 2020 Career and Marital Life

The series comprises a total of 4 books; Twilight New Moon Eclipse and Breaking Dawn which have sold more than 100 million copies worldwide.


Her family moved to Phoenix Arizona where she studied at the high school in Chaparral. She went on to graduate from Brigham Young University in 1997 with a Bachelor of Arts in English. She married her childhood friend Christiaan who in 1994 became popularly known as Pancho. They were both 21 when they married. The pair had three sons named Gabe Seth and Eli together. Stephenie decided to stay home so she could look after her sons.


She went on to write what became Twilight’s 13 Chapter for the sake of it without any intent to publish her work. Nevertheless, after her sister’s advice, she approached numerous literary agencies. She received a positive response from Writers House’s Jodi Reamer just one out of the fifteen agencies she had applied in. In an auction during 2003, Reamer helped get a $750,000 3-year book deal from Little Brown and Company the highest figure the publishing house has paid a fresh writer. In 2005 Twilight was released a novel describing the relationship between Bella Swan, a young human girl, and Edward Cullen, the immortal vampire as she had previously dreamt. There are 4 books following Twilight that include changes relating to the relationship between Bella and Edward. Particularly among teenagers, the Series was so popular and well received that it was adapted as a film which also earned global recognition very well. Meyer also written numerous other works since the Twilight Series. Stephenie’s short story was published in a 2007 collection of short stories Prom Nights from Hell. In addition, her sci-fi novel The Host was released in 2008, which appeared on the New York Times Best Seller list as number 1 securing a spot on the list for the next six months. Meyer said she was finishing a sequel to The Host The Heart. In addition Meyer wrote a 200-page novel The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner released in June 2010.

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