Starz Review: Pay for

Starz Review: Pay for Premium Get Live Stream and On-Demand Content ByGabriela Vatu-November 15, 2018 “2/2.1847.png” Premium channels are always those that bring top-quality content to our screens and they’re the ones that make us excited about the next episodes. We wanted to review Starz this time around, and see what makes this day and age special. Starz has been around since 1994 and over the years the Starz Starz Cinema Starz Comedy Starz Starz Starz In Black Starz Kids Family StarzENCORE StarzENCORE Action StarzENCORE Classic StarzENCORE Black StarzENCORE Family StarzENCORE Suspense StarzENCORE Westerns and StarzENCORE Espanol have multiplied the offering of more channels. The idea behind coming up with so many channels was to provide the viewers with super-specific content. So let’s see a few basic details about the Starz platform before we plunge into the review. Starz Supported Platforms Apple TV Android TV Xbox Roku Smart TVs Kindle Fire iOS and Android tablets and smartphones: Samsung Sony LG Web Availability Starz is available in the United States onlyFinal Verdict Pros Good UI design allows live streaming to original on-demand content shows Cons No PS support downloads expire after 2 weeks The platform works well nice original shows collecting great content. Definitely worth a try Our Score 9.3/10 Now that you have an idea about what the platform’s all about let’s move on and find all the details out there.

There’s a lot to say about Starz and we’re going to make sure we’re going through everything like what devices you can stream content on what content they have or how much it all costs. An important aspect we should be getting out of the way from the beginning is the fact that Starz is only available in the United States. So you won’t be able to create an account if you live abroad unless you have a good VPN and a US card or a PayPal account made in the USA. Since we mentioned that the best way to watch Starz is with a VPN outside the USA. We’ve been through numerous VPNs so that we can reliably recommend using ExpressVPN which is by far one of the best available options.

Compatibility platform “2/2.1848.png” You need to have a dedicated app on your device to enjoy Starz. We are pretty sure you have at least one of the devices that you support. Our Score: 9/10 While there is what feels like a million Starz channels you don’t need so many apps to actually watch the content. Luckily there is a single app that covers all networks so that you can have fun from the same location. Amazon: Kindle Fire Tablets (post-2014 running Fire OS 5 and up) Kindle Fire TV Fire Stick Apple: iPhone iPad iPod with iOS 8.1 or higher Apple TV 3rd and 4th gen Game Consoles: Xbox One S Web: Edge Chrome Firefox Safari Other: Roku 2 3 and 4 Roku Stick Sony Smart TVs Samsung Smart TVs with Smart Hub Smart TVs As you can see, the device department is pretty much covered. One notable platform missing from the list is the console of the PlayStation game that we know to be very own and love about. The Xbox One and the Xbox One S are up but we’re still hoping we’ll see PlayStation get support soon.

Starz offers a 7-day trial period so you’re covered for a while, if you think you might change your mind. A week is more than enough for you to decide if you cancel your subscription, or not.

User Interface

“2/2.1850.png” When designing Starz falls into line with almost all streaming services. You can scroll through various content types, grouped by type of content. For example, you might want to check out Original content fresh additions to classic TV hits or popular flicks. The content that you want to watch later can be saved from the interface and easily accessed. It’s all fairly simple and there’s nothing complicated about confusing users in there. From this point of view, the design will look familiar as it is nowadays the pattern used by numerous streaming services – splitting the content between series movies mark original content gives users easy access to saved content and shows or movies that they have already started watching. It’s an easy recipe but it’s efficient and while the colors or the order of things on the interface may change, it will still feel familiar.