Special Black Braided Updos

Black braided notifications are a classic go-to for busy days. African hair can be a challenge to maintain and take care of, but braids reduce styling time and allow the styling of natural hair without heat or harmful products. Braiding your hair does not have to be repeated over and over again in the same boring style. We have ten unique braids to try if you want something new and fresh!

Inspiring And Classy Black Braided Updos

Double Braided Hairstyle for Black Hair

A double braided updo like this one offers all the simplicity and durability of braids with the added fun and excitement of trying out an original style. The two French braids are supposed to go around the head like a headband from one ear to the other. To finish off this look, collect the remaining hair and secure it into a low side-bun.

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Black Braided Updo For Twists or Box Braids

While this braided hair will work with any hair type, getting your locks in Senegalese Twists will give you the best result. This look is easy to recreate at home, just braid your hair’s front section and tie it back together with the back section. Tuck the stray ends and you’re all set on town for a night!

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Braided Headband Updo

There are many reasons why people don’t like plastic headbandsthey can cause headaches that can hurt your hair and leave that awful dent as long as they’re in. Pass! Pass on! Just try this chic puff with a crown braid to achieve the same effect the next time you’re needing a headband for your natural tresses.

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Fun Black Braided Updo For Micro Braids

Micro braids can make styling fun. Try this simple updo at home to pull back your hair as if you were going to tie a ponytail and stop at midway through the pull, leaving the hair in the elastic to form a bun. Mold the hair carefully as you like it and be careful about stray ends.

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Marley Hair Updo Hairstyle

This voluminous style inspired by Elvis is a modern take on black hair braided updos. If after meeting with some friends or going out to a club on a Saturday night you’re hitting the bar, this is the ideal hairstyle to show everyone that you’re chill and ready to party.

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Twisted Pompadour Black Braided Updo

Braiding the front pieces of your hair is becoming increasingly common in updos. This style is taking the method and flipping it around for something completely unique. It may take you a little to get used to French braiding from the nape of your neck up, but the training will be worth it if you get all your friends ‘ best hairstyle.

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Grecian Inspired Updo

This Grecian-inspired updo is a protective style to save your sensitive skins from loss of moisture in the great outdoors. To achieve this classy double braid look, use attached braids for short natural hair collected in a small pony at the nape. Be sure to pin all in place otherwise the braid’s weight will cause it to fall out!

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Goddess Braids Black Braided Updo

Try this sleek braided> Goddess braids are all about channeling the inner goddess so flaunt what you have! Make a beautiful look by matching this updo with hooped earrings and winged eyeliner.

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Honey Blonde Lob with Highlights

Add some vivid golden highlights to the richness of your natural honey blonde hair. For a perfect face picture, piece-y locks and side-swept bangs dip down to softly reach the neck base.

Long Wavy Honey Blonde Balayage

If you have super-long brown chestnut hair that has lost its vim and vigor, bring it to life with a blonde shade of honey. You will be drawing attention to all the right places as each long wave cascades down your back to your waist.

Sun-Kissed Blonde Waves

Nothing says more about beachy beaches and year-round fun than sun-kissed soft honey blonde waves of a medium hairstyle that grazes the shoulders.

Light Brown Hair with Super Long Waves

If you’ve been blessed with long and sumptuous honey blonde hair make sure that the cascading curls fit perfectly around the face framing and highlight it in a beautiful way. It seems that the warm earthy tones of this light brown color are plunged into honey!

Super Short Inverted Pixie

Short straight hair never looked more sexy and sassy than when cut in an angled style of pixie. Next to the neck’s nape, it’s at its best to clean some wear style.

Honey Blonde Balayage Hair with Chic Knot

Usual straight hair can be turned into an art piece when revamped with beautiful golden honey blonde shades and a chic loose knot in the back.

Short Curly Inverted Honey Blonde Bob

Not quite a combover but rather a curly inverted bob, the golden honey tones of the side-sided hairdo emphasize the dark eyebrows in a manner reminiscent of the 1920s glamorous flappers.

Straight Blonde Combover

Honey blonde hair color is a great choice when you’re trying to call attention to blue eyes that are quiet yet dramatic. Parting hair on the side is carefree and quick to style with a gentle combover.

Brown Chocolate Waves with Honey Highlights

Giving your dark brown hair a new energy boost with golden honey blonde highlights applied to the mid-section and ends. Try scrunching the waves for an extra bouncy look in your hands.

Side-Parted Inverted Bob

Jack up your look with a sleek, elegant inverted bob of honey blonde. It’s a modern twist to the age-old hairdo, split on the side and decorated with long face framing bits.

Medium-length waves with highlights

Wavy hair that look rich and elegant when each curl hits its target strategically. The highlights of golden blonde and honey blonde do a great job of highlighting the head and crown.

Shaggy Center-Parted Lob

This simple, stylish and elegant hairstyle works perfectly for straight hair with its own face. Just at the upper ear, a single wave falls covering the head and setting the eyes and nose off.

Straight Layered Bronde Balayage Hair

When you choose to use your dark roots as an accent element, you tell the world that you are a comfortable honey blunder of your choosing. A flat section down the middle and give a subtle touch to just a little height in the crown.

Bright Blonde Waves Exotic Waist-Length

You know what they’re saying if you’ve got them flaunting! Let your long sultry wave oodles and oodles cascade down your back to the waist and proudly show off your sexy blonde hair color.

Blonde Strawberry Waves with Golden Highlights

Pale skin pops when framed by long, wavy blonde strawberry locks. Chocolate brown eyes and killer cheekbones are accentuated by soft honey gold undertones.

Ash Brown Cut with Bronde Balayage

When you have no idea how to wear your fine brown hair, how to use a bronze honey balayage and add some waves to the ends to make them really stand out?

Light Yellow Pixie Side-Parted

Bright yellow golden hair tones look amazing on dark-skinned African American ladies. The deeply divided pixie is eye-catching and electrifying with full bangs and extra-long side pieces.

Light Blonde Shoulder Length Hair

Change the hue of your light honey blonde with loosely curled long hairstyle. The wavy ends with the golden blonde shades well and helps pick up a sunlight glint. The darker roots beautifully set off the delicate colour.

Inverted Bob for straight hair

The inverted soft and sleek warm blonde bob is the perfect style if you have straight hair that is naturally thick. Without being frustrating, bounce and flirt.

Honey blonde hair color solutions complement almost any teint and look great throughout the season. Tone it down and crank it up for spring and summer during winter and autumn; you will always look sleek and timely. Whether a high-contrast balayage shadow or subtle highlights will change your hairstyles and give you the fresh vivid look you’ve been looking for, pick something in the warm-tone honey blonde. Related posts Dirty Blonde Hair Ideas Working on Everyone Hair With White and Platinum Blonde Hair Ash Blonde Hair Looks You’re going to Swoon Over Beautiful Blonde Balayage Looks Banging Blonde Bob and Blonde Lob Hair Hair Cuts and Styles Stay Connected Get ideas from the hair style. We will help you find the right hairstyles The Right Hairstyles © Copyright 2019 Menu HomeLengthLong