Sizzling Haircut Tape-up Ideas Fade on

The quality of the tape up depends largely on how deft your barber might be with the shaver. You can experiment as much as you like with them without losing your style as it barely touches the top of the hair. With one of these stylish tape up haircuts, freshen up your look today.

Low Fade Vintage Combover

On its own, the wavy vintage top with a diagonally divided middle looks classy. However, a subtle fade along the edges of the hairline starting from the backward temples makes the look even more remarkable.


Spiky hair is pretty cool. This hairstyle is more of a modern version of the old-fashioned high top fades due to the alignment of the sides to the top. The fade is high, beginning a few inches above the ear and tapering into the skin.

Buzz Cut Temple Fade

Such cuts and fades in the military are common. To give it a clearer outline, the old-fashioned buzz cut hairstyle is made trendy with a bald fade in the temples and back. As the hair grows back, it also looks better as the top always looks thicker than the sides.

Backward Taper Fade

Although subtle, it is very difficult to achieve the taper fade which brings the top back into a nice bald fade. With the tapering starting low and finishing at the absolute edges of the hairline in a skin fade, the fade looks almost natural.
Slicked Back Top with High Tape-up

This is a perfectly layered fade which gradually tapers back into the skin and then tapers back into a rough, full beard. The crown’s sliced back hair gives an urban appeal to the haircut while the high tape-up creates a better distinction between the beard and the hair.

Curly Low Fade Haircut

Because it looks better with an afro-like canopy, the thick, curly top is common among men with kinky hair. The sleek low fade around the thick top emphasizes the crown’s prominence while the right-angled line-up beautifully shapes the temples.

Curly Temple Fade’

‘ You can rock an enhanced curly haircut with a subtle temple fade for naturally curly or wavy hair. The remainder of the hair is largely unchanged with only a slight fade reaching the temple’s edges.

Parted Top with Temple Fade

The classic partition look combines well with some sides tapering. The distinction between the thick hair on the crown and the shorter sides is made clearer in this scenario by using a slight fade in the temples that curve behind the ear.
The versatility goes as far as making it possible for a fresher, more customized look to be combined with other hairstyles. The fade may be high, low, a fade temple, a medium fade edge, or a standard fade. Here are some of the most fashionable tape-up haircut ideas that you can try.

Spiky Top Skin Fade

This tape up requires some fine skills on the part of your barberTM as it features a smooth fade that nicely tapers the spiky top down the sides into a bald fade on the hairline. This sort of skin fade is the ideal canvas for any creative line-up and there may be cuts in mind for your barber.
Tape-up haircut has emerged as one of the hottest hairstyles for men of all ages and hair types, popularly known as the taper fade, razor fade, skin fade or bald fade. The haircut’s numerous variations make it applicable to all hair lengths.

Curly Top with Low Bald Fade

The main attraction of this trendy cut is the perfect contrast between the thick, curly hair on the crown and the completely bald hairline. The fade starts from the ear about two inches and quickly tapers the hair right above the ear into the skin.

Chic Tape-Up

No doubt the centerpiece and the center of attraction are the highlights of this haircut. However, along the edge of the hairline, the geometrically aligned low skin fade adds a bit of a kick and nicely outlines the flamboyant top.

Combover Razor Fade with Parted Top

The razor cut is one of the most intricate blended fades. This one was exquisitely done to highlight the slick top’s tidiness. The fade is gradually with just a little more than a fuzz left at the bottom to provide a nice line-up at the temples.

Combover Razor Fade

A razor fade is sufficient for longer hair with more pronounced styles to make the top stand out. A flashy razor fade that is perfectly consistent all round has been given to this classy Combover top. Of course, only a professional barber can successfully pull this off.

Curly Low Razor Fade’

‘ In the presence of the trimmed sides, the curly locks on the crown become more pronounced. The fade begins about an inch above the ear and tapers down to the trimmed sideburns before returning to a well-groomed beard.

Curly Fade

Thick curls are a very attractive type of hair. However, the style is made more defined and consistent with a slight bald fade that tapers into the skin at the edge of the hairline. At the sideburns, the hair on the sides tapers back up and keeps thickening towards the beard.

Parted Combover Low Tape-Up

This haircut features a Combover slick with a perfectly aligned partition at the edge of the crown. With a smooth, low horizontal fade that goes around the back and hits both temples, the sides are tapered downwards.

Long Top Combover with Temple Fade

This haircut can easily pass as formal as it can very easily be presented. With only a few light tapering in the temples, the long top that has been peeled over is highlighted well. This is the perfect haircut for you if you’re jittery about taking too much off the sides.

Vintage Curly Top with Bald Fade

Includes a vintage top with a curl over the brow. The fade begins right at the edge of the crown and tapers into a clean bald fade right above the ears where the hair and sideburns are stylishly disconnected. The perfectly groomed face hair tops off the look.

Low Tape Up Partitioned Top

Combover is a popular choice for mixing with a nice fade. This haircut features a thick top with slick lines that separate the crown from the temple and a prominent cut on the side. The line’s asymmetry and the tapered sides make it very appealing.

Wavy Top with Medium Taper

Another Caucasian male’s favorite, the hair on the crown remains wavy as a moderate fade tapers the hair down the sides. The hair is tapering back into a full beard at the sideburns, making the look a rugged appeal.

Wavy Temple Fade

This taper fade is one of Caucasian males ‘ most preferred because it embraces both curly hair and edgy trimmings. The type of fade applied is a low fade of the temple running behind the ear. The fade is minimal because it does not fade into the skin, which is good due to the lack of skin tone.

Low-fade Thick Top

This slight tapering of the hairline gives a stylish edge to the curly hair of darker-faced men. With the rest of the hair untouched, the fade takes on different levels of tapering at the temple and back. The groomed beard makes the look rugged.

Faded Slick Back

You can now spruce the ultimate cool guy look, the sliced back hair, even more with a nice fade. This haircut features the stylish back top with a subtle low fade around the hairline to further emphasize it.

Combover Temple Fade

This stylish fade mixes the classy Combover hair with the edgy tapering of the sides to produce a modern and dapper-like haircut. The slickly combed hair on the crown is accentuated by the temple’s slight fade, which gradually fades back into as it moves towards the full beard.

Rugged Low Tape Up’

‘ This is one of the simplest variations of fade for men with kinky hair. The crown makes full use of kinky hair’s curly nature while tapering and twisting the sides to make it look stylishly rugged with a nice angular lineup.