‘ 90s TV and Movie Stars Who Have Made Amazing Physical Transformations Lauren Weiler More Articles April 27, 2018 We remember that the last few decades of the 90s have come and gone quickly. And nowadays some of your favorite celebrities look entirely different than they used to. From weight loss to plastic surgery here are the stars who have made the most visually dramatic transformations. You’re never going to believe what some of these look like now. Next: A massive amount of weight fell from this TV super star. 2.

Rosie O’Donnell

5/5.684 We all know Rosie O’Donnell — and we all remember that she graced our televisions every day during her years on News reports back in 2013 O’Donnell had surgery to help with weight loss. And after the procedure, she fell from 240 pounds down to a dramatic 176 pounds. Next: Here’s another talk show host that is looking completely different today. 3.

Ricki Lake

5/5.685 Right: weight gain on Ricki Lake. Stephen Shugerman / Getty Images Right: a flattering figure from the Ricki Lake. Here’s another daytime talk show host whose physical transformation has amazed us over the years. ABC News claims Lake was weighing 200 pounds when she was just 19 but still preparing for her future as a bigger woman. She is now claiming she’d rather be a size six than a size 24. Lake lost 130 pounds and worked very hard to keep it away too. Nonetheless, Ricki Lake does not advocate extreme diet as she has tried in the past to do so herself and developed an unhealthy food relationship. Now she’s in line with healthy choices and improvements in her lifestyle to hold off the weight. Next: The woman in Cheers looks noticeably different from the 1990s.

5/5.686 5/5.686 Left: Kirstie Alley after gaining weight. Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images Right: Kirstie Alley looks elegant and appropriate. Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images If Kirstie Alley is known for something more than her television career, it’s her ever-changing figure. The 67-year-old actress has in the past years been a spokeswoman for Jenny Craig’s weight loss program and we all saw the effects of her efforts in 2015. Closer Weekly reports Alley lost 50 pounds, and is “much more disciplined” than she used to be with her eating habits. “I’m busy I’m going in life again! “As for her new body, she says. Next: She is recognised not only for her successful television career but also for her fluctuating weight. 5. Oprah

5/5.687 5/5.687 Left: Oprah in one of her more difficult years. George De Sota / Getty Images Right: Oprah shows off her hot body through hard work and diet. Stephen J. Boitano / Getty Images For years a topic of discussion has been one of the most beloved talk show hosts of all time Oprah’s ever-fluctuating weight. Her crash diet history and other attempts at rapid weight loss like running almost seven miles a day have helped her to lose weight in the past. But she has lost it again and again right back.Erika RawesGoogle+Twitter More Articles Many people have heard from somewhere — whether it’s a financial adviser news report or a television program — that it’s a good idea to call some of those businesses that we’re doing business with and ask for a better price. Hey the worst you can do is say no right? CreditCards.com recently conducted a survey of nearly 1000 holders of credit cards to find out just how many of us listened to this advice. How many people actually contact their credit card companies to press for lower interest rates and refunds for late payment fees? The survey results show that your chances of success are probably pretty good if you call and ask them. While only about one out of four card holders are asking for a lower rate of people asking two-thirds (65 percent) of them are successful. More people seem confident applying for a fee waiver as 28 percent of survey respondents said they had applied for a fee to be waived at least once in advance. A stunning 86 per cent of those who made the request saw success. Source: Erika Rawes / Data from CreditCards.com

“Many people who have had accounts for a long time have probably earned a better rate than they do because of a good credit history, but creditors will not search unless the cardholder calls and asks,” said Melinda Opperman senior community outreach vice president at Springboard Nonprofit Consumer Credit Management. You may very well be entitled to a lower rate particularly if you have improved your financial and credit situation since you opened your account. “The borrower must carry out a credit check in many situations when these requests arise before changing one’s interest rate,” Opperman said in the survey report. “If their credit ratings warrant setting a new lower rate the trustee may grant it.” On the particular card you are calling for, the issuer can actually check your past history. If you’ve been a cardholder with a strong account history for a long time may be enough to get a lower rate for you. Source: Thinkstock But when you tell your card issuer that you want a better deal, it’s unlikely the company will go looking through its millions of customer files and calling on each user to see if his or her condition has changed to make that person eligible for better rates. You just need to be proactive.

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