37 short hairstyles for men


Brushed Crew Cut

Short crew cutting saves a lot of time and you can readily comb it when needed. This enables if hair is out of location, which is seldom due to the length.

Brushed forward

If you comb them from behind, your soft spikes may look perfect. If you have very brief sides, this look is especially simple and easy to keep.

Center Crew Cut Haircut

Shave your sides so you can only stay on the top of your head with dense hair. The remainder of your hair with a bit of natural styling should be just stubble.

Colored Tips Crew Cut

Coloring your hair tips is still very common in the near future. Colorful tips assist to give more definition to textured hair by making it look thicker.

Contemporary Ivy League

Perfect for university pupils! Use a tiny quantity of hair product to gel your fringe in a good form in your blowout hair. You now have an Ivy League-polished.

Contrast Crew Cut Haircut

Keep the sides carefully trimmed while enabling the hair in the middle of your head to develop into a voluminous and dense style for a really amazing crew cut haircut.

Crew CutHaircut with Highlights

Adding highlights on your hair tips can offer a thickness and texture feeling. For a balanced look, choose a color that complements your natural hair color.

Crew Cut with Quiff

To add a classy look to your crew, a mini-quiff fits perfectly in the front of your hair to lift it up and back into a quiff.

Fluffy spikes

Fluffy spikes may look incredible if you notice many individuals itching to run their fingers through their tresses.

French Crop Disheveled Spikes

This haircut is based on a French crop, which is essentially a straight, longer fringe cut crew. French plants have much smaller sides compared to Caesar cuts. All you have to do to accomplish disheveled spikes is run your fingers several times from distinct directions through your hair. Use a little product of hair to keep it in place.

Hair Lift Crew Cut

You can get a little hair gel on your hands and then several times run your fingers upwards. This style provides a foundation that suits most of the form of the face and head.

Hipster Flat Top

The flat top comes from an elderly army haircut–only without the same rough manhood. All you need to repair your hair is a hair product and a tooth comb.

Lightly curled crew

A mildly curly hair cutting crew is a excellent option for anyone. This sort of haircut facilitates the handling of the curls and still enables you to show off your natural style.

Long and Spiky Crew Cut

Where you have the correct styling item, any hair length can be converted into spiky hair. Apply wax to your hair, run a comb, and then go from the roots to the styling tips.

Long and Tousled Dyed Crew Cut

This hair is the longer version of a crew cut (but it still looks fabulous!. Putting in blonde or white will help add more texture and volume to your hair.

Long Top with Tapered Sides

Leave the top of your crew cut haircut long and then trim your sides gradually shorter. This style is great for any occasion and is also easy to style.

Manicured Crew Cut

Create a manicured hair the hair product and to make sure that every hair is in the right place.

Micro Flick

If you have a relatively short haircut, you can opt for a short hair flick at the front. This gives your hairstyle a subtle hint of a difference without drawing too much attention to it.

Mid Short Cut with Beard

Use a clipper to cut your hair to the same length size. Afterward, set your beard trimmer to the same cut length for an all-over stunning look.

Mid-Length Crew Cut

A mid-length crew cut haircut is a classy look. It is quite simple, it requires no styling, and it works well with almost any face shape. Just look how cool Tom Hardy looks with one!

Mid-Length Disheveled Crew

Mid-length hair on men can work great with a slightly disheveled haircut. Run your fingers through it one way and then the other to achieve this slightly disrupted look.

Mid-Length Soft Spikes

This hair easier to styling product.

Military High and Tight Cut

If you are not a military man, this military can still look amazing on you. The hair is shaved high up the head, leaving a tight strip of longer hair in the middle for styling. Its called the high and tight.

Mohawk Curly Crew Cut

This hair is a crew cut crossed with a mohawk. Keep your hair very short at the sides and pair it with a longer strip from the top towards the back.

Out of Control Crew Cut

If your hair is inclined to be wild and free and you do not wish to keep it otherwise, cut your hair into various lengths and let it settle on its own without styling it.

Short Crew Cut

This short crew cut really makes the shape of your head get noticed. A short crew cut looks awesome with a beard but it also looks just as good with a clean-shaven face.

Short Sides with Tousled Top

The sides are cut short and help add length across the entire width of your head. Cross your fingers through it from the front to give it a tousled appearance.

Side-Swept Tousled Crew

For this side-swept tousled crew cut some length on the crown. Run hair product through your hair by sweeping it from left to right.

Simple Long Crew Cut

The charm of this hair kind of style, so it is very easy to achieve and maintain.

Soft and textured

A soft and textured short crew cut is the best choice for men who don’t want longer hair but also worry about looking too rough due to a very close cut.

Soft spikes with tapered sides

By producing smooth spikes, you achieve additional height with your style. It will offer you a trendy appearance by adding tapered sides to your style.

Spiked Crew Cut Haircut

Achieve the defined spikes by some hair products and then run a comb straight upwards through your tresses (starting from the roots.

Spiked Fringe

Apply a bit of hair product on your hands and then run your fingers upwards through the starting section of your fringe. This will create a soft and spiked look.

Square Hairline

If you are the lucky owner of a square jawline, then you can complement your features with a straight hairline or a square one, depending on your taste.

Straight Hairline

A precise straight-cut hairline is ideal for a preppy appearance. It is a great option for people who wish to create a look which is educated yet masculine.

Stubbly Sides Crew Cut

For this hairstyle, the top of your hair must be longer and thicker. Also, you can use a beard trimmer to shave the sides. Keep your beard at the same length so that your hair and your beard are balanced.

Subtle Faux Hawk

If you are not ready to wear a real mohawk, go for a faux hawk with a side part. Create a line of raised hair down the middle of your head resembling the classic mohawk style.

Subtle Side Fringe

Your hair should be left as nature created it, except for the presence of a very subtle side fringe. A gentle sweep with a comb will help kick your fringe slightly to one side.

Textured Fluffy Crew Cut

Run your fingers upwards through your hair to achieve this chaotic and fluffy texture. You can improve the texture by getting highlights and lowlights all over your crown.

Thick and Lightly Tousled

A thick top and sides look amazing when they are lightly tousled. All you need is just a bit of hair product for this fancy look, so try not to overdo it and keep it as natural as possible.

Thick and Luscious with a Light Beard

People enjoy running their fingers through thick and luscious longer crew cut haircuts. The beard is involved as well because it shows both softness and masculinity.

Thick and Tug-a-ble

This is perfect for running your fingers through your hair if it’s thick, textured, and tousled. This crew cut hair if you want to create an outstanding and amazing look.

Thick Crew

A crew cut looks mesmerizing with really thick textured hair. All you have to do for this style is to wake up and go. No worries at all! Welcome to Play Video

Thick Crown

This crew cut gets thicker towards the back of the and fresh haircut that requires very little maintenance and almost no styling.

Thin and Tousled Top

This type of tousled crew cut demands a lot of hair product. Run your fingers through your thin hair above each ear in a half-moon shape along the front of your head.

Thinning Hair

You might have thinner hair which is also beginning to recede but you can still look amazing with some help from a simple crew cut. Short hair makes thinner hair less noticeable.

Uniform Length Crew Cut

This haircut has a uniform length across the head. It looks rather striking in either gold blond or medium light brown colors. This hairstyle is simple and yet effective.

Widow’s Peak

If your natural hairline is not straight, then a widow’s peak can work great with it. You will notice that even as the hair gets shorter, your hairline will work with the style, rather than against it.
Wiry Spikes Cut

If your hair is made of thick wiry strands it may emerge into natural wiry spikes until it reaches an optimal length. Keep your hair short enough to style it with ease.