Short hair with bangs

Cute Short and Tousled Modern Hairstyle

This is one of those fabulous medium length haircuts that are perfect for growing out a short style. There’s an in-between phase that can be frustrating and awkward but you can skip it completely with this cute cut! The wispy layered bob and full tapered bangs give perfect shape and structure to this length.

Cool Long Bob With Bangs and Middle Part

There’s something really daring about a blunt bob with a center part. We’ve seen it more often lately and love it every time! The bob is simple and blunt. With no layers in front bangs give contrast around the face and look really nice when parted down the center like this.

Black And Blonde Pixie Cut

Bored of your hair and want to try a style that is edgy and modern? Then choose a haircut like this one! The hair is short and textured with long bangs while the color is black and light blonde. A black and blonde combo gives the hair a cool and trendy look. Short hairstyles like this one well let out your inner rock chick!

Side-Part Hairstyle

Not extra short no too long with thick area coverage the classic beard is ideal for the men who are dedicated to facial hair. Note that it is not suitable for every man out there. Our advice is that you get a youthful hairstyle to match this beard style which will make it possible for you to give this style a modern meaning. Otherwise you can opt for a side part with a stout hold pomade to give it the right vintage approach.

Line Haircut

Just like driving is a rite of passage so do growing beards. Nevertheless it is not as simple as it seems. It requires a lot of maintenance and care. Dedicate your time looking after it to get the best look you need.

Long Hipster Beard Side Part Hair

It combines the popular undercut and short haircuts to create the balance of the two textures.

Thick Hair

A nicer dialed down and a collectively less lumberjack design of a full beard this short hair with a beard which is also short is much understated more versatile and suitable for office guys-ideal for you if you want to impress your boss who is phobic of short hair with a long beard. A short beard looks great alongside a suit during an eight-to-five and also during the weekend at the pub. A well-chopped beard looks great on most shapes of faces although you may need to alter the angles to show off your best features and hide the worst.

Pretty Gamine Pixie With Short a-symmetrical Bangs

This adorable pixie cut is cropped super tight on the sides with more length and volume on the top. The bangs are cut in an asymmetrical style so that there are very short pieces on one side that get longer as it goes off toward the ear on the other side. Definitely invest in some good styling mousse or route spray for short hair with bangs like this!

Cute and Easy Wavy Bob With Bangs

This is a really cute short hairstyle with bangs that proves you don’t have to have color or highlights to get a great texture. The angled bob is cut with choppy razored ends and styled in loose waves. The side swept bangs are also choppy and taper down at the sides. Simple and gorgeous!

Wavy Navy Blue Hairstyle With Bangs

As hair ideas go where trendy color meets trendy cut you can do no wrong! Sultry shoulder-length waves and blunt bangs are a win-win all by themselves but this style goes a step further with an unexpected color. The almost-black shade of navy blue is lovely and unexpected. It’s absolutely perfect for cool skin tones.

Awesome Modern Shag With Eye-skimming Bangs

This sexy modern shag is more than a little bit daring. The cut is a layered long bob with wispy choppy bangs that taper into the shortest layers of the rest of the style. The color while high maintenance is really stunning. The roots are dyed crimson red well the rest of the hair is white blonde.

Bushy Beard and Short Faded Hair

Bushy beard is suitable for the men who want to add more texture and enhance the shape of their face. Also if you’re going to make your jawline too dominant this is right beard style for you.

Soft Pink Short Hair

Looking for a fun and cute cut? Then check out this hair idea. The hair is quite short and features long side bangs. What we really love about this hairstyle is the soft pink color. It is such a pretty and stylish shade of pink. Hair like this would look gorgeous for the spring and summer. Be bold and give it a try!

Tousled Platinum Lob With Side-parted Bangs

Choppy bangs are perfectly parted to the side. The all-over platinum from root to tip and big volume give this cut bombshell status.

Trendy Short Grey Haircut

Our next idea is another grey style. The grey used here is bolder and has a darker silvery tone. This color compliments the short and simple cut beautifully! Hair like this will require maintenance for the color and cut but the every day styling will be quite easy. It is a trendy hair idea perfect for the ladies who like to stand out from the crowd.

Long Bangs and Shoulder Length Waves

This is a great lob for medium textured hair. This with bangs is cut in layers and you can tell she’s got some natural curl that was probably styled with a diffuser to get those beachy waves. The bangs are long cheekbone length and parted to the side for a soft sexy look.

Patchy Beard Styles

The trick to rocking this beard style with short hair is taking a very short shave on the beard or letting it grow to a short length to have a more stylish look.

Natural Medium Length Women’s Haircut

This is a perfect example of how you can use your natural texture for low maintenance short hair with bangs that looks great! This style works best with fine and/or silky hair textures that are naturally straight. It’s a basic shoulder-length bob and full choppy bangs that are the only “layers” in the cut. This totally gives “I woke up like this” vibes.

Chin Length Bob And Bangs

Next we have another bob idea. This one features a bob that is chin length with short bangs. These bangs are more like baby bangs because the middle of the bangs is quite short. This is a great style for those that want to try the trend as it is not too much of a dramatic change. You can of course opt for even shorter bangs.

/Stubble Natural Short at The Back and Sides

Many men with short hairstyles with beard are afraid of growing a mustache. By opting for the stubble focus will not be aimed directly at your mo. Stubble disorients any differentiation between the clean skin and mustache. Going for a fade of the equal length as the stubble gives you an excellent dark frame for the face. It provides a way for the change from the hairline to the front to be extra fluid minimizing your mustache.

Short Faded Spiky Hairstyle with The Full Stubble Beard

The fades have become part of beard styling nowadays. This fade style matches well with the short fade hair as the kinks are kept short.

Edgy White Blonde Pixie With Long Bangs

Short hair with side bangs is a no-brainer and this cut shows just how versatile that style can be. This is a very short hairstyle with choppy layers on the sides and back that make it perfectly textured. All the length is on the top where side bangs are cut in to swoop dramatically across the forehead. The allover platinum blond accentuates the cut perfectly!

Funky Short Hair With Bangs

Next we have a funky and trendy look. Here is a short graduated style with light straight across bangs. This is a super stylish idea and you can recreate the whole look or just try the cut with a color of your choice. The cute braid is pretty too so give that a try on your new short hair!

High Gloss Bob With Bangs

Bust out your shine spray ladies! This hairstyle is classic bob with bangs that bring it up to date. The bob is chin length and styled straight with curled under ends. The bangs are what really make the cut shine. They’re long and blunt which is a great choice with a traditional cut like this. Make use of your flatiron and a generous amount of shine spray to finish the look.

Short Pompadour

This was a super common beard style back in the ’s. Since then it is still popular. It is somewhat cleaner than stubble but again have that rugged badass look.

Short Hair Plus Long Beard

It resembles short and tapered but this has an extra fleshed out appearance at the front. Works best with short hair. Allow the sideburns to grow out untouched into a healthy beard without the fade.

Loosely Crimped Bob With Full Bangs

This short bob with bangs is sexy as hell. The chin-length bob is cut sans layers which gives it a contemporary full look. These blunt bangs are thick and tapered at the sides to lend a boho-chic air to this otherwise modern cut. The styling on this is great because it’s somewhere between big crimps and loose curls.

Old Men Short Hairstyle with Full Beard Handlebar Mustache

Suitable for a narrow chin. This beard style for old men is one of the mainstream facial hair and trendy grey beard haircut today. You need to be careful with the outfit you wear with it.

Ombre Lob With Perfect Front Bangs As women’s haircuts go this deserves some kind of award. The cut color and texture is a perfect trifecta and it’s totally attainable! The cut is a simple angled lob with choppy ends and long middle-parted bangs. The color is a beautiful ombre that starts just where the bangs end. The texture is smooth with a luster that’s not shiny but looks silky soft.

Sunny Blonde Long Pixie Cut With Bangs

When you’re growing out a pixie or going short for the first time you need some medium haircuts to bridge the gap between short and long. This one is perfect! It has the feel of a pixie with the layers and choppy bangs but the length of an (almost bob with ear-to-chin length pieces and long side-swept layers in front.

Cute Pixie Cut

. The hair is short and has long side swept bangs. This is a cute and chic hair idea that will suit everyone. Something like this will be easy to wear and easy to style. The color featured is beautiful too so try a similar color for a complete hair transformation.

Side Part

This is one of the effortless beard styles for men with short hair. It is nicely augmented with a gorgeous side part hairdo and gives you a more masculine look when compared to a clean-shaven beard. To rock this look you must make sure that your hair is on point. By supplementing neat side part hairstyle with a stubble you are revealing that the development of stubble is a sentient decision. However if you let your hair messy with stubble you give an impression of someone who is lazy rather than sharp. If groomed well this is an ideal style for office men and it is not such a serious look so you can pull it too for the weekend.

Short Blonde Hair With Bangs

Next we have a trendy blonde cut. The hair is a little longer at the front than the back and it has short bangs that are slightly swept to one side. We love the subtle layers as the different lengths give the hair a textured look. It is a gorgeous hair idea and is perfect for the ladies who want a stylish new haircut.

Short Hair With Long Bangs

Want to update your look for the spring and summer? Then check out this hairstyle. Here we have beautiful short blonde hair that is longer at the front than the back. The hair has a summery vibe because the hair is both blonde and brown. Light blonde just gives the natural brown shade a sun-kissed look. It is a chic hair idea we love it!

Sunburnt Red Ombre Bob With Short Choppy Bangs

features that set this off. First the bangs are styled really blunt straight and with a tiny bit of choppiness that makes them really stylish. That color does all the rest of the work so there’s no mistaking this for a dated look.

and Short Back Beard

Maintaining the length of both your hair and beard needs a lot of energy and dedication than you think. However the combination of this duo gives you a professional look making it an ideal style for office workers. Showcasing your ability to style your facial hair well is an indication that you possess proper organizational skills and you have a sense of responsibility compared to someone with a clean cut. This is because keeping short beard and hair neat requires a lot of maintenance and effort. People have an inherent nature to trust men who can take proper care of their general appearance.

Cute Hairstyle With Buttery Blonde Waves

has a haircut this would be it. A mid-length choppy bob with buttery blonde balayage styled in loose beachy waves with long side-swept bangs. It’s the perfect blend of casual and coiffed looking “done” without looking stuffy.

Trendy Grey Hair With Bangs

If you want a trendsetting style then this is for you. Here we have a short grey cut with bangs. The hair is all quite short and the bangs are straight across. This is another example of how stylish baby bangs can look and to really make a statement you can make the bangs even shorter.

Short Hair

Great on style less on effort the goatee has continued to be the best choice for the intellectuals rock stars and all men with a rebellious streak. Generally it encompasses all the styles that feature hair slightly above the lip and the other on the chin sometimes taken to serve as a frame for the mouth. To be brief it is an artistic chic and villainous twin of the beard. It is suitable for short hairstyles with beard trimmed evenly.

Mussed Up Short Layered Bob With Bangs

For ladies with fine hair it can be frustrating looking at the many types of hair cut that won’t work for you. Luckily this is right up your alley! The chin-length bob gives plenty of volume and fullness along with the platinum color. You don’t have to worry about sacrificing some of your strands to bangs because the cut has natural fullness. The bangs provide a pretty frame for your face and the whole style is messy-on-purpose perfection!

Cute Short Hair With Bangs

The first hair idea we would like to show you is this bob with bangs. It is a simple beautiful and chic hairstyle. The bob sits just below the chin and has straight across bangs. Hair like this is easy to wear and will suit everyone. A bob will look gorgeous with side swept bangs too.

Simple Short Hairstyle With Bangs

This is a great cut for straight fine hair. First the short length doesn’t weigh the hair down so you’ll get some natural volume. Second the blunt cut gives the look of fullness (read: not stringy looking to fine hair. Finally the bangs add to the overall shape and mix up an otherwise simple style.

Short Blunt Hair Cut Idea With Bangs

This is a really young trendy look one of those really cute hairstyles for girls who like unique style. A blunt bob is worn in natural waves that are loose and unstructured. Blunt bangs on the shorter side add some girlish charm combined with a little bit of rock-n-roll edge.

Bold and Thick

This is a pretty popular short hair with a bearded look nowadays. The robust and bold look showcases a very confident appearance.

Very Sexy Very Short Hairstyle

This is boss hair hands down. A powerful pixie like this puts you on full display. This cut has short tapered sides choppy tapered bangs and just the right amount of volume on the crown. When you have a haircut this good you don’t need fancy color. Her natural raven black hair looks amazing with this cut and it would look just as stunning with your natural hue!

Sweet Curly Layered Haircut With Bangs


Layered Bob With Bangs

Next we have another bob idea. The bob featured here is a little longer than some of the ones we have previously shown you. It is a beautiful and easy to wear style with soft bangs. The bangs used on this style don’t have the blunt straight across cut but are lighter and longer. A hairstyle like this is perfect for the ladies who are trying bangs for the first time and for those who don’t want anything too dramatic.

Short Hair With Short Side Bangs

The next style we have to show is this trendy haircut. For this look the hair is short and it gets longer at the front to create side swept bangs. This is an easy to wear hair idea and we love the stylish color. A hairstyle like this is best suited to side swept bangs instead of straight across. Recreate the whole look or have a similar style in a hair color of your choice.

with Handle Bar Moustache

Beards with handlebar mustaches are not popular styles as they make men look more casual and imperial and few people prefer this appearance. However when you pull it off you will be sure to steal the show. It is an ideal beard style for men with short hairstyles. It is suitable for old folks and the younger generation may find it uncomfortable to wear.

Sultry Silver Lob and Side Swept Bangs

This is one moody ‘do from the color to the style. The layered bob with bangs is cut long (shoulder-length and the wispy bangs are short but perfectly accent the longer layers in the rest of the cut. The dark silver balayage is simply gorgeous. We love that this is styled super straight but has the perfect amount of volume on the top and sides to make it feel really glam.

Van Dyke Beard Thin Curly Hair

It was named after Anthony van Dyck a renown Flemish painter. The cheeks are shaven entirely leaving only mustache and is one of the men’s short beard style for short hair we can’t get enough of.

Cute Angled Bob With Side Swept Bangs Style

A polished pretty hairstyle like this is perfect for a busy professional or busy mom. Long bangs in the front and a deep side part give a soft pretty shape that’s very flattering. The back of the cut is more of a pixie which is super efficient and easy to style.

Wavy Side-Parted Hair With Short Full Beard

Another amazing beard style for short-haired men. This is an edgy clean and more youthful beard haircut that needs careful trimming to perfect it.

Edgy Violet Choppy Short Hair With Bangs

This one is for the ladies who like daring cuts and colors. The angled bob is cut with choppy layers that go from shorter in the back to longer in the front. Long bangs are a pretty way to define the front of the style. White blonde is peppered with lavender highlights to top it off!

Short Layered Hair With Side Bangs

Our next idea features a beautiful short cut. The hair is a blend of dark brown and icy blonde with a graduated cut and long side swept bangs. It is such a chic and stylish hair idea. Recreate this look or choose warmer blonde shades. Either way your hair will look amazing.

The Italian Look

Choose this beard style if you are confident enough to pull it off.

Sleek and Straight Bob With Blunt Bangs

This has got to be one of the best hair ideas we’ve seen in a while. Tbh you really need to have naturally straight texture (or a dedicated blow-out schedule to make this work on the regular but it’s totally worth it. The long bob is styled sleek with gently curled under ends a refreshing twist on the stick straight variety. These blunt bangs are cut straight across and masterfully accentuate the rest of the cut.

The Beardstache

Featuring somewhere between the full beard and the stubble the beardstache is a fusion where the hair mustache is retained fuller and elongated the rest of the hair below the lower lip is shaven. You can also consider it as a version of muttonchop beard.

The Blonde Hair Bearded Look

This is one of the casual beard styles which you can go for a week without bothering them. It is ideal for men either with short or medium hair.

Undercut Pixie With Choppy Side Bangs

Pixie cuts are already pretty daring but this one ups the ante. The undercut style is super short on the bottom half with gradually longer layers from the middle to the top. Thick side swept bangs keep the cut’s movement while defining it around the face and softening the overall look.

Pixie Style Cute Haircut With Long Bangs

Honestly if you get this version of short hair with bangs you may never get another haircut again. It’s So Easy to style this cut and it looks cute every day. It’s a super-short pixie in the back with long side-swept bangs in the front. Everything is cut with a razor and styled with a flat iron to give a modern look.

Shoulder Length Layered Hair With Bold Bangs

For women with thicker hair medium length haircuts can get bulky but this style is artfully cut to make the most of naturally thick texture. The razor cut blunt bob has some sneaky subtle layers in it that lighten up the bulk. A generous amount of hair is cut into bangs which makes a gorgeous full blunt bang and lightens the load on the rest of the hair.

Wavy Thin Hair

A very special short hairstyle with a stubble beard that can snatch any girl’s dream! This is ideal for the men who don’t have much fuller facial hair but want to be in the beard bandwagon club.

Sexy Blonde Short Bob With Bangs

This cut is so nice in its simplicity and elegance. The jaw-length bob is ultra flattering and the side-swept choppy bangs frame the face beautifully. This is the type of cut that’s surprisingly easy to style but looks super chic and put together. Having a color in your hair like this blonde hue with darker roots adds a dose of texture and dimension as well.

Effortlessly Cool Side Swept Bangs Hair Style

Love easy breezy style? Here’s your medium hairstyle with bangs. The blunt cut lob is good for medium thick hair. The wispy bangs soften up the front of the cut and look awesome swept to the side along a deep side part. The curls are a great way to wear this for a night out and this cut would look great styled straight too.

Layered Blonde Bob With Choppy Bangs A layered bob with bangs gives you amazing texture dimension and depth. If your hair is a little bit thin or fine you can “fake” thicker texture with a cut like this. Loads of layers are cut all around the bob and the choppy ends soften up the cut. The choppy bangs are an extension of the layers and give the style a nice finished look. Don’t let the style fool you you will Not roll out of bed looking like this! Daily effort is definitely required.

Fiery Short Red Hair

Be bold with hair like this! This short haircut is a fiery red shade. The hair is parted down the side and is shaved at the back. There are also long side swept bangs too. A hairstyle like this is trendy statement making and fierce. You can try and recreate the look with a similar shade or go for a lighter or darker tone.

Medium Pompadour With Full Beard

This short full beard for men with short hair is suitable for the working-class guys who like full-beards but still need to look professional at the workplace.

Spicy Red Short Hair

Earlier we featured a stylish red hair idea. Here is another one! This one is not as vibrant as the other red style. The hair here is toned down and is a spicy red shade. It has also been blended with a dark brown which gives it a more natural look. The cut is chic and trendy to with its graduated back and long bangs. This is a stunning style that will suit everyone.

Wavy Silver Ombre Lob With Wispy Bangs

This style is absolutely artful! The long layered bob is styled in perfectly messy waves and the pretty wispy bangs set off the front just right. The color is amazing. Natural roots bayalage silver and ever so subtle lavender tips. Gorgeous!

Short Bob With Side Bangs

If you want shorter hair but are not ready for the super short cuts then this could be perfect. This hairstyle is a bob and hits just above the chin there are also side swept bangs too. With hair like this you still get that short look but it is not as dramatic as the shaved pixie hairstyles and undercuts. It is a chic and cute hair idea that will suit everyone.

Easy Shoulder Length Hair With Bangs

This is a simple hair cut idea that works well with natural texture. The shoulder-length long bob is a basic cut without layers. The bangs are what really keep this cut from looking plain. They’re just below eyebrow length and taper slightly at the sides which softens the overall look. If you have medium-thick hair and your texture is mostly straight this would be a very low-maintenance style.

Shoulder Length Cute Hairstyle With Blunt Bangs

This is a great example of shoulder length hair with bangs and how you can style it differently for different looks. The cut is a basic lob and eye-grazing blunt bangs. Normally you’d see a cut like this styled straight but these undone waves are a great way to mix it up.

Pretty Hairstyle for Growing Out a Pixie

If you have ever grown out a pixie cut you know firsthand that there is a no man’s land between ear and length. This haircut is the remedy. The cute layered very short bob softens up all of those different lengths in a purposeful way. The bangs are choppy and soft and blend into the rest of the cut. Awkward phase? What awkward phase?

Pretty Angled Layered Bob With Bangs

Isn’t this style sassy and sweet? The angled lob has some subtle choppy layers but an overall blunt cut. The choppy bangs soften this modern hair cut idea and taper on both sides to blend in with the longer pieces in front. Finger-combed flatiron curls are the perfect way to style this look.

Chic Short Hair With Side Bangs

This cute haircut is loaded with layers and its a perfect way for women with thick hair to go short. The choppy layers break up any bulk from your natural texture and make this style perfect for beachy waves. The long bangs are more like short layers in the front of the cut and look best when parted on the side.

Perfectly Platinum Cute Easy Hairstyle

This lovely look is full of volume in the most modern way. With a shoulder-grazing lob and slightly choppy ends (usually cut with a razor you get a nice full cut that bumps up your natural texture. The wispy bangs make a simple center part look best and draws the attention to her eyes. Use some root lifting spray to get that volume at the crown and finger-comb curls with texture paste for the overall undone waves.

Gorgeous Medium Hairstyle With Bangs

When it comes to medium haircuts a simple wavy lob is hard to beat. With cute choppy bangs hair like this is pretty much as good as it gets! It’s low maintenance stylish and oh-so-pretty.

Beautiful Lavender Bob With Bangs

This cute easy hair style is full of moxie. The short bob is styled straight using a round brush to get just a little bit of bend and volume in the hair. The ends are soft which makes them taper perfectly at the bottom. The longer bangs are somewhere in between choppy and blunt but cut with the same precision. Lavender highlights contrast beautifully with her dark natural color.

Sleek Glossy Bob With Eye-grazing Bangs

If you have thick straight hair you owe it to yourself to get this haircut at least once in your life. This is so glamorous we can barely take it. Totally Linda Evangelista in her prime. Chin length blunt bob choppy eye-grazing bangs shiny straight styling. It’s hair perfection!

Gorgeous Curly Bob and Bangs

Do not let anyone tell you that if you have curly hair you can’t rock bangs or a bob or both at the same time darn it! This curly short hair with bangs is proof positive that you can. It’s all about cutting the shape to work With your curls and using the right product to define them.

Spiky Hair

It is one of the typical beard styles for men’s short hair of all time. Requires low maintenance and you can wear it the length you want. Its rugged appearance makes it preferred by most men.

Short Hairstyles to Try With Your Beard

Nowadays the beards are synonymous with style and are a sign of coolness. Therefore every male wants to experiment with one or two facial hairstyles. Luckily there are countless styles to choose from. We’ll see how you can style your short hair with a cool beard.

X Natural Beard

The big natural beard can only be accentuated in one way; the buzz cut. Choosing a buzz cut implies that you will spend just a little time on your hair and more on your beard. There are numerous advantages accrued to this beard cut. You save money used for the regular shaving of the grown-out beards and also the one you spend on hair products. It gives you that look of a badass boss that nobody wants to mess up with. Though keeping this style of beard fresh is demanding for some men is a joy to have constant maintenance of their beard rather than long hair on their head. This is because their beard is the most dominant feature and therefore all the focus is on it.

Long Pixie Hairstyle

Many women worry that they cannot style short hair as much as they can long hair. However you can create some stunning styles with short hair. Here is a beautiful example. This long pixie cut has been styled with curls. The side swept bangs have been curled too. As you can see the curls create a super glam and voluminous hairstyle. Hair like this would be perfect for the days when you want to wow or for a night on the town.

Box Beard

. Styling a razor fade side part accentuated with a box beard gives you an excellent counterweighted facial balance. Rocking a big beard gives you an opportunity to style your hair higher embracing a pompadour haircut without necessarily looking like a cartoonist. The box beard complements the added height. Besides the faded part along the head gives the face an appealing jaw structure regardless of the grown-out beard.

orable Smooth Bob With Short Bangs

Short bangs aren’t for everyone but it’s hard to imagine a cut like this with anything but short bangs! This cut is absolutely ideal for women with straight silky texture. The chin-length bob is a classic shape and the short even bangs give it an update. The length is just right because it allows you to pull back the front pieces for a half-up style or wear it down.

Short Blonde Shaved Hair

Next we have a stylish shaved cut. The hair has side part with side bangs and the hair is short and shaved around the sides and back. It is a beautiful blonde hair idea that will look amazing on everyone. Short hairstyles like these are great for the spring and summer too.

Punk Rock Bob With Short Bangs

Rock-n-roll isn’t dead it just went to the salon! A hairstyle with bangs this short is a daring choice but you can totally pull it off! This is a very layered haircut with bangs that are blunt and cut straight across but at a much shorter length to give it that punk feel. Styled straight mussed up and platinum this is one hairstyle that takes some dedication and upkeep!


The Viking style has tremendously influenced the men’s grooming. Why the haircut is subjugated by man buns for the men wanting to have Viking style with short hair they can achieve it by having their hair slicked back. Having your hair at the sides of your head shaven and leaving elongated at the middle accentuates the dimension and allows substantial growth of the beard producing a clear line from the top head all the way to the end of the beard. You can make the shape of the beard angular by holding it with a beard balm. It can take you long to have a long hair for a man bun so this is an ideal combo for you to rock Viking look.

Simple Elegant Blunt Lob and Full Bangs

Doesn’t this remind you of Audrey Hepburn or Jackie Onassis? This is a total throwback but it looks as timeless as ever. The blunt bob is punctuated with thick blunt bangs are cut straight across. The cut is styled in a half updo with loads of volume. Just goes to show glam never goes out of style!

Chin-length Cute Hairstyles for Girls

This short layered haircut with bangs is perfect for girls who want to try their hand at shorter hair but aren’t ready to dive into a full-on pixie. This is a bob cut but its got layers from front to back that give it volume and is angled into longer pieces around the face. The bangs are long and designed to blend into the longer front layers when parted on the side. It’s a cute easy hairstyle with a ton of personality!

Short Grey Cut Long Bangs

Love the grey short hairstyles? Then check out this next idea! This one has a more silvery tone and the cut is completely different to the grey idea before. The hairstyle here is short at the back and longer at the front with long side swept bangs. It just shows how awesome grey can look on different styles and shows some of the different shades available.

Spike Hairstyle with Bushy Beard

Some a little bit of buzzes on this short hair with long beard style changes the full beard into a gorgeous and bold look as shown below. The subtle mustache makes the style cuter.

The Uniform Hair Beard

The name tells everything about this facial hairstyle with short hair. The style has the same length throughout. It is indeed not one of the extended beards.

Choppy Pixie Short Haircut for Women

This is a great short haircut for women who like a more avant-garde style. The look is a little bit a-symmetrical with choppy bangs that are cut to be parted on one side. The layers in the rest of the pixie are razor cut for that blunt choppy look. The platinum color gives it a thick texture and will give you a little more hold as you style this cut.

Short Hair Edgy Undercut

Looking for a modern and trendy style that will transform your hair? Then this is for you. This short hair idea features an edgy undercut and long side swept bangs. An undercut is where the hair is long on the top and the back while the sides of the hair are shaved. It is a stylish cut in a cool color. You can try a color like featured or have the haircut in a shade of your choice.

Short Bob With Side Fringe

Last on our list of short hairstyles is this trendy short bob. This bob is very short and has long side swept bangs. We love the length of this bob because it is so stylish and modern. You can recreate this look or choose a similar length bob with straight across bangs.

We hope you have found a cool short hairstyle to try! We know we did.

Bright Blonde Short Hair Idea

There are so many different short cuts available. Here is a trendy one. For this look the hair is shorter on one side than the other at the front. This difference in length is an asymmetric cut. Asymmetric hairstyles are so stylish and trendy right now. You can choose a subtle cut like this one or go for something more dramatic. This kind of style works perfectly with side swept bangs too.

Sweet and Short Layered Bob With Bangs

This short hair with bangs is simple and to the point. The classic bob is chin length but has some subtle layers at the bottom. The bangs are long so that they can be parted to the side and shape the cut around the face. Some pretty natural highlights are the finishing touch.

s Inspired Long Shoulder-length Hairstyle for Women

This pretty retro-inspired cut has layered hair in the front with long bangs that taper and blend toward the longer pieces. The long bob is cut with soft layered ends. You can style this straight and easily use a round brush to get the slight bend in the front layers.

Short Hair With Bangs And Blonde Highlights

Prefer subtler hairstyles? Then this is for you. The hair featured here has a chic and short graduated cut with side swept bangs. A hairstyle like this is easy to wear style and maintain. It is a simple and stylish hair idea that will suit everyone. We love the blonde highlights at the front they really make the cut stand out even more.

Silver Pixie Hairstyle With Smooth Bangs

This is a great hairstyle for women with thick or coarse hair texture. If you have finer hair you can use color to thicken up your strands to get here too. The choppy pixie is short on the sides and back with long angled bangs in front. The bangs are perfect for styling to the side to smooth and structure the front of the cut.

Sexy and Short Goatee With Short Spiky Hairstyle

The contemporary sensual beard style for any man to rock before this year ends and attract the attention of all beautiful ladies around with its inexplicably charming look. So there you have thirty beautiful beard styles for men with short hair and different face shapes and sizes as well. Regardless of who you would like to imitate whether a workplace professional or a holly hood actor you are sure there is a beard style that will help you accomplish that. beard style? We would like to hear that one from you! The Fanciest Sunglasses Types And Sunny Hairstyles To Pair Today