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Also widely recognized for portraying Captain Jonathan Archer on

Scott Bio

Scott Bio Trek: Enterprise. He was born as the first of three children born to Sally and J in St. Louis Missouri, United States. Bakula, Stewart. His name Bakulais of Czech descent, which ties Scott with Czech ancestry, too. He is also of German Austrian and Scottish descent. Every year on October 9th, 1954, Scott celebrates his birth. In the early stages of his life Scott’s interest in acting and singing began to build up he even created his own choral group in his local church. He not only sang and performed during Scott’s growth, but he also participated in sporting activities. We could only imagine what it would be like to see Bakula swim for the USA. Group Olympics. Scott Bakula attended High School in Kirkwood. Since graduating from high school, he went to college Jefferson and then to majoring in business and law at the University of Kansas, respectively. He dropped out of University of Kansas to focus on his professional goal of becoming an artist.

Scott’s height and weight is quite high at 6’1 (1.83 m) height and his body weight at 172 lb/78 kg


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