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Best Paying Cloud Storage Services 2018 – These days, the Top 5 ChoicesByNovak Bozovic-December 30, 2017.533 Cloud storage has become quite a must. Individuals are looking for a convenient, reliable storage option that makes it universally accessible for their data. Global organizations rely heavily on coordination between the various geographies. Thus cloud storage services are used everywhere. Owing to the advent of fast and cheap internet access and increased competition in this area online storage services have become increasingly affordable even in their paid premium offerings. Take a closer look at the greatest value for money cloud storage services.

Paid Cloud Storage: Why Do You Need One?

If I have a free cloud-based storage option, why would I pay? The question is a very important one to ask. The answer lies in the operating model employed by those services. Almost all of them — including big names like Google and Microsoft — offer their goods as “freemium” where you’ve got a free tier with limited options and a few constraints, but it’s when you start paying where they pull out the big weapons. Such additional features include issues like improved coordination with more storage space, more flexibility enhanced dedicated security support and many more.

.534 Supported Windows Mac iOs Web Platforms. Prominent features What An Android App Lacks. Pricing $9.99/month or $99/year; no other plans Official Website On the Jumpshare Plus storage front – the paid version – provides 1 terabyte with unlimited upload file size. This becomes even more useful thanks to Jumpshare Inbox, a feature that allows anyone to upload files to your Jumpshare account, even those who don’t use the service, resulting in an excellent collaborative environment. In addition to the collaboration principle, Jumpshare has the most complex file sharing controls that allow you to set expiry for your shared files based on time views or downloads. Shared files can be limited to “preview-only,” thereby preventing updates and setting schedules when files are to be made available. Sharing with groups as big as 100 recipients can be achieved in one go and shared data can be set to self-destruct after a given period. That’s barely scratching the surface yet. You can set passwords for shared files to ensure no unauthorized access is possible. Jumpshare supports custom branding and domain so that recipients see your domain and logo rather than that of this service. It provides the most effective and accurate analytics for shared data that can capture screencasts, and annotated auto-upload screenshots have the widest file format support in their online viewer (200 + formats) that offers version control and restore deleted files and much more. This is really the best paid tool for storing cloud out there. Jumpshare only provides one paid plan that comes in at either $9.99 a month or $99 billed a year. While this places the service on the costlier side (relatively) the additional features make it worth your time.

.535 Supported web platforms Windows Mac Chrome Os Android iOs Popular features What’s Lacking Still not equivalent on Mac; Pricing starts at $1.99/month for 100Gb Official website storage..536 Supported Web Platforms Windows Mac Android iOs Popular features Best integration with Windows 10 and Ms Office; plans include Office 365; Heavy storage space; Strong mobile apps Not the best solution outside Windows Pricing Begins at $1.99/month for 50Gb storage Official Website Let’s face it: That is the user base that will probably find the most value in OneDrive. The paid Storage Only alternative offers $1.99/month with 50Gb of space and leaves it at that. When you pass to the Kit options for Office 365, that’s where things get interesting. You get 1Tb of storage with the Personal Plan; upgrades for the new Word Excel PowerPoint Outlook and OneNote for either a Pc or Mac and laptop and smartphone; expiring links and multi-page scanning capabilities are also available. All of this for either $6.99/month or $69 billed annually making OneDrive one of Windows and Ms Office users ‘ most appealing and cost-effective options. When you run Windows 10 things get even better as OneDrive is embedded in the Os at the system level and behaves very much like a local drive. The Office for Mobile Apps operates just as well on both iOs and Android, and since there is clear interaction between the OneDrive Mobile App, it also results in a truly functional portable experience.

Choice # 4: Dropbox – Best Cross-Platform Solution

Supported web platforms Windows Mac Linux Android iOs Prominent features Set and forget to handle it; Seamless file synchronization; Great web experience; Best-in-class mobile apps What’s Missing Pricing Starts at $9.99/month for 1Tb storage Official website D While the one-time king is gradually falling behind it is still the most easy and easiest available today to set up file storage and sharing service. The power of Dropbox stems from its sleek user interface on all platforms it supports, and the fact that it serves all platforms with frequent updates in equal measure. Dropbox provides two plans in the paying domain: Plus and Professional all give 1 terabyte of storage space. When it comes to Dropbox Plus, which costs $9.99 a month or $99 per year, you get offline files on remote computer devices and prioritized email service on mobile devices. In Professional, which increases the cost to $19.99 a month or $199 per year, additional features such as smart sync view advanced sharing controls full-text image search (including inside your files) and some other features are included. Prominent features Offers most storage at least cost; Secure Aws backup; Great with Amazon Prime membership What’s Missing Just a Cheap Storage locker; No collaboration / office software; Uninspiring Mobile apps Pricing Official Website Usually when you think of cloud storage solutions Amazon isn’t the first to come to mind. Amazon’s Cloud Drive is completely unbeatable though if all you need is an online locker where you can securely throw your files. And that’s a very important consideration because the Cloud Drive is essentially what you get out of that. There’s no comprehensive photo management office suite – essentially nothing with bells and whistles. Last stuff last. All Amazon Cloud Drive plans start at $11.99 per 100Gb on annual billing. That’s just $1 a month-half of what the closest competitors are selling. Similarly 1Tb comes in at $59.99/year which converts into about $5 a month making Amazon Cloud Drive the cheapest paid cloud storage service. Cloud Drive plans are also the most flexible to increase at 1 terabyte intervals, starting from 100Gb then 1Tb to 10Tb and eventually 20 and 30 terabyte options. Members of Amazon Prime get even better cloud storage offers. Although Amazon no longer offers unlimited storage on any of its plans, the images of Prime members no longer count against their storage cap making Cloud Drive an even more attractive option if you are already on Amazon Prime.

Final Words

As promised here, we have listed the best paid cloud storage services with the most common and regular use cases in mind, but of course we have left out quite a few. So let us know in comments if you think there is a service that should have been here. And feel free to share that throughout your social network. Thank you!