Samaire Armstrong – Biography of Samaire Armstrong

Samaire Rhys Armstrong He was born in October 1980 in the city of Tokyo (Japan), where he lived with his family for some years, before moving first to Hawaii and later to Arizona.

He finished high school in the Sedona Red Rock High School, where he played volleyball and participated in all school plays. Later he attended the University of Arizona, where he began studying Clothing and Theater Design, but dropped out shortly after the first year.

He began to act professionally at the beginning of the new millennium, participating in numerous television series such as “Party of five“,”Freaks and Geeks“,”Judging Amy“, or”The X Files“, among other.

Between 2004 and 2005 Samaire played Emily on “Entourage“; in the following years he had other leading roles such as Anna stern on “The OC” Y Juliet Darling in the series “Dirty Sexy Money“.

His film credits include titles such as “It’s not another stupid American movie“(2001);”Stay alive“(2006), thriller that he co-starred with Frankie muniz; “Give me back my luck“(2006), where he shared a poster with the actress Lindsay Lohan; “It’s a Boy Girl Thing“(2006), another romantic comedy that starred her;”Rise: Blood Hunter“(2007), mystery film starring her castmate in”{movie: Dirty Sexy Money}“, (Lucy liu) or “Around June“(2008), in which he played the leading role. His last works for this medium were thrillers”The last harbor“(2010) and”5 Souls“(2011), the latter not yet released. In both cases Samaire was the protagonist.

In addition to acting, Armstrong he has worked on the vido-musicals Penny and me from Hanson Y Bad day from Daniel powter. She is a fashion designer, and the owner of her own clothing brand called NARU.