Ryan Higa Nigahiga Net Worth 2020

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The channel was founded in 2006 by Higa and his friend Sean Fujiyoshi.


Nigahiga is from Japanese descent originally from Okinawa but was born and raised with his elder brother Kyle in the United States. The Vlogger studied Judo in several tournaments while growing up and he currently holds a black belt rank in the combat sport. Higa attended Waiakea High School and was active in both Judo and Wrestling sports before she graduated in 2008.

Higa’s journey as a YouTuber was not always a smooth one. He started his channel back in a time when a platform was not so popular and as such not all was under tight scrutiny as it is now. In 2008, his initial uploads of lip-synced videos and some of his popular comic videos were taken down from his channel because they contained copyrighted songs. He also faced temporary account suspension in 2009, and either had to remove videos or change them to audio. Higa then began writing music to escape copyright claims for his films. He later moved to Las Vegas to attend the University of Nevada to study nuclear medicine. During this time he made videos in collaboration with other YouTubers sometimes by himself. Ryan Higa Production Company was founded in 2012 and Sean Fujiyoshi joined him once again to produce videos for the website.

Family Height 5 ft 81?2 in or 174 cm Weight 69 kg or 152 lbs

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Ryan Higa Nigahiga Net Worth