Russell Crowe – Biography of Russell Crowe

Russell Ira Crowe was born in 1964, in the city of Wellington, New Zealand.

From a very young age he was a fighter, since on the part of his maternal grandfather, he has aboriginal blood and he spent his childhood fighting against anti-mohori racism.

Little Russell soon began to have contact with the world of television as his parents were dedicated to serving the clients of the hotels and set teams of Australian television.
In fact, he appeared sporadically in some movies, without acting or saying a line, just showing up.
His first role before the cameras was in the series “Spyforce”, at the age of 6.

Then I would start studying at the National Institute for Dramatics Arts from Sydney, Australia, but would stop before finishing the race.

After working temporary activities, he decided to try his hand at music, something that had always caught his attention anyway.
Thus, at the age of 16, he launched himself into the world of rock with some friends, changing his name to “Russ le Roc”.
He was the singer and guitarist of the group that they named: “30 Odd Foot of Gunts”.
Although they were not very successful, they even recorded a single called “I want to be like Marlon Brandom.”

At age 20, he participated in the musical tour of the play “Grease”.

Only in 1992 would he begin his true cinematographic career with the film “Break Stomper”, where he perfectly played the role of a skinhead, ultraviolent and racist named Hando, with which he won the award for best actor in the Australian Film Critics.

He also garnered an important award in the Seattle International Film Festival, the best actor award for his performances in the previous film and in “Hammers Over the Anvil”.

The year 1994 served as a platform for him to enter Hollywood, not in a noisy way, but in a subtle and effective way.

A year later he would shoot his second relevant film, along with incorruptible Sharon stone who they say threatened the producers not to appear in the western, “Quick and deadly”If Russell wasn’t her co-star.
In this way Russell began to make his way among the stars of Hollywood.

In 1997 he filmed another great success, this time with Kim basinger, “LA Confidential” from Curtis hanson, which resulted in several very important nominations for Russell: the nomination for the “Best Drama Actor” for him Golden satellite, and to “Best Supporting Actor” by Screen Actors Guild.

In 1999 he was nominated for Oscar best actor in a drama, for his performance in “The dilemma”, movie of Michael Mann.

For this role Russell had to age 22 years and gain 22 kilos, which he achieved by drinking gin and eating hamburgers.

Russell Crowe has become known worldwide with the filming of the great blockbuster of Ridley scott, “Gladiator”, a story in Roman times, as you can imagine, with an extraordinary display of media and special effects, which has cost more than 100 million dollars.
Russell plays the main gladiator, a former general in the Roman army who finds his family murdered; His desire for revenge leads him to become first a slave and then the most powerful gladiator in the Colosseum.

It has been made with the golden statuette of the Oscar to the “Best Actor”, thanks to that interpretation.
In the delivery he made a face of not believing it. He only smiled when he already had the Oscar in hand.
In addition, he proudly displayed a decoration that his grandfather, the film cameraman Stan Gemís won in World War II.

In 2002 he starred “A beautiful mind”, in which he played a brilliant schizophrenic scientist, who would end up winning a Novel award.

His female conquests include actresses Peta wilson (famous for the series Nikita) Y Meg ryan, with which he agreed on “Life test”.
This famous romance would cause the divorce of the actress with Dennis Quaid.

On April 7, 2003, he married the singer and actress. Danielle spencer.

In June 2005 Crowe was arrested after an incident in a New York hotel.

Some of his last releases were “Cinderella Man”, boxing story directed by Ron Howard Y “A good year”, comedy directed by Ridley scott.

Currently, Russel charges about $ 20 million per movie.

We hope you continue to gift us with your talented and spirited performances.


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