Ron Howard – Ron Howard Biography

Place of birth: Duncan, Oklahoma (USA)
Family: Father: Rance Howard, actor
Mother: Jean Howard, actress
Brother: Clint, actor


Ron Howard is one of the most deserving men in cinema, he is a self-taught man who has managed to build his name only on the basis of his work. Among others, those who gave him fame and recognition, as well as the gratification of being loved by the public, are “Cocoon”, “Apollo 13” and “A brilliant mind”.

He was born into a family linked to acting, his parents, Rance and Jean, were dedicated to acting. Little Ron was a precocious actor. His first performance was in the theater when he was two years old; Already at the age of five he was making interpretations for the cinema.

After intervening in various film and television productions during his childhood and adolescence, his first major role came in 1973 with American Graffiti by George Lucas. And as much as he continued doing work as an actor, little by little the direction was seducing him more and more, until he became the famous director that he is today.

When he was still a teenager, Howard made his own home movies with a Super-8 camera, as did other great directors, such as Stanley Kubrick, in the early days.
Once he finished his secondary studies, he started a cinematography course at the university, but without much desire, for the moment he left it; He believed that he would learn more from his own experiences as an actor.
In 1977 he directed “Grand Theft Auto”, his first feature film, also participating, writing the script and with an interpretive role.
Although “Grand Theft Auto” was the film that made Howard known, the film that launched him once and for all to stardom was “One, two, three … splash”, starring a, at that time, unknown actor: Tom Hanks.

Since then, Ron’s portfolio has been filled with well-constructed feature films, some that try to innovate by exploring different genres. This is demonstrated by his vast filmography, where we can find from science fiction tapes like “Cocoon”, to fantasy films like “Willow”, also action blockbusters like “Apolo 13”, and hilarious comedies like “EdTV”; and why not, stories on the dramatic level of “A Brilliant Mind.” The latter gave him the nomination and the subsequent Oscar award for best director.


  • Curious George (2006, producer)
  • The Da Vinci Code (2006, director)
  • Cinderella Man, The Man Who Won’t Let Down (2005, director, producer)
  • Disappearances (2004, director)
  • A brilliant mind (2002, director, producer)
  • D-Tox (2002, producer)
  • The Grinch (2000, director, producer)
  • EDTV (1999, director)
  • Rescue (1996, director)
  • Apollo 13 (1995, director)
  • The Paper (1994, director)
  • A very distant horizon (1992, director, screenwriter)
  • Flares (1991) Director
  • Sweet home, sometimes (1989, director, screenwriter)
  • Willow (1988, director)
  • Cocoon (1985, director)
  • One, two, three … Splash (1984, director)
  • The Last Gunman (1976, actor)
  • Three Outlaws and a Gunman (1974, actor)
  • American Graffiti (1973, actor)
  • Eddie’s father’s courtship (1963, actor)
  • Live by Illusion (1962, actor)
  • No clues actor
  • Night shift Director