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ByNitish Singh-February 4, 2019.1098 In November 2018, Flickr announced that it will shut down after a SmugMug contract. The photo-sharing website will start deleting photos from accounts starting tomorrow, with over 1000 pictures. Users can either back up their images for $50 a year, or upgrade to Flickr Pro to avoid losing their photos forever. The changes were announced last year in November and we gave users three months to back up their files. There’s no way to download all your pictures at once, but you can organize all your pictures into groups of up to 5000 pictures and download them overall. If you own any pictures under the Creative Commons License, even if you have over 1000 images on Flickr, you won’t have to worry about them getting deleted. However, with the licenses you can’t update your photos as the deadline for this has already expired in November. In the early 2000s, Flickr was a popular platform and slowly faded away, with sites like Facebook and Twitter breaking into the social media scene. The new age platforms provide virtually unlimited storage for images, leaving platforms like Flickr only viable for photography and mostly for professional use. Although Flickr has confirmed that they will remove your pictures, it is unclear whether the site will retain a backup of all user pictures for potential use. Flickr mentioned that these platform improvements would allow them to offer better quality services to all users, and more changes are expected in this year.