Rihanna’s Short Hairstyles

Personally, she’s also a professional fashion chameleon, as it’s hard to find any other star that would change her appearance so dramatically in a relatively short time. We can literally follow the freshest hair after Rihanna and make up trends. And every time the songstress looks different sharp and bright classy and sensual flashy and glamorous or even sometimes sincerely shocking, she can afford the maximum of experiments with short thick hair. I’ve selected the most chic of Rihanna’s short hair looks in tandem with sleek make-ups and I’m sharing them with you here. Being a renowned Rihanna fashionist doesn’t shy away from any new trends, no matter how avant-garde or even absurd they may seem. Yellow lipstick in the forest? .. No problem! No problem! Rosy hair? Even if it’s a wig, Rihanna won’t be afraid to be permanent with a rather unique hue, though how permanent a chameleon can be? And for that, no secret is that we love her so she looks so cute to go through all her chic metamorphoses. By the way, has anyone noticed that the songstress looks much better with short hairstyles than with longer locks?

Why is Rihanna with short hair so beautiful?

Being a beauty chameleon Rihanna wears all kinds of styles in all sorts of color combinations, but short hair is something that extremely flatters her. What’s the reason? Rihanna belongs to the Gamine style of beauty, according to David Kibbe’s Image Identity Model, a feminine angelic face and youthful body build form. Women of this type often look pretty grossly or older than their age when they attempt to enhance their femininity with pointedly feminine appearances. Rihanna looks fresher sexier and more feminine with short hair and even with a simple boyish cut than with longer hairstyles. So we can conclude that short hairstyles are something that flatters not just her face but her entire image. Let’s look at the photos. The short hairstyles of Rihanna

Short Glossy A-Line Style

This extra-short A-line haircut on Rihanna’s black relaxed tresses looks ultra chic and super flattering to her face. It draws attention to turquoise eye-liner and nude lips for her fashionable make-up.

Messy Textured Crop

The rebellious nature of Rihanna is the fun cheeky crop with crown size and tapered sides / back. Her designers also chose a delicious chocolate hue for the zest with cool random cherry streaks.

Dramatic A-La Mohawk Style

The stunning dramatic look is achieved thanks to the contrasting texture and colors of closely cut temples and long outlined feathers on top with a polished finish. This dramatic look is highlighted by the golden blonde highlights and deep plum lips.

Bold And Edgy

And here’s another style that looks awesome on the songstress ‘ elongated edgy bangs and crown tresses with close-cut sides / backs and well-cut temples.

Cool Fade With Platinum Blond Bangs

This beautiful hairstyle with darkened bangs literally makes Rihanna glow from the inside. This time, with almost full fade on the temples and beautiful extra-long golden bangs swept aside, she has gone even further than before.

Neat Short Crop With Balayage Highlights

It’s not the first time Rihanna rocks a mushroom cut version, but every time she manages to make it completely different and unique. This one is effortlessly styled, but due to the balayage highlights and a light wave in the bangs, it looks dimensional.

Short Pompadour

This one is very sleek and stylish. Her face appears much more flawlessly sculpted due to the exciting textured and outlined raise above the forehead.

Sexy Wavy Look

Rihanna appears less cheeky but more sexy and somewhat sweet. These beautiful messy waves of chocolate milk swept elegantly back and to one side and the orange lipstick show the hottest trends in current hair and makeup. 630.jpg” />

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Classy Rounded Bob

This sleek, non-bangs A-line bob covers one eye and grazes the jaw line to accentuate Rihanna’s lips and sweet pointed nose. The design is elegant, self-sufficient and laconic.

Blunt Polished Bob

With the abundance of sharp edgy appears this blunt cut bob is a rather unexpected option for Rihanna but nevertheless quite flattering for her. It is ideally flat-ironed and polished, making it a good match for the perfect skin of Rihanna.

Extra Short And Wavy

A simple short haircut with graphic contours and short wavy bangs like this one will not make you look like a boy but, on the contrary, add femininity to your look if you have a regular face shape close to oval and feminine features.

The Most Modern Look With A Short Haircut

You get a modern. It’s hard to find anything that can make you look more trendy than the shirt pussets earrings of a white man with crystals of a laconic haircut and nude makeup.

Flirty Bangs With Undercut

This is one of Rihanna’s favorite asymmetric short hair and highlighted bangs. She has a stunning scull shape and a nice oval face so she can manage really short cuts near the skin.

Stacked Cut With Elongated Bangs

And yet another beautiful look that beautifully flatters Rihanna’s stacked back raises the pressure towards the crown which flows into the long edgy fringe covering her eyes and weeding her cheeks.

Sleek Tapered Bob

This short tapered bob hits the jaw of Rihanna pointing to her lovely lips. The side parting and the silhouette of A-line add to her look a tint of mystery.

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