Rick Owens – Biography of Rick Owens

Rick owens He was born in California in 1962.

He graduated from Art School in 1980.

The fact of living near Hollywood has marked his professional career notably, since he began working in various California firms that were dedicated to copying articles from large fashion firms.

In 1994 he began to design under his own name, and by 2002, the CFDA gave him the award for the best new talent of the year.
Rick He then decided to move his studio to Paris in 2003, the year in which he presented his haute couture collection on the prestigious Parisian catwalk.

His change of location did not affect his style in the least; their knitted and crepe capes continued to blend easily, and their asymmetrical and poorly defined silhouettes continued (and continue) to give prominence to jackets in shades of black and brown with touches of pastel.

Its collections are characterized by a glamor that is embodied in its precision in tailoring and draping.

Despite Owens He always tries to avoid the limelight, his clothes have ended up in magazines and television series on more than one occasion. One of his achievements was the fact of dressing Sarah Jessica Parker in the famous series “Sex and the City”.

Owens qualifies his designs as subtle and avoids presenting them in spectacular contexts, emulating his little outgoing character.

Drapes, deconstructions, tight, asymmetrical cuts and an excellent leather work, are the main characteristics of this designer.
Declare your garments as “Theatrical, but without the usual ostentation or intimidation of the stage”.

Her clothes are always characterized by being sexy, beautiful and above all comfortable.
Stars like Courtney love or Madonna They took it upon themselves to take him to the peak of fame after declaring themselves unconditional fans of his designs, especially his asymmetrical dresses or his endless hems.

The American press described his style as Glunge and, how could it be otherwise, the day came when Owens he had to answer the inevitable question … “What is the Glunge?” In order to Owens, The Glunge is a mix between glamor-slash-grunge, the combination of elegance and dirt, the combination of extremes.

Creative independence is his passion, at 40 years old, Rick He realized that he should soon take a step towards commerciality so as not to see everything that he had created with so much effort over the last few years disappear.
In consequence of this he joined with Maria Luisa – one of the most recognized stylists in Paris, in charge of launching designers such as Mcqueen or Galliano – who since then, has decided to give a special role to the garments of Owens in his boutique in Paris.

In her latest collection presented in Paris, she has shown angular pieces, abstract skirts inspired by nun dresses, in which we find a certain influence of the Japanese designer Rei kawakubo.

“When you create a signature, you are telling a story”, He says Rick owens.

He recently made a collaboration agreement with Eo Bocci Associates – agent of designers like Ann Demeulemeester Y Olivier Theyskens – which only confirms that your interest in expanding your firm throughout Europe is still valid.