Richard Roxburgh – Biography of Richard Roxburgh

Richard Roxburgh was born in 1962 in the city of Albury, located in the New South Wales region of Australia.

The actor Richard Roxburgh, is known for his appearance in various Australian films, as well as for his supporting roles in low-budget Hollywood films, in which he usually played the roles of the villain.

From a young age he knew that he wanted to get involved in show business, but he had not fully defined whether it would be in the theater or on the big screen, and for this his parents enrolled him in a small local theater company.

During the 90’s he appeared in various Australian productions and dramas, among which is the critically acclaimed version of “Hamlet“for theater, in which he participated in 1994, produced by the Belvoir St Theater.

By this time he had already become an actor of medium renown in his native country, since he had participated in a good number of television productions. Among the most remembered we have “The Last of the Ryans“,”Frontier” Y “Tracks of Glory“.

Her first blockbuster movie appearance was in the world-famous “Mission: Impossible 2“, in 2000 together with the charismatic Tom cruise. For his first foray into the world of Hollywood, the critics did not treat him so badly.

Probably one of his most memorable roles is for having played Evil Duke in the musical film “Moulin rouge“the following year, which attracted more public attention by being nominated for this performance.
Of course, the impressive cast of this feature film greatly helped his career: Nicole Kidman Y Ewan McGregor They also gave a lot to talk about after the premiere.

A couple of years later Richard continued to play bad boy royalty by playing the Count Dracula in the movie “Van Helsing“, which would not go through his life without pain or glory, since during the filming he met Silvia Colloca, who did you fall in love with.

The September 25, 2004 he married the aforementioned actress, with whom he had a son in 2007 who they called Raphael roxburgh.

Towards the end of this year or the beginning of next year, the release of the first film directed by Richard Roxburgh titled “Romulus, My Father“.