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Heartbreaking Way Queen Elizabeth The Heartbreaking Way Queen Elizabeth Discovered Her Dad King George DiedMore Johnson Johnson (NYSE: JNJ) is expected to report earnings on Tuesday 15 July 2014. The whisper number is $1.55 in line with an estimate by the analysts and showing investors ‘ nuetral trust. JNJ has a 60 percent positive surprise history beating the whisper in 30 of the 50 earnings reports we have data for.

Earnings history: – Beat whisper: 30 qtrs– Reached whisper: 0 qtrs– Missed whisper: 20 qtrs Our main focus is on price movement for post-earnings. Understanding how likely the price of a stock will rise following an earnings report will help you identify the best (long or short) action to be taken. In other terms we are examining what happens when the business meets or fails the target of a whisper number. The table below shows the average post-earnings price movement within a timeframe between one and thirty trading days: the highest price movement of + 1 percent occurs within twenty trading days when the company reports earnings exceeding the whisper number and -1.1 percent within five trading days when the company reports earnings missing the whisper number. When the company reports results, the overall average price move is ‘ as planned ‘ but limited (beat the number of whisper and see limited strength miss and see limited weakness). The table below displays the latest reports on earnings and the short-term price reaction: Concerned about a market crash? Consider buying 2008 s Winners Why You Shouldn’t Bite Into Yum! Products Just Yet