Professional Shears



Our 1 Choice Equinox Professional Shears Razor Edge Series Well-balanced model comfortable for hand and wrist hand-harpened stainless steel blades Ideal for both professional and casual users John 6.5 Barber Scissors Easy to use handle Great friction for accurate cutting of hair with accuracy and conviction

Comes with additional tools

Zzzrt Zt-4444 Multi-color Japanese Stainless Steel Hair Cutting Shears / Scissors Strain and tiredness kept to a minimum rust-resistant

Utopia Care Professional Barber Razor Edge Hair Cutting Scissors / Shears Edges remain so sharp it feels like forever Gives a smooth, quick no-mess cut Quick and discreet to use Mosher Salon Professional. Nonetheless, there are several factors to consider within these choices before making your final choice. ‘

‘ 1. Shears length

The industry standard for shears (by width) is 5.5 inches and is the scale used to teach future barbers and stylists. You should only use larger shears such as 6.5-inch shears if your hands are larger than normal. You should also take into account the length of the finger rings of the shear. One way to check the right fit is to slip your ring finger into a finger circle: the second knuckle should not be passed by the handle. In the meantime, the thumb ring will stretch just a little past your thumb point. The length often usually works better for precise point cutting depending on the job shorter shears. The bottom line is that you should have complete control of the shears without pushing your hand and fingers into uncomfortable positions, no matter what type of job or hand size.

the second. Shears style Shears come in a variety of styles and depending on your needs, the kind you prefer. Here are some of the most common types: straight shears A straight shear is a do – it-all tool for skilled barbers and Diy barbers and is the type used for most cutting jobs. Usually, professionals have two straight shear types: one long and one short. Smaller straight shears work best when you pull hair over your fingers to slice it, as the smaller blade reduces the risk of too much cutting or crooked cutting. Smaller shears also work better to cut around the ears and on the back of the neck because you’re going to have better control overall. Longer straight shears work best when you raise your hair with a brush to cut it, as they can more easily cover a larger layer. These are also thicker than smaller straight shears, making them ideal for wet or coarse hair cutting.
Thinning shears are the go-to device for cutting large amounts of thick hair and are important to achieving the most growing hairstyles of people. Usually come in two forms, based on the number of teeth in the blade, including straight shears thinning shears. Shears with fewer teeth (usually 28) are better for very thick hair trimming and texture. This fits well for those with more teeth to combine tapering and add texture to skin. Some other things to remember when choosing the type of shears that best suits your needs include: Shears made of harder steel are better for dry hair cutting. Heavier blades work better on dry hair as a general rule and the blade should be thinner in the middle before tapering to the edge. Double swivel shears have two swivel joints on the thumb ring to eliminate thumb movement, suitable for stylists suffering from joint problems like carpal tunnels. Curved blade shears help to achieve precise straight and clear cuts along the blade’s length.

3. Material

Most professional shears are made of steel and you should always use steel even if you are an inexperienced stylist at home. Germany and Japan usually have the best steel to produce blades, but that doesn’t mean you’re not going to choose shears from other nations.

Another key factor to consider when choosing shears is the type of handle or grip. Offset grip shears Offset grip shears allow more movement possible and help reduce some of the thumb’s over-extension. These are made up of asymmetric rings where the blade is in line with the handle. Swivel thumb shears have a swivel joint that attaches to the shank of the shear. His ergonomic model, which restricts thumb movement while allowing the wrist to flatten, is a major benefit of swivel thumb shears. Left-handed grip Left-handers understand the struggle in a world of right-handers that comes with living. Southpaw barbers and stylists have to work on right-handed shears around the adjustment knob, but luckily shears with left-handed grips eliminate the problem. Trim the bottom!

Convex and beveled are the main blade styles used on the shears. Convex shears from Japan work well to cut both hairstyles and cutting techniques. Their blades are very sharp, making them more suitable for more experienced users. These also help to create a smooth process of slicing. Beveled edge blades consist of lightweight alloys that often have micro-serrations that help prevent hair from slipping out of the knife. This makes them ideal for anyone who knows how to cut hair or who has no experience. While beveled edge blades are fine for all-around use, they work well for detail cutting and dry hair cutting.

Each shear has some friction between the blade and the handle at the joint. Generally speaking, the right balance is neither too tight nor too loose. Tension that is too loose will not be cut as easily whereas one that is too tight will take more pressure to open and close the blades. It is possible to adjust the shear pressure with a screwdriver or coin by pivoting on a screw with a groove on top. Spring of the leaves
Reversible leaf spring Take heart lifts with you also in mind a pressure device. A removable leaf spring allows users to reassemble the blade and screw to make it more convenient for non-righties on the opposite side of the shear. The flat-bearing friction system is made up of inner ball bearings between the joint tips. First let’s look at our impressions of the best shears and scissors for hair cutting. ‘

‘ ‘

‘ 1.

There is no need for professional barbers and stylists to play with a pair of lousy shears. Not the least of which is cash and a long list of repeat customers is at stake. That’s one reason why a pair of Equinox Professional Shears is like gold in a professional’s pocket, it’s a quality brand that offers quality results over and over again. There are also many reasons why pros prefer Equinox over other brands: among other factors, the Equinox Professional Shears are flexible. Whether you’re a professional barber or stylist, or someone who likes to trim hair at home, it’s easy to use for men, senior citizens and children. A sleek design and feel of stainless steel eliminates the clumps of messy hair as the hair is not trapped between the blades. We come with an ergonomic, easy-to-grip handle design that allows users to always deliver a smooth, accurate cut. The design of the handle contains removable inserts for the finger and thumb for greater comfort. These are made of Japanese stainless steel (as stated by some of the world’s best stainless steel) and feature hand-harpened cutting edges that evenly and easily trim hair.


Manually shaped stainless steel blades Well-balanced model eases hand and wrist discomfort


Many consumers have expressed concern about their reliability Bottom line

The Equinox Professional Shears represent a lot of things including that they are the best professional hair shears around but they are just as perfect for non-professionals who don’t mind doing a job. 2.

Although stainless steel is often the preferred material for businesses manufacturing hair shears and other cutting tools and with good reason other materials such as those used in John 6.5 barber scissors, are also very high on the list. The cobalt and steel Japanese Ats314 alloy is said to last longer than stainless steel. Which means you’re going to get plenty of use from the John 6.5 scissors which we think are today’s second best barber scissors. All John 6.5 scissors are sharpened manually and they also come with a 2-year warranty that includes free service during that period such as shear sharpening. Chances are, however, that soon you won’t have to sharpen the shears. You’ll also like how effortlessly, but without tearing or dragging, these scissors cut hair. The blades are sharp enough to cut without a problem even the thickest skin.


Cut hair easily and reliably


Others suggest blades rust quicker than on other scissors Bottom line

John 6.5 scissors are the second best barber scissors on our list but also scissors which non-pros can use comfortably without worrying about botching the job. You’ll get years of use from them as well. Simply put, they are scissors that cut quality hair. 3.

Kovira is another business that trusts worldwide professional barbers and you will often find their services in salons and barbershops. These are also ideal for Diy home trimming and cutting like many of the other top-quality shears on our list. In fact, Kovira’s Barber & amp Cutting Scissors will provide plenty of years of use like other scissors tested here. After all, the goods of Kovira are known for their durability. What else, though? Okay, there are plenty of reasons to choose the Barber & amp Cutting scissors from Kovira: the smooth friction screw system provides the fine tuning required to change the scissors to get the type of cut or design you want. The modification of the pressure is easy to use, including a knurled knob. Such scissors are easy to clean and non-tarnishable in terms of hygiene. You have a good sense of balance and you can use them for hours without feeling any unnecessary pressure on your fingers or wrists of your hands. The 6.5-inch size of the Kovira Barber & amp Cutting Scissors has a stylish look that makes them stand out from many other brands. Kovira’s scissors also come with zippered and cushioned black leather carrying case that uses elastic bands to hold the scissors in place (while preventing injuries as well). The

Clean blades provide a clean cut Stylish style Perfect for pros and do – it-yourselfers

Maybe not as perfect for smaller-handed stylists

Lower line


ShearGuru Barber Hair Cutting Package

ShearGuru’s scissors have a lot to like about. Most professionals choose to use them in the barbershop or salon because of how comfortable they are to use during a long day. Eight hours of hair cutting takes its toll on your hands wrists and your back, but the ShearGuru grip makes cutting easier for an extended period of time. The hand-harpened stainless steel blades made in Japan are durable and also sharp enough to provide an even slice with split ends if hair is damaged or ravaged. The advantage is a custom pressure control screw. Several reviewers say the blades are sufficiently strong and durable to last longer than other versions. These come with a lifetime warranty in any event, which means you can send them back for any factory defect. ShearGuru is serious about providing professionals with the best products and consulting with pros throughout the process of development. We recognize that a professional stylist or barber needs shears and scissors that provide the ideal cut throughout the day without causing excessive stress on the arms and shoulders of the hands. The shears and scissors finally come with a leather case that covers you and the items. Pros

Made of robust stainless steel built to stay sharp for a long period of time Lifetime warranty of product defects Comfortable enough for extended use Cons

Many users say thinning shears are not working as well as scissors

Most professionals prefer goods from ShearGuru because they are well made for professionals. Their blades are sharp while they are used all day without causing undue stress and fatigue by their shears and scissors. 5.

Elfina Hair Cutting Shears / Scissors

Who, particularly when the product rocks, doesn’t like a two-for-one deal? So you get a 6-inch hair-cutting shear and a pair of thinning scissors all at a nice price with the Elfina Hair Cutting Shears kit. If you cut hair in a professional shop or at home, you can appreciate all products ‘ value and how simple it is to get the haircut or trim that you want. You will be able to cut hair at its thickest and shortest, as well as texture and hair style. Additionally, the Elfina kit comes with a grooming comb with stainless steel hairpins, a leather zip-up case and a cleaning pad, but all the stuff you get with your order is not the only reason we put these shears on our list. For one, the sharpness of the stainless steel blades of the shears will be appreciated and the steel will be made to last. From the shears and thinning scissors, you will get plenty of years of use. Yet users do love the rubber gasket in the handle which cuts down on the discomfort they can feel after hours of hair cutting. Both the shears and scissors have ergonomically friendly features that make barbers and stylists more stress-free. You will also enjoy the free zip-up case in leather which provides safety, but also provides protection. Check out this video to see more of Elfina’s hair shears and thinning scissors:


Long-lasting help combat consumer fatigue


Bottom line

Elfina has protected you with its Hair Cutting Shears / Scissors collection in a variety of ways. Whether you are using them for home use or for professional use, you can understand how they can help you do the right job. 5. Zzzrt Zt-4444 Multi-Color Japanese Stainless Steel Hair Cutting Shears / Scissors

In this article we’re talking a lot about ergonomics but we think it’s important. Anyone who feels it’s easy for a couple of days a week to cut and trim hair for long hours is not very enlightened. Cutting hair may take its toll on professionals, particularly the neck and even their back arms on their hands. How well their model tackles the physical aspects of the job is an important reason why we include the Zzzrt Zt-4444 shears / scissors on our list.
While, the blades consist of titanium-coated Japanese steel that is rust-resistant and smooth, although some reviews suggest you may need to sharpen the blades a little more often than with other hair-cutting tools, depending on how many miles you so to speak put on them. The Zzzrt Zt-4444 also features an adjustable pressure screw that allows you to customize your cut and work with different lengths and thicknesses of hair effectively. We really admire the multi-colored model that stands out certainly from almost all other shears and scissors. To say the least, they’re eye-catching. The Zzzrt-4444 kit includes a hair-thinning razor as well as a matching pocket with hair-thinning scissors.

Reduces stress and fatigue Colorful model

Pressure screw may not hold well

Bottom line


Utopia Care Certified Barber Razor Edge Hair Cutting Scissors / Shears

Utopia Care says the sharp edge of the blades on the Razor Edge Hair Cutting Shears are up to five times longer than the standard stainless steel. The Razor Edge is made of J2 420 Japanese stainless steel of the finest quality and will not dull for a long time even when faced with the demands of professional work. The sharp cutting edge also helps to provide a clean cut in the middle of a job that reduces the risk of messy clumping skin. These are also safe enough and easy enough to use even for children and the elderly. The Razor Edge Shears of Utopia have a length of 6.5 inches and 2.5-inch cutting blades. We also have a hand-made change screw that makes it easy to adjust the tension of the shears. Removable inserts for rubber fingers make it easy to find a match for all thumb and finger shapes and sizes. All of these shears give you a comfortable grip.

Pros Edges stay sharp for a long time Facilitating and safe to use Provide a quick, mess-free cut

A small number of users are not in love with the finger holes

Bottom Line

The Razor Edge shears of Utopia Care are made to last and to be used comfortably. Manufactured from Japanese stainless steel material, you don’t have to fear that their edges will soon become dull.

Mosher Salon Professional Diamond Series Hair Cutting Scissors / Shears

Mosher Salon Tools has over two decades of experience designing high-quality hair cutting tools for professional barbers and stylists. Their Hair Cutting Shears Certified Diamond Collection helps to show the dedication of the business to craftsmanship. They are handmade and measure 6 inches long Made for professionals they are also a good fit for home use The Diamond Series are made of high-quality Japanese steel and features long-lasting convex edges Their ergonomic design features hand-molded finger rests that suit hands and fingers of all sizes while significantly reducing the kind of fatigue that is usual in the salon over a long day.


Ergonomic model reduces stress and tiredness Comfortable finger rests


Many users say blades aren’t as sharp as other Bottom Line shears

It’s hard to go wrong with Moshon Salon Tools ‘ Diamond Series Shears. These are easy to use and reduce stress and fatigue whilst at the same time providing a smooth cut.

6 Tips to cut your hair like a professional
If you’re a pro then you already have a good idea of how to efficiently cut hair using shears (and scissors). If you want to trim somebody’s hair at home without much cutting experience, the following tips will help:

1. Wet the hair but don’t soak it

Before you trim it with cutting shears or scissors, it is vital that the hair is damp. An easy way to dampen it is to use a water-filled spray bottle, but only to spray the water onto the body. Hair that is completely wet, particularly with thinning shears, is more difficult to cut.

2. Combine your

hair by running a comb through it to untangle the hair. This will give you an idea of how much to cut and where to cut. Once you start cutting it you should also brush the hair into the desired shape.

Take a hair segment and hold it with one hand at the ends of your hands, leaving about two inches of hair at the tip of your fingers. Using your shears usually thinning shears cut the hair from its tips diagonally one inch inward. Next take the section right behind the cut section and repeat the process. Keep doing this until you’ve gone all around your brain. You may need to make some small overlap cuts to make sure all the hair is trimmed.

4. Give it a

5 look. Trimming the

bangs The same rule for trimming the different parts of your head and hair applies for trimming your bangs: whatever you do not cut too much off. Make small snips with the scissor sticks. You can always cut more, but once you’ve trimmed it, you can’t put it back in place. Until you cut them, the bangs should be moist and not too wet.

Run a towel through your hair or even your hands to ease the hair to the surface. After you have cut it, several barbers and salons are promising to wash your hair.

What is the difference or is there any difference between shears and scissors?

Shears look like scissors and the other way around. Both have two blades on a joint (with two shanks and rings) attached to a handle. Both are staples of the tool kit of a barber or stylist, and if you are a do – it-yourself barber, you will also need both of them. What’s the difference, that said? The most critical is the cutting tool’s length: shears are usually longer than 6 inches whereas scissors are shorter. Since we are somewhat interchangeably using the words shears and scissors, we talked earlier about the varying lengths of shears when addressing the issues that customers can take into account before purchasing shears. A real shear is more than 6 inches, though. It’s not getting much more complicated than that. Nevertheless, there are different types of shears which we discussed earlier, like thinning shears, a certain type of scissors with a solid blade (like regular scissors) and another blade with gaps which produce rows of teeth. Thinning shears ‘ teeth slice individual hair strands while those falling into the cracks remain uncut. Thinning shears have a variety of uses, such as softening lines and corners of cutting and thinning the thickest hair pieces. Sources of thinning shears are the combination of tapering and texturing shears. The more teeth on a pair of shears, the easier it is to finely cut hair without leaving tell-tale cut marks.
Of example, hybrid shears and scissors include a variety of edges you might have a convex shear with a beveled edge as well. Thanks to design features such as finger rests finger extensions and asymmetric handles, shears have also come a long way ergonomically over the past several years. Every component is designed to reduce the risk of injury and exhaustion at work.

One thing we found when we checked the best shears was that there was not much difference between the highest quality goods. The best shears shared many similar features, including the type of steel used, but there were ample subtle differences to distinguish the wheat from the chaff. Another important consideration is ergonomics: shears and scissors that put undue pressure on the hands of the shoulders of the fingers and the back can lead not only to physical problems but also to errors as one gets tired in the barbershop or salon during a long day.


Finally, we examined carefully the reviews of others, particularly those of customers with extensive experience using a particular shear or scissors. ‘

‘ ‘

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