Prince Harry – Biography of Prince Harry

s. He is the youngest son of

from United Kingdom.

He occupies the third place in the line of succession to the British throne, after his father and his older brother, Prince William, current duke of cambridge.

His first years of learning were carried out at school Mrs Jane Mynors and then I continue on the Ludgrove School, standing out as a great athlete.

Princess Diana has always wanted her children to lead a normal life, like that of any child and that is why it was common to see them playing in the amusement park or eating at McDonalds or enjoying a movie at the cinema.

But later, all the happiness ended for them when their parents announced their divorce, which became a scandal and later, the fateful accident that Princess Diana suffered and that cost her her life.

Both brothers were very brave and faced such a hard loss, which marked the course of their adolescence.

After this tragic event, the Prince Harry was removed from public life for a few months, until in October of the same year reappeared on a trip he made with his father to South Africa and then he was seen at a solidarity concert by one of his favorite groups Spice Girls.

A whole chase brought the death of lady di for their children, who, tired of being followed on all sides, decided to unite and issue a statement, just one year after the event, asking all the public and the press, to let them continue with their lives, this request was immediately fulfilled .

Harry went on to study high school at one of Britain’s most prestigious colleges Eton College, just as his older brother had done, but Harry was not as good as William in academics, but he became popular and stood out for being one of the best in soccer, skiing and rappelling.

When he graduated, he followed in his brother’s footsteps and took a sabbatical that turned into two. He was first on his Australian ranch and later spent time in Argentina and Africa where he made a documentary about the plight of the orphans in Lesotho. Harry created a solidarity foundation to raise funds for children at risk of social exclusion.

Then he achieved graduate as a pilot in the British Royal Air Force and went to a mission in Afghanistan with the British Navy for 10 weeks.

In 2004 Harry I started a relationship with a young South African blonde named Chelsy Davy, from an upper-class family, who studied Economics at the University of Cape Town. After completing her studies, the young woman took a sabbatical year and traveled to the United States to later obtain a law degree.

In 2009 the couple separated to reflect on their relationship and then they got back together until October 2010, where they finally ended.

In 2011 Harry himself proclaimed himself single and totally free.