Portland General Electric Earnings: All You Must Know Now Derek HoffmanGoogle+ More Articles 22 February 2013 Portland General Electric Company (NYSE: POR) delivered a profit and missed the expectations of Wall Street AND fell short on meeting the expected revenue. Missing revenue is a negative sign for shareholders seeking high growth out of the company. Such inventories hit our income goals. To discover winning stocks click here now! Results: Adjusted earnings per share were the same in the quarter at $0.38 as the year-earlier period EPS of $0.38. Revenue: declined from the previous quarter by 3.34 per cent to $463 million. Real vs. Wall St. Expectations: Portland General Electric Company reported $0.38 per share in adjusted EPS revenues. The company has missed the mean analyst estimate of $0.41 by that metric. It missed an estimated average revenue of $489.19 million. I am satisfied with the financial success of PGE in 2012, said Jim Piro, president and chief executive. Our delivery system and facilities generation functioned extremely well. We are investing in our distribution infrastructure to improve our system’s efficiency and stability and have made substantial progress on our strategic initiatives including selecting Port Westward Unit 2 as our capacity tool. Key Stats (next page) … Looking Forward: Analysts have a favorable outlook for next-quarter results at the firm. The average estimate for next quarter’s earnings over the past three months shows a profit of $0.67 and has not changed. The average estimate for the current year has moved down from a profit of $1.91 over the last ninety days to a profit of $1.90. Stocks with better earnings metrics merit your extra attention. It is precisely for this reason that “E = Earnings Are That Quarter-Over-Quarter” is a core component of our CHEAT SHEET investment system. Don’t waste another minute-click here now and get picks from our CHEAT SHEET portfolio. (Fundamental company given by Xignite Financials. Contact any income differences [ at ] wallstcheatsheet.com)Jess Scanlon More Source Articles: Samsung.com This is your black box. This tracks who you are talking to as often as you read all of your social media accounts for your guilty pleasures in finding your physical activity and calories and now it can actually calculate your stress level for Samsung users at least. Samsung’s S Health app has been updated with a feature allowing users to track stress levels. The way it works is for the consumer to place a finger on the screen. Then the heart rate monitor is used to collect the data which determines the user’s stress. The app stores this data over a period of time and maps it out. Stress causes issues with the health but little is known. One recognized symptom of certain forms of stress is an elevated heart rate that the monitor will detect. Other forms may go undetected. Heart rate changes often aren’t necessarily caused by stress. Exercising will increase heart rate for everyone. One morning run may be attributed to a reading of stress. Caffeine tobacco or other legal stimulants can also increase heart rate, potentially making a user appear stressed. That information, however, could also have its potential benefits. While this information may be useful in health environments such as a doctor’s appointment where a patient can respond and provide a chart of stress levels, certain realistic applications could also be used. Stress up in the meeting before presentation? Time to take a few breaths deep. A persistent spike of stress on an ordinary day at a certain point? Start seeing what this triggers. Knowing when a consumer displays signs of stress could be extremely useful in daily life. Of course it could also have other applications for app developers who might have a new dataset to work with and build apps around just as they did when they discovered that smartphones had the ability to be used as pedometers. The Samsung Galaxy S5 (OTC: SSNLF) is already collecting heart rate data through this device and through other Samsung Galaxy devices. The technology isn’t difficult to create; it has been done for years by fitness trackers. No word on whether other Samsung devices, too, would test tension. It is a bonus for those interested in keeping track of their safety. Let s reserve judgment for the rest of us until we see how it works out for them.

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