Bad Boy Chic

What works great is the no-nonsense man pony that lifts the hair away from the beard’s face.

Waist Length Smoky Black Hair

The sides of the waist were cut very short and the upper and lower hairs grew out. This hair is coming down in a shiny black river, almost reaching the waist.

Biscuit Colored Man Do with

This guy only brushed back the top of his dark blonde hair, exposing a high undercut. The hair was pulled into a high spiky ponytail, a perfect do for an afternoon of relaxation.

Island Style

This neat but relaxed hairstyle is the perfect beach color. Dark blonde ash highlights were applied over a brown base of chestnut. A large number of speeds allow users to mix 4 Soft Mocha Ponytail with Light Blonde Tips

His silky mocha colored hair was peeled tightly back and hangs down his shoulders in a ponytail. The base hue ties well with his beard while the tips are a blonde with light flaxes.

Springy Top Bun

This thick, bouncy man pony sits on top of his head, perfectly complimenting his thick eyebrows and beard structured.

Razor Sides and Sliced Back Pony

The hair was allowed to grow on top and back with a razor cut on the sides. His base color is an ash blonde, while in a sorrel brown the slick pony matches the beard.

Masses of Walnut Colored Curls

In this picture, the hair was pulled back and covered with a bandana in order to keep the hair loose. The hair’s thick mane was tied to a curly pony.

Think about growing it longer if you hear it is in good condition. There’s a huge mass of hairstyles from ponytail out there. Your choice of

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All of this ultra-curly hair was scraped back and tied to a man’s pony. Beginning with burnt sienna roots, the color palette catches the eyes and blends into sandy browns and beach blondes.

Bright and tight curls

Curly hair like this may sometimes be unruly but here it is kept out of the face by brushing it into a bunch of copper blonde ringlets on top of the head. This also helps to display the brighter color below against the deep brown chocolate.

Deep Brown Hair in Low Pony

The sleek hair up to the pony is a sandy, slightly lighter brown chestnut. This man pony is wavy, bright, and touchy.

Beach Braids

In this style, the sides were very close and the top hair was split into two longitudinal sections. Each of these two parts was braided in French, meeting at the back in a loose man bun.

Matt White Ponytail

Perfectly white and straight mid-length hair is collected in a pony with an impressive top volume. In a straight line, the lower half of the hair is cut.

Dark Cinnamon Hair in High Pony Tail

In this clever look, the hair was brushed back into a straight ponytail that sits high on the back of the head. On the sides and back, a few strings are left loose.
Long hair on men is gaining more and more popularity as men from all walks of life grow their locks out of different professions. If the hair is well cared for, this style can be attractive and suitable for almost any man. But longer locks may get in the way, which is why men’s ponytail hairstyles are such a great choice. The hair can still be displayed, but it is kept off the face and out of the eyes. LetTMs take a look at some hot man pony styles:

Medium Length Hair in Laid Back Ponytail

Here we see long sandy blonde and dark brown hair collected in a high man pony. Some strands were left loose behind the ears and tucked away.

Attention Grabbing Texture

This hair’s natural texture adds volume to its appearance. The tight wavy hair was gathered in a thick attention at the back of the head.

Stylish Male UpDo

Various brown shades seen in this hair are smooth and well blended. Here, the hair was brushed and curled into a trendy bun / ponytail head.

Dark Roots with Baby Blonde Pony Tail

This hair, with sandy brown roots blended into baby blonde ends, was pulled into a loose ponytail with neatly brushed back flyaway strands.

Sun Kissed Locks

This long and beautiful dark to light hair was gathered at the neck’s nape and tied with an elastic in a loose pony, allowing the golden blonde tinted hair to fall gently down the back.

Eye-catching Amber Detail

This manTMs hair is tightly curled in natural-looking ringlets and has a sandy base tone. There are amber highlights gathered and tied with an elastic over the top portion of the hair, making a tidy ponytail.

Interesting French braid detail

This look starts with the front hair combed with a lift over the front. The hair is tied in a ponytail and a strand of hair at the base has been covered. The hair on the sides was sectioned and French braided, which is also long. This adds to the style a lot of interest.

Long Honey Colored Pony

In this picture the long hair was straightened in different shades of soft blonde and combed back into a sleek ponytail. The look starts with a light brown sandy base while the edges are blonde with honey and ash.

Braided Man Pony

Here the hair was split into small square sections and then braided smoothly. While some of the braids were left loose, the rest were picked up and tied into a pony.

Touchable Ginger Pony

In this picture, the long brown ginger hair was secured into a wavy ponytail at the base of the neck. A part of hair was wrapped around the elastic band again, giving a polished look to this theme.

Messy Do with Folded Top Knot

In this picture we see beautiful straight, light blonde hair locks loosely pulled back and folded into a messy top knot. He also has an undercut, which is hidden behind his ears by the strands of hair left loose.


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