Pompadour Fade Great

Are you run out of ideas about the perfect fade pompadour? Well, for many men around the world, pomades have become the hairstyle of choice. They build a cool look that will make you rock wherever you go. When it comes to pomade fades, there are many versions. In this post, Im going to look at the top styles in the pomades world. Read more and choose the style youre going to stand out for.

Gentlemen Cut

Would you like to show you the gentleman look? Well, its definitely worth trying this fade cut. It sports a sleek, semi-faded pump that creates a fresh, smooth finish.

Mid-Skin Fade

This is a faded haircut cool take. The sides have a fade in the middle of the skin. Theyre deeply cut and left on edge. To add a cool touch to your looks, the hair is further styled with cement.

A Style Rebel

The perfect rebel look is created by the messed up top combined with some texture. On the temple is given a tapered fade and stretches right backwards. Its one of the best street styles to help you stand out from the crowd.

Quiff Pomade

The charm of a low skin is fading here. To build a nice quiff, the front is given plenty of height. With a little powder, the hair is styled dry and spray up to your looks. Its a fresh trim for the bold.

Temple Fade

This is a classic haircut that is going to make your admirers crazy. A side-sleek with a comb portion is given to the pomp. A fade cut on the temple gives you a cool look that is certainly going to rock anywhere you go.
Medium Fade Pump

This pump is very voluminous. In add to its sophisticated appeal, the hair is textured. It sports medium fade sides and back, creating an undercuts illusion. This allows a good connection between the hair and the beard.

Razor Fade

This high-volume dry-styled pump features a high-top. Use boost powder to spice up the entire look. To create the best look in a pomade, a low razor fade stretches from the temple to the nape.

highlighted Top

This is a messy pomade with silver highlights. The hair has flyaways that give it a touch of softness and delicacy. On the sides and back, a skin fade is given to create a smooth finish.

Sloppy Cut

This style creates a half Mohawk illusion. The top is pulled back into a spiked look. On the sides, the hair is given a low undercut that simply makes it incredible.

Low Skin Fade Pump

This is a bad pump slanting from the front to the rear. The sides have a low fade of the skin which extends to the nape. To take your hot looks to a whole new level, disconnected beards come in handy.

Skin Fade Blonde Pomp

This is a nice way to style your blonde textured hair. Its sporting up a layered pomp. To provide the elegance of disconnected beard, a low skin fade stretches from the temple to the nape.

Combed Pomade

This pomade was designed to shape the haircut perfectly. Its a classic style that adds to your looks more swag. A top cut that looks great when combined with sunglasses is offered to the sides.

Wavy Pump

Youll find the best in the wave world here. The pomade is designed into separate layers, making it unique and sophisticated. To create a perfect connection to the beard, a high fade is given on the sides. For those who want something to show off, its a brilliant idea.

high Front Pomade

This stylesports more front volume that significantly decreases backwards. A skin fade is given to the sides and back, which creates a perfect haircut shape. Its a cool style thats going to get a lot of attention.

Scruff Pomade

This pump is long enough to create a perfect overlap with the undercut on the back. The sides have a blurred fade that takes this haircuts crazy look a little higher.


Disconnected hair is unique in this style. It sports a wavy top pulled back in order to add a cool touch. The hair has a dark shade darkened to give it more energy with a blonde color.

Mohawk Pomp

This style produces a Mohawk illusion. With a buzz cut on the back, it sports a skin fade on the arms. A hard razor section borders the textured wavy top to give it more visual volume and brightness.

Voluptuous Pomade

This is the perfect style to go for if you want tons of volume in a pump. It features an elegant comb component that blends well on the sides with the disconnected undercut. Its an elegant style that makes young men look particularly good.

hipster Pomade

This pump is a hard part with a sleek hair that looks amazing. Tapered sides are well connected to the beard and fit the dark skin well. Its definitely a nice semi-faded pump take.

Fall Fade with Side Part

This is a cool top pump that suits the formal events. It has a side part covering the temple area with a fall fade. The back was sporting an undercut. The beard is trimmed to lines that are well-defined to give you a cool look.


Short Pump

This is a popular style featuring a comb clipper. It sports even thin layers that get to the front a little longer. To give it some volume, the hair is blow-dried. This style has a sharp, edgy look thats just fantastic.

Balayage Pomade

here you will find the beauty of blonde balayage highlights that spice up the appearance of this half pomade. The pump spots tons of volume creating a nice visual attraction. A tapered cut is provided to the sides to create an elegant haircut form.

high Fade Pump

This pump offers elegant hair textured elegance to generate more visual appeal. It sports skin fade sides disconnecting the beards hair. Its definitely a cool haircut worth a try.

Quick Fade

This pump has a lot of texture. Its a style that reaches the limits of sleek hair. The pump sports undercut sides of a fast low fade transition. The subcut on the nape creates a nice V-shape.

hard Part and Slick Back

On the side of this haircut, the hard part line makes a big difference in style. The strings on top have an incredible dark tone and texture besides this section. The textured strands on the crown should be styled with a smooth back and finish the look on the sides with bald fading.

Gorgeous Curly Perm

This luxurious headdress involves leaving a gorgeous curly perm on the crown and then accentuating it with a perfectly tapered cut on the sides and for men with natural curls it is a perfect idea.

Stunning Elevated Side Sweep

Although the cut and style in this headdress are fantastic in the dark tone and the natural size is great as well. The haircut involves leaving on the crown some long, voluminous strands, creating a side section and tapering the hairs below the line. Then you should finish the look by lifting and sweeping the top sideways strands.

Chic Spiky Top

This look can only be given by a skilled and very experienced barber. The headdress involves creating some short spiky locks on the crown that are perfectly textured and giving the sides a fantastic high tapering. Even helping to balance this look is the massive facial hairs.

Textured Short Waves

Great is the texture of the short wavy hair on the crown and one of the things that makes it a top notch headdress. This model also has on the side an impressive taper fade that makes it look exquisite.

Classy Fade and Front Sweep

This is another trendy and effortless haircut that anybody can duplicate. This retains at the top a few inches of some textured strands and on the sides a perfect bald fade. And you just need to brush the textured strands gently to the front for styling.

Close Medium Fade Crop

The first thing you need to do is to make a textured crop cut on the crown. You should then fade and finish the sides with a tight medium by sweeping the strands on the front of the crown.

Sponged up and faded

Splitting up the crown strands shouldnt be an issue because you just need to know how to do it. Besides that, you will also need to align your strand and finish the skin tapering design.

Trendy Waves and Fade

Although the trendy waves on the crown catch your attention, this hairdo would not be full without the stunning bald fade on the sides.

Broken Front Swept Bangs

If youre fortunate enough to have a voluminous, beautifully textured hair, then try this elegant hairdo. You should leave a few long textured and split bangs on the crown and fashion to mimic it by sweeping them to the front and finishing with a fade on the sides.

Fancy Short Pump

This haircut is perfect for a crowded gentleman who wants to stand out. Thanks to the use of pomade and bald fade on the sides, it has a short and very fancy pompadour with an excellent hold that gives it a top notch shape and appearance.

Innovative undercut and style

You dont need a perfect volume to build a chic hairdo because some thin locks like these can still offer you one. here they have a lovely fading undercut and an imaginative style that brushes over the undercut the hairs on the crown in different directions.

Majestic Brush Back

If you are able to replicate this hairstyle, you can be sure of a look that will turn heads wherever you go. Its not as hard as it looks because you only need a few thick, feathered bangs on a side part of the crown and on the sides a skin taper.

Smooth and Sexy Short Waves

These waves are easier to create than they look like and no experienced barber will have any difficulty in making them. however, the look on the short side is not very hard because you only need an excellent razor fade to make the sideburns separate.

Smart Blondie Slick Back

The blonde feathered locks on the top are sleek and very beautiful, and youll look magnificent when you give them a slick back. On the sides, however, the tapered design adds beauty to the look as well.

Messy and Layered Bangs

You dont need to do much of a modern haircut because youll look exquisite just by leaving a few textured bangs on the crown and styling by layering and making them slightly messy. however, to complete the model, you also need a fresh fade on the sides.

Natural Textured and Faded

Due to the natural texture of their hair, this haircut is perfect for African Americans. Its a basic headdress that involves leaving a short natural hair on top and spicing it up on the sides and back with a line-up and a skillful high fade.

Professional Bald Taper

A mild fade like this one not only looks less offensive but also more polished than the others, making it perfect for a professional. The haircut also has a smooth section line and some swirly locks that are textured.

Curly Perfection

Curly hair is perfect as it not only makes styling simple but also gives you unlimited possibilities. All you need to leave a few inches of the curls on the crown in this model and give some fading to the rest of the face.

Trendy Undercut

Undercuts are very trendy, but this one is a higher class than the others. And this is not only because of the long and feathered brushed back locks but also because of the great fade on the sides of the clipper.

Wonderful Wild Bangs

The wild bangs on this headdress will attract the attention of most people because they have an amazing texture and a slightly messy look. This hairdo, though, also has an impressive bald fade on the sides that also improves the overall look.

Skin Taper Undercut

A skilled barber is not going to spend much time creating this look as it is very easy. All you need is on the side a skin taper cut and on the crown a few long bangs. Then you should finish the cut by brushing them back, giving the long locks a hold with some gel or wax and style.

Sleek Pomp and Razor Fade

This hair is a modern pompadour variation which involves sweeping the front and smoothly slicing it back and finishing the style with a razor fade on the sides.

Textured and Faded Pompadour

This is another chic blonde hair look you can achieve with a little imagination. You have to leave some textured and smooth strings on the crown for this look and fashion them into a pompadour. Then you should separate both sides with part lines and finish with the sides and back bald fading.
And so if youre looking for something that will make you look stylish below is a -style gallery with the chic bald fade in different variations.