Pixie Haircuts for Thick Hair

A pixie haircut is a simple way to make the look better and lighter. Short hair attracts extra attention to your face so you should think in advance with your short haircut what characteristics you would like to accentuate. For example, extra short pixie flatters girls and women with delicate facial features and large eyes. It is better to decide on a pixie with a tapered silhouette and elongated bangs if you have some extra pounds.

Thick Hair Ultra-Cool Pixie Cuts

The best pixie ideas in the pictures are here!

Pixie with Long Crisp Layers and Nape Undercut

The thinner and longer layers the pixie would appear less puffy or spiky. Hair that reaches all the way around the ears and has a dramatic undercut at the neck’s nape allows a striking contrast with loads of intrigue. Keep short but not totally buzzed with the undercut.

Choppy Dark Brown Pixie

It looks like she’s just put on her blue suede shoes and is about to paint a red area! We love the stylist taking her dark hair’s naturally shaggy texture and transforming it into a super hip style. When combined with biker-chic styles as seen above, tip it works incredibly well.

Long Choppy Uneven Pixie Cut

This choppy cut has the longest front length and slowly reduces back length. The look is an easy transition from longer hair to a complete pixie cut, as the length of the face framing gives it an almost bob-like appearance, but the nape is a short cut. ‘

‘ ‘

‘ Mussed Up Layered Pixie with Highlighted Bangs’

‘ Use a messy cool-girl look. Whether you’re looking for a crop that suits straight hair or a pixie cut for thick curly layers of hair and a tapered style is important. Choose a messy finish while styling to show off the hair moment an important feature of any length of a modern haircut. ‘

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‘ Adorable Long Tousled Brunette Pixie’

‘ Afraid of a flat pixie cut? Styling a longer pixie is simple without losing your volume love. When blow-drying your hair, apply a root booster or volume enhancer to the roots and turn your head over when drying to increase the volume even more. Just shake it out and go when you’re done!

Extra Long Blonde Pixie with Tapered Nape

As the texture of women’s hair varies, finding a complimentary cut means a good day with minimal styling every day. A longer side-part style feels the most natural and flattering for stubborn strands when it comes to pixie cuts for thick coarse hair.

Feathered pixie with undercut nape

The best beautiful pixie cuts for thick hair contain irregular feathered textures on the undercut nape. In otherwise flat and dull short hair, you can show off lots of texture and create beautiful lightness and movement.

Long layered pixie

Thick hair pixie cuts are no longer difficult to style when long layers are given. With this low maintenance cut, restore body and texture. A few subtle highlights that make the hairstyle dimensional around the crown.

Long Messy Blonde Balayage Pixie

Experimenting with your pixie cut color is a great way to customize your appearance. The techniques of hair painting or balayage allow a stylist to add tones complementing your roots as the pixie grows. A dark-rooted ashy blonde oozes a rocker-chic vibe that works with the shape well.

Bronde Pixie Bob for Thick Hair

Giving them highlights is one way to make pixie haircuts stand out for thick hair. With the bronde balayage light, this one looks summer-fresh. The best thing about the pixie bob is its versatile look – if you decide to do so, you can grow it out into a bob until your next salon appointment.

Feminine undercut Pixie for Curly Hair

Because of its delicate curves, this pixie cut for thick curly hair is super feminine and gentle. You can not go wrong with an all-over color or subtle highlights.

Long Pixie with Blonde Balayage

Doesn’t this long pixie cut for thick hair make you want to chop off your locks right now? On top, the subtle piece-y waves hold the appearance smooth. The bright blonde shows a film-star look over a dark foundation.

Shaggy Tapered Pixie with Side Bangs

A messy pixie with a bit of curl is the ultimate texture and size. For small curls, use a straightener or curling iron. You’re going to be the fashion epitome.

Another great way to style pixie haircuts for thick hair is to work in angles. These create a flattering geometrical shape and lift the face upwards. Tell the stylist for a sleek angled look to keep the rim straight.

Choppy Silver Pixie

Women with straight hair love to rock this choppy pixie. A style such as this tames locks in a classy way for thick coarse hair. If you prefer a face-framing appearance that can balance your face shape, let bangs graze your eyebrows and sideburns cover your ears.

Messy Pixie Bob with Piece-y Layers

Modern thick hair pixie haircuts often fall somewhere between a real pixie and a short bob. It’s a bob from the side view from the front it’s half bob half pixie and it’s a real tapered pixie from the back full fusion! 1765.jpg” />

Long Bangs Feathered Gray Pixie

Gray and violet go together so well! Try this super cute layered cut and be bold. For a fluffy girly pixie, blow dry or flat iron and you’ll be your mates ‘ envy.

Tapered Boyish Pixie Cut

Looking for something on the shorter side? A very short pixie is ultra edgy and low-maintenance like this boyish tapered cut. Look with pompadour bangs and finish off aiming for more dimension by sweeping crown bits.

Long Razored Teased Pixie

If you’re not a fan of polished looks, you can add extra edge to a simple style. Hold face-framing layers smooth and clean to style a fashion-forward look and use a teasing brush to give your shortest strands in the back some oomph.

Classy Brunette Pixie with Back-Swept Layers

Perhaps the most sophisticated of all short pixie cuts for thick hair features long enough layers to sweep back and blend with a clean and tapered neck nape. To offer an additional boost to the rim, ask your stylist for an undercut and opt for a V-cut nape and sideburns instead of traditional ones.

Neat Boyish Cut with Long Angled Bangs

Once given long angled bangs, straight hair looks as trendy as ever. Sweep them to the side and leave for a nice date night look loose or pin back. Show off this neat yet edgy hairstyle a statement necklace or earrings.

Tapered Side Undercuts Pixie

Recall the pixie days of Ashlee Simpson? We have a feeling this tapered pixie will approve. Side undercuts are something you don’t see every day and they are the perfect addition to the cut with the stacked bits that cover them.

Tapered Pixie with Feathered Crown

Would you like to be short but not to lose your body? The tapered crowned pixie is the best way to keep volume. During the day, for a quick refresh, run your fingers through the skin. This style will help to elongate your face shape easily with a great look for women with thick hair and round faces.

Thick Sleek and Short

Go for a more sophisticated pixie cut through the creation of a sleek side-part style. This is a versatile look that works with every opportunity or set. You’re going to be the picture of class and elegance.

Tapered Pixie with Angled Sideburns

This tapered pixie’s angled sideburns add cool static detail and the layered locks are flexible throughout, making the hair look trendy and natural. A dark base with auburn babylights stands out for a subtle and sophisticated tone. Looking for a lighter color? Go for highlights of gold! ‘

‘ ‘

‘ Messy Pixie for Thick Wavy Hair’

‘ Women of any age should wear this pixie cut for thick wavy hair. Fluff up your hair with mousse or hairspray to send your messy pixie voluminous waves. This look is for you if you prefer low-maintenance cuts!

Long Razored Pixie with Feathered Crown

The long pixie cut with highlights is sufficiently long to be feminine but also edgy and bold. This look will help stretch and slim down the face in a flattering way for women with thick hair and round faces.

Blonde Pixie Bob with Feathered Layers

In the best way possible, a long pixie cut for thick hair with back-swept layers looks like all-over bangs. Make sure the long layers are feathered and fanned out when dressed to prevent any helmet-head situations.

Razored Black Pixie with Purple Highlights

Show off your wild side the rasored playful pixie! Keep your face strands longer and cut it short for a casual look at the neck nape. Try some pointed sideburns for more detail. Finish with a hazardous sparkle earring.

Cute Choppy Gray Pixie

A choppy pixie with many different layers is perfect for you if you have straight hair. For a new take on the classic short pixie cut for thick hair, rock a metallic silver or brown. Use a hair spray spritz to lock in your appearance.

Tapered Black Pixie Textured

Tapered textured pixie locks in a sophisticated manner for thick coarse hair. Keeping layers close to the long face will allow you to pull them back to look at the gym for a date night or when you kill it.

Fine Cut Caramel Pixie

Thick hair must be well formed to look good in any short hairstyle perfect wavy or curly. In a pixie cut for thick wavy hair, a tapered outline and plenty of choppy layers build up the form you want. And if it is styled straight with a root lift, it will look just as flattering. This cut is not very short, and when you are ready for a change, it helps you to play with textures and coloring.

Short Blonde Pixie

Short hair looks more wispy than when a light hue is simply dyed. Ash blonde is a cool choice. Why not spring for an androgynous edgy theme like this to keep things trendy? It has a retro swinging 60s feel on the one hand, but on the other the darker roots are reminiscent of the contemporary style of the night. Perfect blend!

Short Feathered Tapered Cut

The perfect pixie cuts for thick hair that does not work against your texture. Asking for feathered layers will loosen your thickness and give a lighter look to your hair. The product is the perfect pixie for running through your hands. ‘

‘ ‘

‘ Choppy Thick Hair’

‘ One of the simple guidelines for a thick hair pixie cut is to eliminate some of the bulk by choppy layers. This is particularly important when dealing with additional textured locks. A razor cutting tool is used to thin the layers and make them look natural and easy. On this short cut, blunt unblended layers simply won’t work.

Pixie With A Tendency To A Curl

Curly hair that cause fashion issues but if it’s a short haircut like Audrey Tautou’s, you’ll be able to take advantage of your unique texture. Key points here are the right length and good hair thickness, but the bonus is worthwhile.

Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com

Tapered Pixie with Feathered Crown

Using the feathering technique only at the top of the head produces size and height whereas the tapered finish at the nape of the neck stops this design from looking too messy. If hair is one color layer, the depth of highlights can be similar to that of making your ‘ do even more photogenic.

Layered Strawberry Blonde Pixie

Classic cropped pixie is sleek and chic in the most stylish of all pixies. As side-swept bangs, the face-framing strands double and the neck nape is clipped and clean. ‘

‘ ‘

‘ Angled Pixie’

‘ Kellie Pickler also sports an elongated pixie, but her version differs significantly from Anne Hathaway’s version. Kellie’s style features pointed sideburns and ends point cutting so that it looks clearly edgier and requires some extra detail during styling.

s bukley / Shutterstock.com

Funky Tapered Pixie With Angled Bangs

Halle Berry is another actress with a stunning appearance with short hair. Her option is this cool pixie with a feathery finish that can be styled in scrunched waves or in stiff locks with specified ends as in the picture. We conclude that Halle has discovered a hidden youth elixir that looks so amazing! HelgaEsteb / Shutterstock.com

Two-Tone Pixie Cut

In innovative hair color approaches, short pixie cuts become even more expressive. Try a cool two-tone color that also distinguishes the lengths and textures of the longer choppy blonde top with staggered feathery tips and the shorter neatly tapered dark sides and back in your cut.

Short Fluffy Blonde Cut

A small length in front of the ears paired with a fluffy feathered crown is a funny edgy look that adds even more to the platinum color amps. Use your fingers to haphazardly run a matte textured paste throughout the top of the head, spiking it up and slicking down the sides to keep this style lifted all day long.

Edgy Choppy Gray Pixie for Thick Hair

It is not necessary to sweep back all layers a cut with layers styled forward oozing total rocker vibes. If you’re planning to play this look, make sure you show up at your salon for regular trims so that in a matter of weeks you don’t end up with hair in your eyes.

Short-to-Medium Choppy Blonde Cut

The better the impression the cut gives the choppier layers. Those medium layers fit well with the dirty blonde shade not quite bob-length but those of a long pixie to produce a casual carefree and somewhat stylishly unkempt look.

Tousled Pixie with Long Crown Layers

The long V-cut layers really pop with a nape underneath. You can stick to a basic solid color or your natural hue to draw attention to the cut and texture while keeping the color discreet if you have a short style of this chic and edgy.

Smooth Textured and Highlighted

Usually, smooth hair is limited to long life. However, they are very cute and manageable when worn in a short pixie-like shape thick locks. The thick textured hair makes it possible to curl a more bolder haircut straightened or left to its own devices.

Long Feathered Blue Black Pixie

A dark brown or black hair blue glaze is a great way to add some size and fun to a still color. It’s essential with thick hair that your cut doesn’t look blocky in a solid dark color that’s why this pixie bob works so well with a blue tint and high shine finish. And the look is certainly played up by wispy surfaces.

Jewel-tone Pixie Cut

Take pixie cut styles as your tickets for total and complete hair liberty. Show off your wild side by adding beautiful jewelry flashes such as ruby amethyst and sapphire. The three shades beautifully compliment each other and will work to turn your hair into a vivid prismatic art work.

Textured Bronde Balayage Pixie

The contrast between the super-short back and the very long front layers in this> balayage not quite brunette not quite blondeworks with naturally darker roots, making it easier to maintain your color for longer.

Feathered Pixie

There are two styling elements that make this look work.

Deep Red Plum

A stunning contrast to fair skin is a deep red plum color. If you have green eyes, ask for this perfect shade from your stylist.

Electric Plum

ATTENTION This bright plum violet is not timid or humble! The best way to compliment your look is to cool your hair. If you are looking for this bright color, pick the purple hair dye and give it a go!

Eggplant Plum

Add some vegetables to the stunning eggplant plum color of your fruit-inspired skin. This look has both dark colors and light colors, but the dark base stabilizes the look and is ideal for pink undertones with fair skin.

Plum Ombre

Plum shade hair is a great way to add plum color to your already beautiful dark hair color. Rocking a subtle shadow is pretty tricky for a blonde but brunettes can do this with ease. Use this dark brown pruning hair when you’re making your next salon appointment.

Cool-toned Plum

This exquisite pruning relies on the cool undertones in black hair. Add cooler plum highlights for a sleek look with bluish ones. Black hair on olive skin is the perfect way to incorporate this cool-tone plum.

Rose Plum

Rose-tone hair is absolutely hot right now but you can keep it in the plum family by having the violet undertones rather than the red ones. This multi-dimensional rose plum will suit dark and cool hair. Hazel eyes are best suited to it, but it is true that any eye color can rock a fresh rose plum.

White Plum

Keep on the trend with this perfect light plum style! Dark eyes with gray pruned hair and warm-olive skin tones serve as a great foundation for this hue.

Plum Chocolate

Plum never appeared so delicate as in a tone of chocolate. Give any tonesan edge rich brown hair with touches of painted lavender highlights. For brown or green eyes, the chocolate prum is perfect.

Lilac Plum Highlights

This is another great look for a girl who doesn’t want a full head of plum hair. With just the right amount of plum, these pretty highlights are light and fresh.

Plum Balayage

Hold a perfect balayage paint job in your plum. Especially black on dark hair. You’re sure to wow if your eyes are blue. Nonetheless, a beautiful balayage can produce any combination of plum and your natural color. Job with this one’s stylist!

Multi-Plum Coloring

This is another style to suit your skin tone and personal preference. Just make sure the various tones of the plum complement each other like dark and light warm plums or dark and light cooler tones of the plum. You can also use the color of this pen hair on black hair.

Icy Plum

This color looks especially chic this season. If you have pink undertones, you might want to steer clear. Icy plum these days is very new and trendy!

Fuschia Plum

The color of the electric plum magenta or fuschia hair is not for the poor! If you’re more pink in your plum and don’t worry about going bold then magenta is for you! Perfect for warm skin, it makes the eyes pop blue or hazel.

Fairy Plum

Fair-skinned girls will remember that this is the perfect color for you! A light shade of lilac is cooler than hot and perfectly brings out the rose in pink skin. Due to the unicorn look that takes over Instagram, this hair is also very chic!

Purple Plum

This color is a cool way to try the plum. It’s shiny and beautiful, clean and bright. Be brave as improvements are helping us to learn.

Burgundy Pen

This stunning Burgundy Pen hair color is subtle and elegant if you want to check the red design of the pen. It works great for business ladies as well as icons of street style.

Galaxy Plum

With this fun galaxy plum violet hue, bring out your playful side. A whimsical touch is added by adding blue highlights and several tones of plum. Brown eyes will best keep this look pulled together.

Plum Roots

Try coloring the roots with a special pruning on the plum. The contrast on blondes is particularly cool. Any skin tone can work with plum roots as long as you adhere to the thumb rule of complementary colors.

How to Get Plum Hair

This color works very well on both dark and light hair. Here are the most common suggestions for going plum type= Visit your salon and show your colorist some of the pictures you’d like to discuss with plum ideas. Feel free to ask for specific advice taking into account the length cut and hair style.> Follow the instructions to get the best outcome.> Use semi-permanent dye or fun color-changing applications to try your favorite plum shades without dangerous movements.> Plum hair is one color trend that we’ll see over and over again this season as you can see it’s also an easy shade to pull off. If you like adventurous and imaginative types, you can choose a shade that goes well with your free-spirited attitude, and if you are conservative and need something that is professionally appropriate for the workplace, there is a perfect shade for you to discover! Related Posts It’s All the Rage Mahogany Hair Color Clever Ways to Make Your Chestnut Brown Hair Glow Shades of Burgundy Hair Color for 2019 Best Styling Tips for Damaged Hair Tried and Tested How to Make a Waterfall Braid in Easy Steps Gray Hair Groups Help and Inspire Silver Sisters Hair Cuts and Patterns Stay Connected Get Hair Style Inspiration. Whatever the hair form is, we will help you find the best hairstyles The Best Hairstyles © Copyright 2019 Menu HomeColorBrown