Pixie bob haircut

Straight Pixie Bob

will make you look like a boy please ged rid of these thoughts. There is no haircut that can hide your femininity because it goes right from your soul. We should take a moment to appreciate the eternal imagination of modern hairstylists as they gave us so many different types of pixie cuts for every woman. Now based on your preferences and individual needs you can get yourself a nice haircut. Our statistics say that women tend to opt for a straight pixie bob. Why? Mainly because its layered structure gives an unbelievable volume to your hair. Plus the unusual silhouette created by the pixie really appeals to women. And the best advantage: women know that a pixie haircut for round face perfectly draws attention from their face shape. Just look at these pics how about to make a pic of your own pixie? After so many reasons to get this stylish cut can you name at least one reason why don’t?

Short Pixie Bob with Long Bangs

Super long bangs are easy to style due to their versatile options. Also they are great at hiding some minor imperfections such as scars or wrinkles on older and more mature skin.

Bob for Thick Hair

styling possibilities.

Pixie Bob With Bangs

We know that you’ve been waiting for bangs. Bang on! Now it’s all about adding a fringe to your hair and making your face look more framed. A pixie cut with bangs it’s something we all can’t take our eyes off. They look good with any haircut any hair length and any hair structure. It seems like they were created by a magician: properly chosen bangs can highlight your cheekbones thus drawing attention from your round face and emphasizing your eyes. And the most important thing: bangs are so stylish! When it comes to bangs women usually opt for straight variations. We advise you to choose something different and a pixie cut with side swept bangs is a nice example. Bangs never get old and it’s never too late to give them a try!

Pixie Haircut Benefits

]Besides the fascinating appearance wearing a pixie offers you far more advantages. And once you face them nothing will be able to stop you from going for the crop! Comfy Styling Low Maintenance Routine This is one of the cuts that takes minutes to get it styled. Also it’s a budget-friendly option for ladies; it’s a well-structured short cut after all. Beautifying Power Based on the feature of your face your stylist can create a pixie that can emphasize your best sides and work on your flaws framing your face perfectly. Carefree Color Experiments The less hair you have the less risk for damage there is! You can play around with colors without a fear of bleaching as your hair will quickly grow out and regenerate.

Top Bun pixie

. Or cut short hair to length of the shoulder. Turn all your hair as mentioned above into pixie braids. Now take from the middle of the top of your head a segment of braids and curl them into a voluminous bun. The bun is going to stay on top. For gothic make-up, you can bring and match this theme!

Box Braid Bob

. Building an off. Partition center in your hair. Now divide the hair on each arm, as mentioned above, into small sections and subsections. Start to braid each subsection until all hair is finished. Make sure theres tight braids.

Short Layered Pixie

Most of Michelle Williams roles include long hair. Okay, her latest premiere look has a brand new role to play. She uses layers throughout the short pixie for this look, which allows her more versatility in styling.

Wavy Bangs

bob cut looks very playful and will suit women who prefer unique cuts the best.

Flirty And Girly Braided Pixie-Bob

Whats a Pixie Cut?

Lets finally find out what pixie haircut is so much attractive! It is a modern short crop which varies between half an inch and three inches in length. This cuts structure is not uniform; it can be tailored depending on the needs of a woman: it can be a one-length cut or include different graduations such as short-on-sides-long-on-top cuts. First it was a calling card from the stylishs of the famous actresses. Then all the models from the cover of the magazine began pulling it off. Now this cut is well-known among all women of all pictures and ages who make the most of our hair and change our looks for the better.

Pixie Braid Hairstyles Faqs

Q. Can you curl your hair with pixies? Hair, hair. Youre going to be surprised to see how it can affect the overall look. To surprise, you need only a small amount of hair to make your style twisted. In fact, Twist makes a good idea to keep your hair in place.


Each woman has her own pixie bob image. Some want to make them precise, smooth and well-formed others wear it sloppy and messy. But what about the secession? In the way their stylists do, most women prefer to divide their hair. Although the way you leave your hair can drastically change the way your hair looks, its a pretty wise decision. And thats where you can demonstrate how different you are! Style your haircut and give it a gentle flip to the side to see the difference. Side-swept styling will lift the look needed to create a flirtious outweighed silhouette complementing many outfits.



look good on curly heads. Look at this bob cut for black women: it looks natural as well as sexy. Have you ever seen a female who is only normal to attract people? Youve got it now. And thats what you can do! Forget about the iron of your hair and let your imagination run wild. Choose any length of pixies, and thats all you need to decide. Your beautiful curls are going to talk. Oh, weve almost forgotten. The thing youll love about the curly bob: its totally easy to maintain with your hair type any pixie you choose. Remember: the choices that can save your time are short hairstyles for thick wavy hair.

Short Pixie Cut

Classic Pixie Cut

]This is a timeless, classic short cut. This design has short hair on the sides and back and a slightly longer top matching the crops main features. Such cuts are also going well with bangs. The best thing about it is its simplicity that will give you flexible styling, which means it can fit every occasion. It also works great with hair colors that are both normal and dramatic. And with this elegant style, this silver blonde looks absolutely incredible. Quite Short Pixie With Side Bangs

Bangs are not always a complete piece of hair falling on your forehead and covering your eyebrows. The reality is bangs can be whatever you want them to be today. So if youre looking to diversify your classic short pixie and add it to it a little bit of an edge, this tiny choppy fringe is a must to try. Dont forget to add a play of textures to make your minimalist cut more alive. We will provide effortless movement to your chic chevelure, giving you a perfectly balanced natural appearance. Chic

Textured cuts are not for everyone. But if you want the world to look at what youre standing here, its exactly what you need. A spicy dyed ice-blonde textured pixie defines a strong and daring lady. Thanks to the subtle layers that build volume and dimension, the textured pixie or the choppy pixie cut can be styled in different ways. For a sleek look or style, you can slick your hair back to add a feminine touch to the pixie cut with side swept bangs. Make your hair ends spiky or angled; or by brushing them backwards to create your desired look, give them a lift at the root. Daring Shaggy Short Cut

After watching Shaggy chasing treats from Scooby Doo who would have thought his haircut would become so popular among women? For women with a long face, a shaggy haircut with angled layers and sweeping bangs across your face is a great short pixy. Such a haircut is ideally naturally designed to achieve the trendy look that is effortless. The shaggy pixie cut is not for the faint-hearted ones of you. Choosing something as edgy as this chocolate-shaded shaggy hairstyle takes a lot of bravery. Only spice things up in addition to the undercuts. Would you dare try this out? Asymmetrical Short Pixie Cut

] The pixie cut asymmetrical looks extremely sassy and fun. Besides, if you spice it with a fringe and sweep it to the side, its not amazing that youll achieve a different look than yesterday? In addition, the awesome side-swept appearance is just the beginning: it will work perfectly for those with a rounder face with the charm of asymmetry. As for your favorite colors, dont be afraid to experiment with them! Try a vibrant color like this beautiful purple if you want to add a little bit of an edge. Punky Spiky Pixie

Believe it or not there are ideas punk pixie cut that can reveal your rebellious soul as well as show off your girliness. A spiky do for those with a more adventurous atmosphere is another enjoyable look. Try some silent streaks like this beautiful blue and purple combo to get your inner punk rocker out. Pixie Cut For Curly Hair

] When looking for a short hairstyle for thick wavy hair, a pixie cut is a way to go. In this haircut, the texture of wavy hair looks superb as the thickness already exists. Ask your hairstylist to shorten the layers in the back and use a textured spray to add some bounce to your curly pixie cut in the front section. Like the one in the pic, baby lights also look chic. Short Edgy Pixie With

undercut, there are no sides that can spoil the pixie cut! On the contrary, they outline the longer top of your cut, putting in the spotlight your edgy pixie cut. Creative ladies know this is really special to make their haircut. They have to put their imagination in motion: go up with the bold undercut for a short cut spice and style the top as it stands out. Voila, voila! Just like all the top pictures of pixie haircuts, your look is on point. Soft Textured Pixie Cut

The minimalist version of the textured crop appears to be leading the chart of cute pixie haircuts that we can ever imagine. Its all super simple yet very polished and well-groomed about this cut. On the top level, soft texture makes the pixie cut with bangs look softer and more airy while leaving plenty of room for fringe styling. Really Short Spiky Pixie

Ladies that think you should conceal your femininity from the super short and spiky pixie that will make you change your mind! The reality is that nothing can overlap your inner lady and that is proved by this easy yet eye-catching concept. Such cuts can finish ravishingly any look that keeps your beautiful face open and allows your makeup to stand out. Very Short Side Parted Pixie

can make a big difference to your look sometimes. Recall beauty in detail? Dont forget to leave! You can copy this easy blonde pixie cut if you are absolutely confident about the shape of your face. Of course, the color decision is up to you, but its a must-try to really underline your confidence and enhance your elegance. Quick Pixie Bang

Ooh la la! When we see this pixie cut with long bangs, we can say everything. With this hairstyle, your entrance into any space will make a statement that looks great not only for blonde hair like in the photo, but also for any other hair color. The closely shaved sides and back with the bouncy layers on top make styling and maintaining this hairstyle easy. Short straight pixie hairstyle With

asymmetrical bangs, dont forget that your pixie cut with bangs can be anything you want it to be. You can customize a pixie that will work on your specific needs, whether you want to frame your face or hide your wide front. Asymmetric silhouettes are the most stunning, but not all of your pixies should be imbalanced: you can keep them to your bangs. Why are you not trying to play with textures? You can use asymmetrical bangs to wear your pixie straight to finish the modern look. Its P.S. Its a perfect idea for big foreheaded ladies. Wavy Pixie Hairstyle With Layered Bangs

Want to look incredibly lively and dimensional in your short hair? With you, there will be layers. A soft texture at the ends and a slight layering, particularly if you concentrate on bangs, can add magical movement to your small locks. To expose your hairs full cutting ability and let the wavy pixie cut show you the difference! The goal of Straight Short Pixie With Side Bangs

is to enhance ones style: just look at this photo. The short side-swept fringe, which melts with the top, gives her hair a sense of fullness. Volumizing Short Layered Pixie With Long Bangs

This is one of the pixie haircuts with bangs designed for thin hair women. Theres no need to remind you how difficult styling soft delicate locks can be: keeping your hair voluminous is all you need. Ask your stylist for a layered pixie with long side bangs to save your look from falling flat.

Braids in the Viking Style <

Bob with Side Part

This is a very fierce, sleek hair that can not be pulled off by many women. The sides of the undercut are very bold and attentive, which means you should always pair them with a bolder makeup. If you sound like this, make sure you embrace this pixie bob look!

Side Bangs

minutes from your time of styling!

Dark Brown Fluffy Bob

Even virgin hair and chemically processed hair can look great as long as this pixie bob cut is super stylish! Just combine it with your stud earrings and enjoy the smart, all-natural atmosphere.

Half Pony

Make all your hair pixie braiding to make this trendy look. Then take the upper half braid portion and tie it into a pony.

with Low Fade

mixed with a back-fade detail looks unique and so

Bob with Side Bangs

These fluffy side swept bangs can be curled or ironed straight based on your preference. Theyre not too long, which means theyre not going to cover the whole part of your head, but theyre going to come in handy any time you try to step up your hair game.

Long Straight Side Parted Pixie

]Who would have thought Paz Vega looked so beautiful without her long enviable mane? Sure, nothing can hide the beauty of the real woman. On the opposite, a pixie haircut shows up the best features while covering the defects slightly: her long side-parted haircut perfectly accentuates the shape of her face giving her a little framing touch.

Shaggy Pixie Haircut

Who more than our favorite actresses can impress us? Jennifer Lawrences transformation is here to prove that pixies are worth trying. While most of her looks concentrate on medium to long hairstyles, this bold move shows that short doesnt equal limitations.

Pixie Bob with Braids and Undercut

This is a relatively long bob with some pixie elements and super braid strands. If youre still in school or if youre pretty young, you know this hairstyle will look best for you.

Long Choppy Side Parted Pixie

Youll love the finished look if you match it to your earrings jewelry studs or any other bold item! A strong mean, and who wouldnt want it?

Blonde Pixie Braids

This style can be used with blonde extensions or the hair may die at the ends.

Fulani Braids

This style consists of a large sides braid and smaller back and lower half hair braids.

with Green Hues

bob is great for women in business or women who choose sleek, easy-to-use choices.

Pixie with Highlights

Moms who are always on the-go or business women will love this cut. It is business at the front with a lot of playful highlights! You should get pixie bob and slay it when working and simply enjoy a bunch of compliments which are headed your way.

Short Sleek Side Parted Pixie

Even such a creative person like Jennifer Hudson decided to replace her posh and dramatic natural looks with a practical minimalist pixie. Everything in this look is super easy and comfortable yet it gives a very refined and elegant character to her appearance.

Pixie With Long Bang

Since we are used to seeing Marion Cotillard with a curly texture she decided to show up with a different hair look. The best thing about this fringe haircut is that it gets the most out of her slim face making it appear even sexier.

Latest Pixie Bob Hairstyles

of the coolest pixie bob styles for bold women to rock their short hair. Have a look and you might get short hair inspiration for you.

Long Pixie

Long Pixie With Thin Fringe

Aren’t ready for extreme changes? Don’t worry: there are lots of longer versions of the pixie cut. Obviously they’re still pretty short but they have more length to play around with anyway. This long pixie cut with bangs hits the ears area and features a very voluminous crown. With such a cut the sense of fullness will always be with you. Volumetric Long Layered Pixie

A layered pixie cut is a perfect way out for those whose hair is thinner than you would like it to be. The more layers the more volume. Isn’t it something you have been dreaming of? When we look at this style we can’t even imagine that this girl used to have thin hair troubles. Can you? Long Pixie Bob With Side Swept Bang

If you are looking for a long pixie cut that will bring out all of your pretty facial features then we know what you need. An ear-length pixie bob swept to one side is your perfect solution! A voluminous crown edgy silhouette and a refined overall look; who could ask for more? Tapered Long Pixie with An Elongated Fringe

Want something versatile and face-flattering at once? Look no further! This cut works great for those with thicker hair especially if you want a casual do that’s low maintenance but super-stylish. Keep in mind that the most important thing to consider is whether a pixie is flattering for your facial features. If your face shape is oval congratulations! Ladies with an oval face shape are probably the luckiest: this shape allows them to wear practically any haircut including a pixie that can let them experiment with their hairstyles in any way. For example it is possible to add heavier bangs to the pixie. Or ask your stylist to give your cut a messy texture for a well-balanced look. Layered Choppy Pixie

Seems like choppy haircuts know no limits: there are so many ways to create a carefree I-don’t-care look! This cute cut works great for those with wispy locks. With its finely chopped layers it adds tons of volume. To make it even more win-win subtle highlights will help to add texture as well. Shaggy Layered Pixie

How about some short staggered layers that can add both texture and body to your thin hair? If you have wispy hair you know that your thinner locks tend to have a mind of their own. Fortunately this stunning cut can be your salvation. By the way such pixies are often worn by ladies whose face shape is square. Their piecey texture can balance the strong jawline and add the needed flattering definition. Retro-Inspired Long Pixie Cut

At first sight this fun cut with its longer sides and top adds a ton of volume. But once you have a closer look to it you will see that this look is almost a throwback to the popular Dorothy Hamill do of the s. So it captures a retro look with a modern flair which is a fantastic way to experiment with styles and colors! Long Wispy Pixie with A Deep Side Fringe

Those who like relaxed effortless-looking styles shouldn’t pass by this wispy a bit messy pixie cut. Ask for longer layers in the front and a deep side part and you’ll always look like you just walked off the beach with this sexy casual style! Curly Long Pixie With Shaved Side

Women with naturally curly hair should not be intimidated with this hairstyle. Let your ringlets create a buzz by getting a shaved pixie cut that also can frame your face shape. The side shaved variation with under layer of the hair and loose curls right in the front is dramatic and edgy at the same time. You can get just one or both sides tapered. Plus this hairstyle is super easy to maintain. Long Straight Pixie With Side Undercut

Do you know how different pixie bob haircuts can be? Yes they don’t always come as a voluminous well-groomed chevelure with an immaculate round silhouette. You can make it more contemporary! Shave the sides adding some undercut vibes to your cut and style your hair straight to finish it with precision. ] Chic Undercut Line Design

Feels like your inner rebel has taken you over? Show it off with this sassy pixie! It’s so fun with its disconnected layers and shaved streaks that add a bit of daring glamor. This style also has some benefits; this time it’s about those with oblong faces. As for ladies with a long face shape they should be careful when opting for a pixie as this cut might accentuate your long face. To keep the needed balance consider parting your cut on one of the sides. Long Shaggy Pixie

There are no better pixie haircuts for thin hair than shags and that’s true! The pointed angles of shaggy cuts can turn even the weakest locks ever into a magnificent nicely-looking chevelure. To get a sexy effect like in the pic ask your stylist to chop the ends so that they get voluminous and stick stylishly. Wavy Long Asymmetrical Pixie

Waves asymmetric body=the most eye-catching and voluminous pixie you couldn’t even dream of! It just so happens that a couple of whirls with your curling wand can take any haircut to a whole new level. To make your pixie cut styles look absolutely fabulous give it some wavy movement.

Pixie Bob For Blonde Girls

Blonde girls are in luck because a pixie cut in blonde colors is the exquisiteness in its purest form. Now it really doesn’t matter what you will choose: both short and long pixie bob haircuts will look absolutely amazing. With this cut the beauty of blonde is revealed in a new way: it’s so soft feminine and delicate. No wonder why girls never stop asking for a light balayage or ombre they know it’s always a good choice. Do you like these short layered bob hairstyles? One of them can be yours just in case. Mix different shades of blonde get an eye-catching pixie and impress everyone with your spectacular style.

Messy Pixie Bob

How do you like this daring tenderness? This unusual messy pixie cut gives us so contrasting yet pleasant emotions. A little mess on your head doesn’t mean a mess in your life especially when it comes to styling it. Believe it or not even though this haircut may appear complicated it’s actually not. A hairdryer and a few minutes are enough to get your hair done. Isn’t it a dream come true: you flaunt with your stylish haircut every day all eyes on you and nobody knows that this perfection was reached so quickly. Look at the pictures look in the mirror. What does it say? Maybe it’s time to get yourself a choppy short bob haircut? Remember: you are free to experiment with the most extraordinary colors!

Lob with Side Bangs

Side bangs will enhance your eyes your facial features as well as your makeup. Women who want to stand out wherever they go will love the short cut of this pixie bob. Its very airy and is the perfect choice for attentive younger women.

Rose Gold Pixie Bob with Undercut

is the perfect look for your head shape! These bangs are also super easy to style, and you shouldnt be afraid to include them in your daily routine of getting ready.

Bob for Thin Hair Women

Once styled in a pixie bob way, super short thin hair may look fuller. If your hair is naturally thin, just make sure you highlight the top portion by adding a lot of hair gel or hair spray to get a more complete result.

Pixie Bob For Brunette Girls

Dark shades hold a real elegance secret. Would you agree with a pixie bob depending on a hair color just like a chameleon? The black color is the classics that never die, and our imagination and creativity are here to add to classic things something fresh. You will always remember that every pixie cut on natural black hair looks awesome after looking at these pictures so you dont have to dye your hair to get a beautiful look. Dark saturated colors are the magnets for peoples eyes and no one will notice if you have thin hair: short layered bob hairstyles for thick hair know how to make your hair look bulky.

Bob with Bangs

You dont think this pixie bob haircut looks ideal for a wedding of a kind? If youre off to a wedding, a big birthday party or any other similar formal event, you know you can get your pixie bob ready for this chic and playful model for women of all ages.

Voluminous Blue Pixie Bob Cut

If youre all about fun color and playful styles, this blue pixie will call your name out! This long style of pixie bob would look the best for women with blue eyes who are not afraid of light.

Long Braids,

. Then braid the hair youre going there. Let down all the hair with a center partition on the front.

Braided Updo

Braid your hair in tight pixie braids for this elegant style and tie them to a tight bun at the top.



. Okay, with your own eyes, you can see it. Whether youre looking for a tender evening look or youre trying to rock your everyday life with a sleek and relaxed haircut, tell your hairstylist this password: wavy pixie. And for changes, thats all you need. Simply decide the length to your taste and leave it to your stylist. We said the wavy variant is good for remembering a daily look? But thats true. The only thing you need is your hair iron, its so easy to style: a few minutes and your fresh wavy look is ready to catch the eyes of people on you. And if youre not getting on well with your thick hair heres a little secret: the ease youre looking for is to style a pixie cut with thick hair.

How to Cut Pixie Bob

Step : Work with damp hair since this way you will easily cut it to your shoulder length. You can cut your hair in any way (messy wavy uneven since you will style it additionally later on. If you have super long hair tie it in a ponytail and cut it underneath the hairband. Step : Use the comb and pull the hair in order to get a V-shape around the middle of your hairline. Separate the front and the back part of your hair with the rat-tail comb and then comb the hair through on both sides while making a versatile cut. . down the lower portion of your hair. You can use a razor or a shaving machine to get a defined portion. This cut will also create an illusion of a fuller hairline. Watch The Following Video to Know about How to Style Pixie Bob Haircut

Pixie-Bob Haircut With Headscarf

Not every lady knows how beneficial the pixie bob haircuts secured with fancy head accessories can be. First of all besides the unique and uncommon appearance these cuties have something more for you. They can help your hairstyle stay in place all day long! And the best thing is that it works for every hair type. Whether you are about to wave your thin hair or to calm down your thick locks once you finish it with your favorite scarf the style will keep the perfect form and volume as long as you wear the accessory. Isn’t that a win-win?

Rainbow Colored Pixie Bob

If you are a color fanatic then this rainbow inspired pixie bob haircut will make you fall in love! It is bold and so unique and you better make sure you have a trustworthy hairdresser once you decide to change your entire appearance with this hair cut.

Punky Pixie With Undercut

]When it comes to punky celebrities Pink is the very first and probably the brightest person that comes to our minds. Her I-don’t-care pixie with a very high top really expresses her personality and the undercut helps the style to keep up with the ‘rebel’ shape.


Lastly if your hair is super fine you are not too sure how to style it why not just get a pixie bob haircut? It will look a lot fuller than you are used to and will look super spikey formal and ideal on those who love and prefer simplicity over length and inches and inches of hair.

Inspiring Pixie Color Ideas To Try

Let’s don’t forget that not only scissors can help us achieve voluminous hair full of life and natural movement: coloring techniques also take part. Two-Toned Pixie With Soft Balayage

]This two-toned look is very trendy right now. If you want to tone it down a bit to keep it more professional you can use a subtle balayage effect. But in case you are feeling bold you can opt for more dramatic colors. Fireball Layered Pixie

Well this is the combination of a layered cut in pixie length with hair color that will catch everyone’s attention. Opting for such layers is a great idea for women who are looking for a pixie cut for thick hair. The length of the layers is kept asymmetrical and the right hues of red and orange are added to make these layers stand out even more. Deep Brown Pixie

Brown hair with naturally red undertones can be even more standout if you pair it with a pixie cut with long bangs and short sides. Just get the front section of hair cut to a length that falls below your eye level and shave a section of hair above your ear on one side. Keep the rest of the hair short in a true pixie style. This hairstyle can be styled in different to go with different outfits. Layered Grey Balayage

A deep side part looks fabulous with short layered haircuts like this. The length starts to taper off as we move from the front of the head to the back making it perfect to be styled with side partition. You will see your eyes lighting up against the hint of the grey balayage just try it out! Pink Punky Pixie

The pink pixie cut is taking the arena of short choppy pixie haircuts by storm. A color like this is a great way to style the short layers in your haircut. It might seem like a bold move but the pink hair looks feminine and softens your features at the same time. Let your hairstylist to give the hair length a smooth gradient going from short at the bottom to long on the top. Cool-Tone Rainbow For Pixie

Why not opt for this colorful cool-toned rainbow the next time you want to color your hair? A long pixie for thin hair can be made to stand out with the right combination of colors. Subtle layers can also add some volume to your locks. For some edginess and color precision add an undercut to your pixie. Sweet Deep Cherry Tones

If you want a daring color for your hair but you are too apprehensive to go ‘all red’ try this beautiful burgundy color instead. It has the right balance of deep red and cherry pink that looks sassy with the dark roots without making the pixie cut with straight bangs look gaudy. Get the layers cut in an acicular style for some volume at the back of the head. Copper Short Layers

A bold hair color is not for everybody! But if you want to step out of your comfort zone without venturing out too much copper hair for your short pixie cut is a great option. Leave the layers long to transform the cut into a long pixie cut with bangs. Style it messy for a day out with friends or in a slicked back side swept style for work. It is a win-win situation with this hair color and hairstyle! Side Swept Platinum Blonde Pixie

Straight Sandy Pixie

Side-Parted Pixie With Blonde Highlights

Short Layered Pixie With Undercut

Messy Layered Pixie