Pintura Highlights The Best Color Strategy for Curly Hair

by> Kaleena StroudUpdated on March 2018 You have curly hair and want a color change but nothing too drastic and definitely nothing harmful to your perfect curls. Sound familiar? Pintura highlights may be one of the best color techniques for curly hair. We’ll look at how this trend adds dimension to your bouncy tresses in a way that traditional foiled highlights. The difference lies in the amount of color applied down to the roots from the mid-hair. Pintura highlights not only apply a heavy hand to the tips, but actually start working the color upwards from the tips. Essentially it’s a way to paint natural-looking highlights by hand for a pretty all-over color pop that really shines on curly hair. Your colorist should strategically place the color in which the light falls as opposed to a film technique in which the colorist will most likely stretch the curl to place the color and wrap it in foil for processing. The colorist should leave the natural curl in contact when hand-painted using the Pintura method so that the color can actually hit the right spots for color bursts. The colorist can go with the color as heavy as you would like if you want lots of bronze summer or a pop of pink. You can get the best out of it at home using some popular products like DevaCurl’s fan-favorite> Light Defining Gel.

Pintura Highlight Inspirations

Not everyone can afford a trip to the O.G. DevaSalon or find a curl specialist, but you can make sure that your stylist gets a clear idea of what you want by inspiring your next appointment.

Peek-A-Boo Red Pieces

Because the hair has been spontaneously gifted with auburn streaks, nobody has to suspect that it has been beautifully selected. With some random red bits that peek through the waves, take every brunette up a notch. For extra feminine style, add a side part or even some bangs.

All-over blonde

Gain from this blonde technique. The result can still look super natural with highlights and lowlights. And while Pintura is less toxic than regular highlights, you’ll still want to treat your colored hair with> deep conditioning hair masks to keep it smooth and solid.

Bold Color and Curls

These highlights feature a combination of natural grown-out color with fresh colored pops. Combine it with plenty of form and texture at the top to show off the curves and you’ll be able to see them.

Soft Brown Colors

A touch of intrigue is sometimes all the women need. She just spent a few hours in South Beach, throwing a hint? It’s enough of a natural brunette tospice-upan. Hold the bits close to the face as seen here to soften the complexion.

Long Bronzed Brunette

These bronzed highlights were extensively applied to the front pieces of her body. The metallic shades are eye-popping (and did we mention eye-color?) and go well with her accessories. To-die-for is the blend of browns with a heavy side section.

Blue Swirls on Short Hair

Did we say the Pintura highlights just apply to brunets and blonds? No way! This technique is a fun way of adding whatever color you want. Whether it’s blue red or yellowit helps combine the colors with your curls in a way that moves.

Use this method to get the perfect illuminated look you’ve been pinning over. As you can see, even a little goes a long way as the perfect way to get the best out of your curls. And when the correct Pintura highlights are finished, the best part is easy to manage. Furthermore, they do less harm than conventional foiled highlights, so Instagram will be deserving of the before and after. Related Posts> Shadow Root Hair Low Maintenance Melted Looks> Foilyage Is Your Next Favorite Hair Color Technique> Best Face Framing Highlights for Every Face Shape> What is the Difference Between Full Highlights and Partial?> Hair Smudging Is the Breakthrough Way to Highlight Hair> Hair Strobing Is the Best Way to Improve Your Face Shape Hair Cuts and Patterns Stay Connected Get ideas from hair style. Regardless of your hair type, we will help you find the best hairstyles © Copyright 2019 Menu> >> >> Home> Color> Balayage