Peter Jason – Biography of Peter Jason

Peter Edward Ostling, such the real name of the actor Peter jason, was born in July 1944 in Hollywood, California, in the United States.

Graduated from the Newport Harbor High School, originally wanted to become a professional soccer player, but changed his mind when he was selected to work on a school play. He then studied at the Orange Coast Junior College and was perfected in Acting in the Carnegie Institute of Technology from Pittsburgh.

For some time he acted in different theatrical works with the South Coast Repertory Company; making his cinematographic debut in 1970, with the film “Rio Lobo“.

Throughout his career, Jason worked with important entertainment figures such as, for example, Orson Welles, in the incomplete film “The Other Side of the Wind“(1972); he was also a member of the cast of numerous films by the director Walter hill; being especially remembered for his portrayal of the racist bartender in “Limit 48 hours“(1982).

He also worked assiduously with the director John carpenter: it was seen in the movies “Prince of darkness“(1987),”They Live“(1988), or”2013: rescue in LA“(1996), among others. His interpretations of a sinister government agent are also remembered in”The tunnel of nightmares“(1984), the rude Major GF Devin in the film of Clint eastwood, “The lone warrior“(1986), the Detective Fedorchuk on “Mission aliens“(1988), or in the role of a reporter from”Soul of heroes“(2003).

During his time on television, his career was highlighted with interesting characters in numerous series such as “Deadwood“,”Mike Hammer, Private Eye“,”Desperate Housewives“,”Sabrina the teenage witch“,”Nash bridges“,”Coach“,”Crime reporter“,”Married with Children“,”Roseanne“,”Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman“or”The incredible Hulk“.

In addition to his enormous work in film and television, the renowned actor has filmed hundreds of commercials and has acted in more than 150 plays. He is also an outstanding baritone who has sung in numerous musical works.

In his personal life, Eileeen She has been his wife for more than 30 years. In his spare time he is dedicated to carpentry, making his own furniture with recycled wood.