Patrick Rafter – Biography of Patrick Rafter

Patrick Rafter was born on December 28, 1972 in Mount Isa, Australia. In addition to having occupied the first place in the ranking (only for one week), he is remembered for having won the US Open twice and for having reached the Wimbledon final. Patrick was characterized by his aggressive play, his serve and his volley.

Rafter was born in Queensland, and he is the seventh of nine children. He began playing tennis at the age of 5, alongside his father and three older brothers. In April 2004, he married Lara Feltham, who had been his girlfriend for several years.
Currently they are both parents of a son.
In 2006, Rafter was inducted into the Tennis Hall of Fame.

Grands Slams:

As a singlist:
2 US Opens (1997 and 1998)
2 Wimbledon finals (2000 and 2001)

As a doubles player:
1 Australian Open, alongside Jonas Bjorkman (1999)

He has a total of 22 titles, of which 12 are as singlist (2 Grands Slams, 2 Master Series, 7 ATP Tours and 1 Challengers) and 10 as doubles player (1 Grand Slam, 2 Masters Series and 7 ATP Tours)