Five companies that lead the way in blockchain technologyDana Hanson 3 months ago Blockchain technology is becoming a promising spectrum-wide option for industries. Because of its tremendous potential to revolutionize so many different types of business including personal identity security insurance finance government and more, financial institutions around the globe are researching blockchain options. Proposed as the likely trading method in the future blockchain is an alternative that many are watching with the expectation that one day it will be the most common method of conducting transactions. Hundreds of blockchain development firms and startups are currently in operation but some are more highly rated than others. From the idea or concept evaluation through the scalable development process with follow-up maintenance services, the best blockchain development companies employ qualified and skilled developers and analysts with extensive services for their clients. Here are the five leading the way in development that possesses the potential to change the world. 5.


Consensys is one of the top-rated companies with a global approach to blockchain development. The company develops enterprise applications as well as investment in startups to build developer tools, and provides blockchain education. Since its founding in 2014 the company has been in business with the aim of growing the Ethereum community and developing a strong product and human ecosystem. In their quest to establish a firm foundation for a decentralized future, the company is made up of security experts lawyers entrepreneurs enterprise leaders and world-class developers. Consensys is active in more than 30 countries around the globe helping developers and Global 2000 companies to launch blockchain solutions. Consensys three main products include Alethio for real-time monitoring and synthesis of on-chain data through its real-time blockchain analytics. Codefi for business process optimization of digital financial instruments activation and deployment of Blockchain solutions ready for production. Infura is the third product to develop a decentralized application with access to the Ethereum and IPFS networks through its infrastructure. 4. LeewayHertz

LeewayHertz is a consulting company with blockchain technology that assists companies in developing the best solution to benefit their operations. The company employs experienced experts in blockchain’s technical architecture to analyze the feasibility of ideas and offer consultation to determine the most suitable solution to technology. The company provides insights into what an educational component is blockchain, why it is a good solution and how it can benefit a company. LeewayHertz develops deployments and manages blockchain solutions across a broad array of industries for its customers. Customer getting personalized blockchain software development services from the concept through the design and development phases. The projects LeewayHertz is working on include Hyperledger Tron Tellar Corda and EOS with the development of scalable startup and business solutions. This blockchain development firm is industry leader. 3.

Altoros Altoros was founded in 2001 and is a blockchain development company. With nearly two decades of operational experience, this US-based company provides blockchain solutions to businesses and organisations from ideas or project assessments to the development of blockchain technologies for viability. Altoros delivers consulting recommendations to global clients and customized design of high-quality software development with end-to-end services. Altoros consultants cover every aspect of the blockchain development solutions from the beginning to the completion of the subsequent deployment and management. It is considered to hire talented consultants with experience in a variety of applications within the industry. Their blockchain development aims to prepare every customer who is served with the best and most robust solutions and services. 3.

Venture Aviator

Venture Aviator is another leading company in the production of blockchains. It specializes in providing innovation to their clients in designing blockchain systems. With skills and years of experience in every area of project development and implementation, they provide consulting services in designing the most suitable technology solutions for entrepreneurs and startups. Venture Aviator provides strategic services or planning and business development, and has served some of the world’s largest companies including Johnson Johnson Disney and others. The company employs a team of top Ethereum developers along with Solidity developers who assist businesses through the creation of customized applications with every element of Blockchain’s growth from concept assessment. This company’s reviews show that customers were pleased with the speed at which the staff is working to meet or beat established deadlines for the provision of the agreed-upon services. 1. Accubits

Accubits is one of the most significant leaders in the development of blockchain. The company is based in the United States. It has been in service for several years, and has developed into an authority in the development and maintenance of blockchain technology. Accubits provides a focus on security and transparency and first evaluates the client’s idea or concept then makes recommendations for the development of scaled services with cryptocurrency wallet development and other software solutions such as robust software that is tailored for each enterprise smart contract development and maintenance services. Accubits Technologies represents a wide range of clients from Fortune 1000 tech startups, as well as governments. This company is a full-service software provider with the aim of providing applications focused on technologies that integrate web application and cloud systems in a data-driven world that are future-proof.

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Porsche is one machine in Germany’s sports car manufacturing industry that always blows the mind of the customers. As the company continues to assemble new vehicles more advances are being made in terms of shapes and engines. It is quite difficult to say which Porsche Cayman model is the best. With every move the manufacturers come up with a brand you’ll love even more. One common feature of the vehicles is their high speed. It will be difficult to say which model will please you as all of them have features that make them excellent. However, we have been able to look at various models and the list below compiles the best Porsche Cayman models of all time. 10.

2008 Porsche Cayman

The 2008 Porsche Cayman is one model that you will find easy to drive due to the sharp brake response and steering. Operating this model is easy for a seasoned driver, since they won’t have to strain. The car’s interior is worth spending your dollars on since the seats offer unbelievable comfort. However, while driving that is such a disturbance and trying to listen to your favorite tunes the interior can be noisy. Porsche Cayman wasn’t tested for a crash according to The Car Connection 2008, but has anti-lock brakes and airbags. 9.

2007 Cayman Porsche

8. 2011 Porsche Cayman

The 2011 Porsche Cayman ended up being the result when the company was trying to come up with a model with a higher speed. The model is among the top performers according to Top Speed since it has more features that were not available in previous versions. It’s a very luxurious sports car that you’ll never be disappointed when using it for racing. Because of the scale and torsional rigidity, most people love that pattern. However, handling the vehicle seems a bit expensive because regular servicing is needed. 7. 2010 Porsche Cayman R

There were no significant changes in the 2010 Porsche Cayman R compared to previous versions. It is one of the cheapest Porsche Cayman R that you will find on the market. It has a lightweight body which streamlines it more. One good thing about the interior is the spacious and comfortable leather seats. With its sleek shape it remains the ideal racing car. This uses premium unleaded petrol.

At some point Porches was not doing well on the market and finally the company came up with the Porsche Cayman in 2009 in an attempt to regain their lost glory. The car never disappointed the company as many people fell in love with it, and significantly improved its performance on the market. This gave the company an opportunity to breathe again. It has a multimedia touch-screen system in its interior and most of the products it uses in manufacturing are of high quality. The only downside, relative to other versions, is that it is costly. 5.

2006 Porsche Cayman Cayman Black edition is renowned for its unique features compared to other models. The interior has partial-leather seats, which automatically dim the mirrors. This model’s price stands at $68450 which is comparatively high compared to other vehicles with such features. Unforty7According to AutoBlog the model was limited to only 500. Among other improved features, the lucky buyers have had to enjoy the increased output of the 10hp boost infotainment package. 3.

Cayman-2012 Porsche 981

2. Porsche Cayman GTS-2016

Porsche Cayman GTS is one model with larger wheels than the Porsches versions. Compared to other models Cayman GTS is small and light in scale. However, its use is limited to asphalted and other developed roads. Writers are still working to make sure this car gets better, according to Top Gear writers. 1. Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 – 2019

We all love what’s new on the market and that makes Porsche Cayman’s newest model the first in the series. The Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 is the best Porsche Cayman variant in your range you would wish to have. It is an amazing vehicle which is more advanced in terms of technology. It has high performance, and can do many things other people can’t do. It has two electric motors which give it extra power compared with other vehicles. Today the vehicle is still the third fastest car on the roads. Considering the engine and model form this vehicle remains one of the best when it comes to racing. The manufacturer set the price of the model high with the use of expensive parts in assembling it. The car goes for a hefty £ 75348, according to Driving. Facebook The 20 Best Things to Do in Santa Barbara for First Timers

Lily Wordsmith 2 months ago

If you’re visiting Santa Barbara California then you should plan your itinerary before you set off for your trip. This is because this diverse and fascinating coastal town has so many things to see and do. This beautiful destination, set against the backdrop of the Santa Ynez Mountains, has something to suit everybody regardless of their personal interests. Here are the 20 best things to do in Santa Barbara for first time travelers to help you make the most of your trip to this area. 20. 20. Explore the Pacific Ocean

While most of Santa Barbara’s attractions are on dry land, you shouldn’t forget to explore the beauty of the Pacific Ocean, The Independent says. There are plenty of sailing trips and wildlife watching excursions that will encourage you to enjoy the beauty of the views of the ocean, and watch dolphins and whales in their natural habitat. You can also go kayaking or paddling in the shallow waters across the harbour. 19.

Spend time at the StrandLily Wordsmith 2 months ago

If you’re visiting Santa Barbara California then you should plan your itinerary before you set off for your trip. This is because this diverse and fascinating coastal town has so many things to see and do. This beautiful destination, set against the backdrop of the Santa Ynez Mountains, has something to suit everybody regardless of their personal interests. Here are the 20 best things to do in Santa Barbara for first time travelers to help you make the most of your trip to this area. 20. 20. Explore the Pacific Ocean

While most of Santa Barbara’s attractions are on dry land, you shouldn’t forget to explore the beauty of the Pacific Ocean, The Independent says. There are plenty of sailing trips and wildlife watching excursions that will encourage you to enjoy the beauty of the views of the ocean, and watch dolphins and whales in their natural habitat. You can also go kayaking or paddling in the shallow waters across the harbour. 19.

Spend time at the Strand17. 17. Inspiration Point

You should hike to Inspiration Point for the best views of the city, the surrounding area and the Pacific Ocean. A short hike with paved paths, or a longer and more challenging hike with steep slopes. After hitting Inspiration Point you can enjoy the panoramic views that stretch as far as the Channel Islands. This is a great chance to take some photographs to commemorate your visit to Santa Barbara. 16.

New Santa Barbara Time Out mission suggests you will visit Old Santa Barbara mission. This attraction was built in the 18th century, and gave the city its name. It is historically and architecturally interesting and there is an exhibition about its construction and how people lived inside the walls of Santa Barbara’s Old Mission. This destination also includes a chapel and a graveyard. 15.

The Casa del Herrero

Casa del Herrero was designed for industrialist George Fox Steedman and his family by the architect George Washington Smith. In 1925 the building was completed and its name translates as The Blacksmith’s Home. It is now on the National Historic Places Register, and is also listed as a National Historic Landmark. If you’re interested in history and architecture then this Spanish Colonial Revival building is one of Santa Barbara’s top places to visit! Now it is a non-profit organization, open to the public. Inside the house visitors are able to tour a workshop showing a glimpse of the former occupants lives. Antique artwork drawing books and horticultural records are displayed here. Visitors can also visit the 11 hectare gardens. 14.14. There are plenty of markets to visit in Santa Barbara and these offer a different shopping experience for the shops that line the city’s streets or the big shopping malls. One of the best places to visit is the Santa Barbara Public Market and this is an opportunity to pick up some of your trip’s mementos. If you want to sample some local produce then you should visit the Anacapa Street Farmers Market in Santa Barbara. 13.

Visitors to the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden can enjoy seeing more than 1000 species of rare and indigenous plants spread over 78 acres of land. Another field at this attraction is a Redwood Forest whereas another portion includes native plants from California. You can walk alone around the grounds, or take a guided tour. This attraction is also home to the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden Herbarium and the Blakesley Library, on Mission Canyon Road. This is a relaxing experience to enjoy during the days when you need some tranquility away from the busy feel of Santa Barbara streets. 12.

The culinary scene of the Lark

Santa Barbara is amazing and many of the outstanding restaurants in this town highlight California’s amazing produce. One of the best places to eat and the most interesting is The Lark. Executive chef Jason Paluska is at the helm of this restaurant and he uses ingredients produced locally to create internationally inspired dishes. This restaurant is located on Anacapa Street and has dining areas both indoor and outdoor. Outpost Restaurant at Goodland a Boutique Hotel in Goleta is another great restaurant to try. 11. 11. Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History

The Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History is an excellent museum to visit which will be of interest to people of all ages. This is Santa Barbara’s oldest museum, as it was founded in 1916. It is dedicated to teaching visitors about local natural history and some interesting features such as a 74-foot whale skeleton are part of the exhibitions. Children will love many of the displays and if you need something to do on a rainy day, this is an excellent option. It is located by Mission Creek, and visitors can enjoy a nature trail through Mission Creek once they have left the museum. 10.

Arroyo Burro Beach Park 8. Take a wine tour

California is famous for its wine production and the area around Santa Barbara is home to some of the state’s best wine-growing vineyards and wineries. There are several that you can visit to do a tour that is an opportunity to learn about the wine’s production. Some tours include a wine tasting session which allows you to sample the items. Some of the tours also include food that is usually made from ingredients originating from the area. Many of the vineyards in this region are encouraging sustainability and this is another aspect you will know on your trip. This is an adult-only activity so visiting the area with kids isn’t the best option. 7.

Stearns Wharf Depending on the time of day you are visiting you will enjoy different experiences at Stearns Wharf. When you come first thing in the morning, with their fresh catch, you will see the fishing boats returning to the harbour. Fish and fish can even be bought directly from the vessels. You can head up to the Stearns Wharf pier later in the morning or in the afternoon. There you will find an aquarium with a children’s touch pool, and plenty of restaurants and shops. You can dine in some stunning seafood restaurants in the evenings and drink in the lively bars. 6.

Santa Barbara Orchid Estate

A visit to the orchid estate in Santa Barbara is something that will awaken all your senses. It consists of five-acre beautiful gardens, located along the city’s coastline. First established in 1957, the attraction has now a fascinating collection of beautiful and rare orchids from around the world. Spending time at the Santa Barbara Orchid Estate is a beautiful place to visit if you wish to spend the day doing quieter activities. 5. Shoreline Park

You should visit Shoreline Park if you enjoy spending time outdoors and want to enjoy a quiet and leisurely activity during your stay. This is a 14.6-acre park and one of its best features is the stunning views of the Santa Ynez Mountains, particularly the vies. This park is set along the Santa Barbara shoreline as its name suggests. There’s plenty to enjoy from beautiful gardens scenic sidewalks kids playgrounds and picnic tables for you to enjoy a fresh lunch. 4.

Lobero Theater Your best option is Lobero Theater, to enjoy a performance in a theater. That is one of California’s oldest theaters. This venue has a jam-packed performance schedule throughout the year which varies from musicals to comedies and from live music to ballets. Check the schedule before you embark on your trip to see if there is something going on during your stay that will interest you and book your tickets beforehand. 3.


Lotusland is one of Santa Barbara’s most visited tourist attractions. On the grounds of what was once the home of Polish opera singer Madame Ganna Walska, it is a 37 acre exotic garden. After her death in 1984 the grounds became a public botanical garden with no profit. This garden’s floral collections are dramatic whimsical, and somewhat unexpected. 2. Santa Barbara Zoo

If you’re visiting Santa Barbara as a family then Santa Barbara Zoo is one of the best attractions to visit as this is a great day out for the whole family. The zoo covers 30 acres, and it is home to over 500 species of 146 animals. It is considered one of the country’s best small zoos and also features lush ornamental trees in the gardens and a number of fun interactive games to enjoy for visitors. You should set aside a full day to visit the zoo as it will take some time to see what this attraction has to offer to explore.

1. Santa Barbara Museum of Art

Sports Utility Vehicles aka SUVs are popular vehicle choices for both families and businesses traveling frequently in smaller groups. They offer a range of functions that combine useful truck and car features in one vehicle. In recent years, automakers have made some major advances in the technology used to improve fuel efficiency and comfort performance and there is a bit of competition among the various brands for the public’s loyalty and trust. As we move towards 2020, there will be the best mid-size SUVs available here.

2020 Volkswagen Atlas

Volkswagen’s new 2020 version of the Atlas has some changes coming. This mid-size SUV will be available in a base model with a 4-cylinder engine but it is available in an optional V-6 edition for those who prefer more power. The higher-powered model is rumored to get 19 mpg on the highway, and will come with automated blind-spot emergency braking monitoring forward-collision warning and rear cross-traffic alert, all of which will be standard features in their base driver assistance technology suite. The estimated price range depending on the edition is rumored to be between $32000 -$43000.

2020 Mazda CX-9

2020 Toyota RAV 4

The new RAV 4 features performance enhancements that make it an off-road monster. They returned the suspension and added red TRD springs with revisions to the spring rate and increased rebound control for greater ride comfort when you take it off the beaten path. The 2020 model features an 8-speed transmission matted with a Torque 203 horsepower engine vectoring AWD Multi-Train selection and a host of superb features. So far we know that the new 2020 RAV 4 will look stylish with an update with enhancements to black-painted accents and LED fog lights at the rear lower fascias. The dash will feature red stitching, as well as the seats for interior styling. It will also come with a decent towing capacity with five auxiliary USB ports for a roof rack for all your electronics and folding reclining seats in the rear for starters. You opt for more storage space or more passengers. 2020 Honda Passport

Honda’s 2020 mid-size crossover SUV is the Passport and is expected to be delivered late in 2019 sometime. With an addition of 9.9 inches to the length they made some changes to the new model which gave designers even more room to create passenger comfort in the cabin with increased legroom. There will be room for five and the back seats can be moved forward if you want extra cargo space giving you 41.2 cubic feet of storage space without putting down the seats. If you need more room you can lie down the seats for up to 100 cubic feet of room and that doesn’t count the hidden space under the trunk floor. The new passport will come in four different trimmings including the Sport the EX-L the Touring and the Elite as their base model. Standard equipment includes a remote start-up LED lighting reduction of fuel consumption through automatic stop-and-start Honda Sensing and a backup camera with three angles.

Telluride 2019 fans will be happy to learn that the model is being continued by 2020 and will be offering everything you enjoy at the moment and more. You can order yours for second-row seats with heating and ventilation, as well as a 10.25-inch touchscreen with a head-up display and UVO Link and it comes packed with the standard Safe Assist Apple Car Play compatible with iPhone predictive navigation as well as Android Auto compatible with Android smartphones. It will be oriented to keeping you connected to a variety of applications. A Navigation voice command system is also available.

2020 Hyundai Palisade The Kia Sorento 2020 version is the start of the next generation in the line. Though the complete listing of specs has not yet been released here is what we have known so far. A plug-in hybrid is rumored to be but this has yet to be confirmed for certain. We do know it will be a seven-seat SUV as this was confirmed by spy cams who caught Kia taking it out for a test run. It is believed that the new Sorento will feature a 1.6-liter IE with an added rear electric motor enabling all-wheel drive power, and it is likely that you can add a turbocharger to the engine.

2020 Ford Edge

2020 Toyota Highlander

Toyota Highlander receives a complete redesign by 2020. This is the top-selling three-row SUV on the brand. This is the first full redesign since 2014 and sure to be a big deal. Improvements have been made which include a sleeker look with more infotainment features added. It will come with Apple’s Amazon CarPlay Alexa and Android Auto. The old four-cylinder engine is gone when it comes to performance and there will be a choice of a hybrid and a V6 powertrain at its stead. 2020 Subaru Ascent

The coming Subaru Ascent will be offered at $31995 with a starting price. This is Subaru’s mid-size SUV, rumored to reach 21 mpg in the city and 27 on the highway. The 2020 edition will be equipped with a 2.4-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged engine with manual mode automatic transmission that is continuously variable. It will feature an 87 cubic feet spacious cargo room with 8 seats.

The new BMW X7 for 2020 is their contribution to the next year’s array of mid-size SUVs on the market. This vehicle will come with a bumper to bumper warranty covering 48 months or 50000 miles, whatever comes first with assistance on the roadside. It is a luxury vehicle with a starting price of $73900, with a capacity for towing up to 5900 lbs. The engine is a 3.0 liter 6 cylinder or you’ll also have a more powerful 4.4 liter V8 option to choose from.

2020 Chevrolet Traverse

Chevrolet continues its 2020 mid-size Traverse SUV. You can find it in an AWD 4dr High Country edition or a Dr High Country FWD 4 model. It will come in a variety of price-coinciding trims that match the trim selected. Choices of cloth or leather upholstery along with the current standard features that we have all come to appreciate in a new edition that continues to the present generation.

2020 Grand Jeep Cherokee

2020 Buick Enclave

The 2020 Buick Enclave will be offered in a choice of three trimmings including Preferred starting at $40000 Essence at $42000 and Preferred as their top line trim for $48400. You get the option of the level of luxury that you experience, but all are guaranteed to provide high quality and comfort in the interior. 2020 Dodge Durango

The new Durango SRT features a third row of mid-size SUV seating. This model comes with plenty of power provided by its HEMI V8 6.4-liter engine with 475 horsepower and outstanding acceleration with a torque of 470 lb-ft. When it comes to towing capability the new Durango will deliver up to 8700 pounds of power and all trims will be provided for your driving pleasure with a performance-based all-wheel drive system. It will also come loaded onto the instrument panel with carbon accents and silver accent stitching on the interior.

Nissan is still in the same generation as it was introduced in 2013 but has added some incredible updates to the popular mid-size SUV. For 2020, you will see the three-row feature with seating up to seven and plenty of legroom as usual, and it has been suggested that the interior could have a new angular aesthetic. Nissan is not giving out much more detail than preparing a redesign for either 2020 or 2021 and we will not know until it makes its debut.

2020 Nissan Murano

Nissan did very well on the mid-size SUV market in popularity scores. They will launch the Murano 2020 in much the same fashion as the 2019 edition except there will be some technology upgrades. If you’ve loved the 2019 version you can expect more of the same with no big surprises except for some tech updates and a few minor visual enhancements The current Muranowill be upgraded and refreshed as the new 2020 Nissan Murano will launch this car with minimal changes. It is forecast that the changes will be upgrades to its technology. This great car is expected to come up with the same appealing spacious cabin configuration and plenty of standard safety features. Below is detailed information about the engine and features of the new Nissan Murano’s exterior interior looks.

2020 Subaru Forester

Fans of the Forester will see prices bumping ever so slightly but the new additions will make this an insignificant problem. It’s all about safety and the 2020 Forester will offer some new features like prevention of lane centering lane departure and a rear seat alert urging drivers to check the second row for passengers before the vehicle exits. Though we will see a price increase of $235 with a starting price of $25270 who will complain?

2020 Cadillac XT5

The retired American professional basketball legend Earvin Magic Johnson Jr. has a projected net worth of $600 million as of January 2019. This amazing figure is enough to place him among the most successful post-retirement athletes and one of today’s wealthiest African Americans. Why did he go about it? Johnson plunged into business after learning that he had contracted HIV and launched popular brands through Magic Johnson Enterprises to ethnically diverse neighbourhoods. He formed partnerships with Starbucks on Fridays and 24 Hour Fitness (before it was cool) AMC Theaters T.G.I .. In addition, through his Yucaipa-Johnson and Canyon-Johnson funds, he invested in urban real estate as well as companies providing services to under-served markets in the U.S. He has allocated at least $1.1 million for community-based organizations that focus on awareness and prevention of HIV / AIDS. Only inspiring? Here’s the full story on just how Magic Johnson cumulated over $600 million in net worth.

Net Worth $600 Million Name Earvin Magic Johnson Jr.

Age 60

Born Lansing Michigan Date of birthBasketball Player Entrepreneur

Country United States

Born in Lansing Michigan in August 1959, Earvin Magic Johnson has always had a natural admiration for tender-age basketball. He had already resolved to play basketball as his career even before he entered high school (Everett High School). Although the school was predominantly white, and featured some instances of racism, in 1977 he was still able to perform well and successfully graduate. By this time some reputable and competitive universities had placed Magic Johnson in high demand. He would join Michigan State University later in the 1978-’79 season where he led his team to a tournament championship. Somebody watched attentively throughout his impressive performances both in high school and college: the Los Angeles Lakers. He was soon drafted by the LA Lakers for the first general pick in 1979. His ability and impeccable speed to distribute the ball resulted in his moniker: Magic Johnson. In his rookie year he used these skills to drive the team to the 980 NBA Finals which they eventually went on to win. He had won both the NBA and NCAA championships in just two years, and subsequently became one of the league’s most popular and highly valued players. In addition to numerous other awards and accolades, Magic Johnson would go on to win 5 more NBA championships in the next few decades to prove that he was not just a one season wonder. Unfortunately his performance began declining in subsequent years as he grew in age. He made a public announcement of his HIV status in 1991 and, as a result, his desire to retire from the sport. He has since decided to pursue more recreational basketball and coaching, and is a well-known philanthropist.

In 1996 Magic Johnson officially retired from professional basketball. This marked the start of his next life chapter: Entrepreneurship. NBA players back then didn’t get as highly paid as they are now. Despite the fact that Magic Johnson had 5 NBA championships and at least 10,000 career assists in his record, he only walked away with roughly $18 million from the NBA and a few millions more from endorsements. The first thing he did was buy a 4.5 percent stake for $10 million in the LA Lakers which turned out to be a lucrative long-term investment. By 2010, the value of his stake had risen to $50 million so he sold it and began Magic Johnson Enterprises. The Basketball legend progressed through Magic Johnson Enterprises to make even more profitable investments. He also had partnered with Starbucks in 1998 to make use of the coffee chain in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods. To realize the wisdom of that investment, you just have to look at Starbucks’s success today. A couple of days after selling his Lakers Magic stake, he also sold his 50 percent share in Starbucks bringing his total revenue from the two deals to a reported $100 million. Johnson has also invested in Magic Johnson Theaters under the same umbrella of Magic Johnson Enterprises. He used the same principle as in less-lucky neighborhoods before setting up theatres. Naturally this also turned out to be a massive success. But maybe his most significant investment was in the Los Angeles Dodgers which also involved a number of partners to buy for a $2 billion whooping in 2012. Magic Johnson also partnered with a Century City investment fund – Canyon Capital Realty Advisors – to form Canyon-Johnson Urban Funds, which develops properties in under-served urban neighborhoods. Some of the developments under the funding include condominiums in Oakland, a Chicago retail and industrial development redeveloping an earlier Boston rail yard, and the $28 million One Santa Fe luxury office and retail complex in downtown Los Angeles. Johnson plays a key role in presenting proposals to residents in the neighborhood and to public officials. The Tall Magic Johnson is still highly influential despite his retirement from NBA in 1996.

Current Life

Magic Johnson lives a fairly comfortable lifestyle due to the massive wealth he has accumulated from his successful basketball career and business endeavours. His net worth has allowed him to own luxury homes in various areas of California estimated at tens of millions of dollars. He also owns a fleet of luxury cars such as Ferrari BMW, and so on, and a private jet. He is active in many charitable work and has created his own philanthropic organization called the Magic Johnson Organization, which deals primarily with awareness of HIV / AIDS and supports its victims. His own infection resulted from the numerous women being physically involved. He has a son with Melissa Mitchell who grew up with his mother but also his father under great care. He also has a son and an adopted daughter in a private wedding with his wife Earlitha Kelly, with whom he married in 1991. I find myself at peace. The principal thing is not to let people dictate what I do or what I am. You are only as good as your team when you’re a successful business person. No-one can make any deal on their own. I never think there’s anything I can’t do, whether it’s beating my opponent one at a time or practicing another hour because there’s something wrong with my game. To me all is beautiful. Life is marvellous. Life doesn’t stop because you’re faced with something.