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Prev1 of 40Next Tired of being labeled as blonde or brunette? Bronde hair allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds by blending brown and blonde colors. With a wide range of dimensions and combinations of hue, this popular hair color trend is available. Most of all, it’s natural-looking low-maintenance and incredibly flattering.

Bronde Hair Ideas

Looking for a vibrant flirtious or subtle blend of shades ranging from blonde to brown? Use our gallery to find the most appropriate variation for your personality and style.

Brunette Meets Platinum Blonde

Bronding is the term coined for the brunette hair mixture. Honey and platinum blonde highlights can be mixed in with a dark brown base color to create a bright and confident look and vice versa blonds can incorporate some darker shades to a more subtle mix. In addition to layered wavy cuts, bronde hair is particularly flattering.

Handpainted Blonde Hair

Bronde hair can be produced using a paintbrush technique often called hand-pressed, in which stylists use a glass sheet to color the hair and – yes – a paintbrush. Quicker than the more traditional techniques, this one can be used without the visible streaks of color to produce a fun artistic look. Here the bronde color of honey is blended to lighten the overall style.


One-color doesn’t suit everything and that’s why we appreciate the coloring. Good for those who want variety — and a little color — but are too busy to worry about preserving it. Adding a few luminous strands can make your lob brighter and make your layers look more defined.

Long Beachy Hair

This bronde style with very subtle narrow highlights is best created for thin layered hair. Note the middle part, too, which draws attention to the eyes. Finish this look with a light-brown brow and an undereyeliner with a natural lip.

Strawberry-Blonde Ombre with layers

You can improve both your medium-length haircut and your facial features by applying highlights to face-framing textures. A strawberry-blonde effect is created by golden hues blended in with darker blondes.

Honey Bronde

This year’s Bronde hair is very popular, probably because it’s such a varied choice of color. From a dramatic blonde and brown mix to a golden honey bronde with soft transitions as illustrated below, this is a color with so many options.

Straight Cut Choppy Layers and Color

Haircuts are all about layers as often as possible and with good reason. Angled layers add size and fullness. But you end up with a cute and modern style when you pair them with a super straight bottom edge.

Tousled Bronde Hair

If you’re not a fan of super long hair but still want a haircut with a lot of shaggy layers. If you’re a brunette, lighten up those strands to a perfect brown chocolate and add some painted on blonde pops.

Subtle color

Bronde hair color is appreciated for its wide range of options and if you want something that’s plain sweet and simple to go with subtle highlights that will shine your mane without going overboard.

Lighten Up

While many color occupations end in dark blonde, it’s certainly not a requirement. With a light brown base, this style incorporates very light blonde. The lightest shade is put in front to illuminate the face while thin locks are plumped up by the shaggy layers.

Side Parted Style

By choosing side-parted hairstyle, you can easily show your new brown / blonde hair. Your color will melt down into lighter ends. Instead of a super straight finish, go with an allled texture to keep hair looking relevant. Put a modest amount of styling gel in your hands and squeeze the strands gently to get this look.

A Fresh Look for Asian Hair

Asian and Pacific Islander women are often unaware of how beautiful they might look with lighter hair shades. Consider it a target this year to step out the boring black and instead go for a brown-to-blonde hue. If your locks are super long, some chunky curls will flaunt your bronde hair.

Blondish Highlights

On the other hand, if your hair is naturally black, you can give it an impressive boost by incorporating an enticing sun-kissed look in some subtle lighter stripes.

Bronde Curly and Beautiful

Their ability to rely on either a light or dark base color is one of the great things about bronde locks. If you prefer to keep things light, your best bet will be a dark blonde color at the bottom with lighter highlights. Use a medium barrel curling iron to curl your freshened hair and finish with a setting spray.

A Golden Angle for Bronde Locks

Show bronde hair with long bob cut angled enough to make fine hair look brighter. Often, the color transformation should help to animate flat strands otherwise.

Ash Bronde Color Long Hair

This brown-blonde style is so natural-looking – some might wonder if it’s given to God. Fool them all with this subtle and easy-to-maintain color job.

A Blend of Three Hues

There is no rule saying that hair should be double-tone. In fact, feel free to add additional shades in three or even four. This picture’s fashion exemplifies a smooth tri-tone look which goes throughout with blonde light brown and subtle caramel bursts.

Modern Color Retro Style

Channel your Farrah Fawcett with long feathered bangs and layers. Pair this with a funny color job and the end result is a retro and appropriate vibe that you’re going to love to show off.

Short and Dark Drama

Enjoy the sight of highlights but don’t want to tackle stressful maintenance? Keep your base brown and add blonde touches in the middle. Instead of dealing with long hair, go for even simpler maintenance with a long bob cut.

Bronde Hair Shoulder Length

Hair color may be as subtle or dramatic as you like. The hair is cut just above the shoulders for this style and styled into beachy waves. Natural blonde and brown hues are used throughout for the paint.

Beautifully long and brightened up

If you don’t want to let your long hair trim the bottom and put in some light layers. Use your favorite styling gel to dampen your hair and allow it to air dry. You can go throughout with one honey brown shade and accentuate it with light blonde streaks around the face for your bronde hair color.

Bronde for Thin Hair

Complex color incorporating is one of the best ways to thicken thin and dull strands. Pair some dark blonde and honey platinum for the perfect sass and style trifecta.

Funky Cut with New Color

The angled layers and rich hair color combine to create a cool and unique look that certainly stops traffic. If you want something new but don’t want to appear too edgy or childish, this is a trend you’re going to want to nab while it’s in the minds of local stylists.

Bronde Hair and Beach Waves

Beach waves tend to experience most hair style trends as well as being one of the best ways to show bronde hair. Go for the size of a choppy slice you want. Remember that the shorter your hair is the more economical it will be to apply and maintain when you choose a bronde you must pay for two different colors.

Sleek Color Streaks

Cut your hair regularly to keep it soft and shiny. For a stunning elegant outcome, these stylish strands are updated with bronde hues.

Sandy Waves

This sandy hair color creates a soft and effortless look that compliments tan skin bold brow and light-colored lip by using balayage a highlighting technique. Start your natural-looking beach waves at the chin for a relaxed style if you have medium to long hair.

Runway-Ready Balayage

Maybe you don’t wake up like this – we can’t all beyonce – but with a partial blend of blonde balayage you can achieve a beautiful hairdo. Beginning slightly at the roots, this bronde hair color will grow towards the ends, offering a great brown and blonde combination. Simply add the casual curls of the model and you’re all set.

Bronzed Bombshell

Make this textured bob a bold statement. The paintbrush technique makes it easy to achieve short and sassy with bronzed colors splattered throughout these gorgeous golden tresses – and the best part they are unforgettable.

Braided Half Updo

Isn’t your brunette status ready to crack? Consider a blonde sprinkling that creates dimensions for your long locks. A loose braid’s added texture is a great way of showing off your coloring and displaying the famous disheveled look.

Sun-Kissed Bob

Just because you’ve got short hair doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. To refresh your look – and try something new, find honey-blonde color balayage. Making it even more exciting with waves that are barely loose.

Praise with Babylights

Don’t be afraid to blend like this away from a one-tone color with a smooth, vibrant hair color. Subtle but still very realistic microlights or babylights are much more subtle and delicate than highlights or lowlights. The smallest improvements are sometimes the greatest.

Bold Balayage Blonde tips are no longer reserved for boy bands. It’s called balayage, it’s better than ever. The head is outlined by vivid highlights fusing into choppy strings. With a bold lip and a leather jacket, these new rugged layers can be dressed or dressed with a bare lip and a comfortable top.

Not-Quite Simple Bob

Soft caramel-colored highlights are the best way to improve angled layers and achieve bronde skin. Have you ever looked around your face? Okay, you can also contour your hair. Whoever said blondes had more fun didn’t consider brondes. This is a fun twist to the timeless style of the bob.

Ash-Colored Long Brown Hair

Beginning with a chocolate-brown foundation, this look gets brighter and brighter as it falls. You can make multidimensional improvements to hair as long as the locks of mermaid. Throw in some golden touches for a cool contrast in the mix.

Crimped and Carefree Hair

Sometimes you just want to go a bit lighter – thanks to such brilliant colors. On the coffee brown foundation, occasional light-brown highlights appear like it’s dotted with caramel sauce – in the best possible way. Would you like ideas for this natural-looking wave? Try to crimp or sleep on your hair on your braids.

Brown Blonde for Bobs

This contrasting bronde hair color is used for brunettes looking to make a big change. This is a bolder scanning as the blonde is almost applied to the roots, providing a visible – and pleasant – comparison with your natural hair.

Brown Sombre Chestnut

Bring pictures of your desired cut style and color to your next hair appointment. This is the easiest and most convenient way to get what you want. You can ask for a dark – a subtle shadow with medium-length layers and long loose curls for a more feminine style like this.

Chocolate and Caramel Curls

Not all of us can be blond – not all of us want to be blond. Caramel is an excellent alternative to simple brown hair and looks best on thick hair. Use a curling iron to curl away from your face and you will be able to create an updated version of Farrah Fawcett’s performance.

Dark Brown to Light Brown

Bronding has been around for some time, but now there are dozens of new variations that allow you to stray from your natural coloring without completely losing it. For some blonde is too blonde, but with lighter brown highlights you can still get a bronde hair color. Buy a crimping gel or cream that can be used on damp or towel-dried hair to get the beach waves without any styling tools. ‘

‘ ‘

‘ Lightly Teased and Colored’

‘ Many hair styles may be too extreme for your taste. Find a fresh cut and use the balayage to go bold. Just a touch when you style your hair. For a casual look, this is the best style – in addition to your usual t-shirt and jean jacket.

Bronde hair can be as subtle as you would like. That’s the reason we love it. Don’t just forget your natural coloring. Your roots and everyday look should be complimented by the best blends. Not sure what works for the structure and/or design of your face bone? Ask for suggestions from your stylist. Light Brown Hair Looks and Ideas Impressive Haircuts and Hair Fabulous Brown Skin with Blonde Highlights Looks to Love Mushroom Brown Hair A Hot New Trend You’re going to fall in love with Golden Brown Hair Color Ideas All Brunettes Need to See Welcome to the Dark Side Gorgeous Brunette Hair Cuts and Stay Connected Styles Whatever your type of body, we will help you find the right hairstyles © Copyright 2019 Menu HomeLengthMedium