Nostradamus – Biography of Nostradamus

Michel de Nôtre-Dame, also Miquèl de Nostradama, better known as Nostradamus, was born on December 14, 1503, in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, France, and was a famous Jewish doctor and astrological consultant, recognized as one of the most cited authors of prophecies and future events in the history of mankind. .

Being very young, he made evident his talent for mathematics and astrology, which repeatedly made his teachers feel offended by the support that the little one demonstrated for the theories formulated by Copernicus within astrology, which meant heresy at the time.

He studied at the University of Avignon France, where he trained as a specialist in grammar, rhetoric and logic, and also studied Medicine at the Montpellier University.

Due to the bubonic plague that was present in his hometown, the mathematician had to abandon his studies for a time, which he dedicated to assisting the sick, modifying their diets and sanitizing their homes. It was at that moment when he created the call “Pink pill“which contained strong doses of vitamins C, which offered a medical solution against the plague.

In the year 1530 he returned to his studies although, after the authorities found out that he had carried out pharmaceutical practices, they dismissed him forcing him to leave the establishment.

A year later, he married Henriette d’Encausse, with whom he had two children. But in 1537, tragedy came to his life after his entire family died from the fierce plague.

In 1545 he moved to Salon-de-Provence, where he lived until his death. It was in that same place where he met Anne Ponsarde Gemelle, with whom he married shortly after and had a son. In addition, he began to move away from medicine to approach the occult, presenting several annual almanacs in which he predicted the future. The first to be published was in the year 1550.

The success of Nostradamus It was resounding throughout France, so he decided to publish a book that had a thousand rounds, where in the form of poetry, he described the future. But he must have done it in a hidden way, as it was forbidden, so he had to combine several languages ​​to go unnoticed. For this reason, he used Latin, Italian, Provencal, Greek, Hebrew, and Arabic.

But his acceptance was seeing more and more deteriorated, until he wrote “The prophecies“, a work that caused the astrologer to be called immediately”heretic“, so he began to be persecuted, because”His stories were written directly by the devil“.

In 1566, the doctor contracted a disease that attacked his joints, the so-called Gota, which some time later became edema. On July 2, 1566, he left this world. On his grave, his epitaph announces: “Here lie the mortal remains of the most illustrious Michel Nostradamus, the only man worthy, in the opinion of all mortals, to write with an almost divine pen, under the influence of the stars, the future of the world.“.

There is a legend that says that a group of looters came to his tomb to desecrate his body and found a gold medallion that said the exact date of that event, carried out in the middle of the French Revolution.

Despite the fact that several people consider the astronomer’s writings as free words, others find in his poetry great prophecies that describe the future. It is known that before writing, he brought his brain to a state of intense concentration, using various methods, such as the flame or the contemplation of water, which allowed him to reach the depths of his interior. Nostradamus wrote: “I have emptied my soul, brain and heart of all worries and have achieved a state of tranquility and stillness of mind, which are requisites for predicting through the bronze tripod.“.