Noomi Rapace – Biography of Noomi Rapace

His dominant and at the same time fragile figure shocked all of us who enjoyed the trilogy “Millenium“, From the writer Stieg Larsson, who did not know that his work would be considered a best seller and in a short time taken to the big screen with unprecedented success. Without a doubt it was the carefree, rebellious and asexual image that starred Noomi Rapace in the movie that launched her to fame.

With “Men who did not love women“, The first part of the” Millenium “saga became known in the world the young Swedish Noomi noren, who was born in a small town called Hudiksvall, a December 28, 1979. Due to the work of her father, Rogelio Durán, a flamenco artist, Noomi did not stay in one place, they were always making constant trips to various Scandinavian towns. At her short 7 years and by chance she participated in her first film, which would be the beginning of her life as an actress and starting her studies, once she could, in one of the most renowned theater academies in Sweden, Royal Dramatic Theater.

Her acting career ranged from performances in plays and films of little consequence, until 2007 with the film Daisy diamond, playing a young mother who must face a series of problems to raise her little daughter and develop professionally. His performance was so good that he received the Robert Award for Best Actress. This is the highest award awarded in Denmark.

Her success continued and a few months in 2008 she was summoned for a casting to play a young woman with an anorexic, antisocial and aggressive appearance in the film that would launch her to worldwide fame. Her talent as a versatile actress led her to be selected to play Lizbeth salander, the main character of the trilogy “Millenium”, Working like this in the three films: Men who did not love women, The girl who dreamed of a match and a can of gasoline Y The queen in the palace of draftsThe latter has not yet been released in Spain or the United States.

Although Millenium has been very well accepted worldwide, even more so in the United Kingdom as in the United States, Noomi has not yet entered acting for no foreign productionShe is still closely linked to her Scandinavia, where she resides with her family.

Personally, this carefree actress is a homebody and enjoys family life, along with her husband, also the actor. Wave Rapace, from whom she adopted the surname by which she is known “Noomi Rapace”, and with whom she has two beautiful children.
It is said that it is very difficult to believe how a woman, actress and at the same time a housewife could have come to interpret the young woman with the appearance of a metalhead “Salander” so perfectly, this shows the courage, dedication and sacrifice of Noomi, of who is said to have had to lose more than fifteen kilos to appear an anorexic figure, in addition to performing almost all the scenes with a girdle on the bust and hips.