Nick Cassavetes – Biography of Nick Cassavetes

Nick cassavetes is a well-known American actor, screenwriter and film director, famous for having worked in feature films such as “Face / Off“(Back) or”Alpha Dog”(Alpha Dog).

Nicholas David Rowland Cassavetes He was born on May 21, 1959 in New York City, located within the homonymous state in the United States of America.

Her family is made up of the actress Gena Rowland and the Greek American director John cassavetes. The union of this couple also brought their sisters Alexandra Y Zoe to this world.

From a very young age, he knew that the rest of his life would be dedicated to screens, since his parents carried out both activities related to them. For this same reason it was that Nick began reading at an early age.

He spent hours reading silently in the company of his father, perhaps imitating him or perhaps just with the intention not to disturb. Despite this, in a short time he developed an enormous capacity for reading, making him a gifted reader with high speed.

In 1970 he was found on camera for the first time, although he was not included in the credits. “Husbands”(Husbands) was a comedy about life, death and freedom, but it wasn’t very successful. Ten years later he received his first credits in “Meeting”From 1980.

Already in 1985 he began to walk the corridors of the studios with a little more ease and was summoned to complete the cast of “Mask”(Mask), a film where they acted Cher Y Sam elliott as protagonists.

The following year he had the opportunity to work with Tommy lee jones on “Black Moon Rising”(The Rise of the Black Moon), a science fiction thriller. In it, a professional thief is hired by an FBI agent to steal a disc with confidential information.

Continuing with this line of low-budget feature films, he participated in the filming of “The Wraith” (The spectre). In her Charlie sheen took the role of Jake kesey, a specter that returns from the dead to exact revenge.

For 1989 he earned his first exclusive starring role: “Desperation Rising”(Ascent of Despair), but the film did not have a great impact on the audience. However, that same year he worked in “Blind Fury”(Blind Fury) earning a little more recognition in the environment.

In the 90’s, he participated in the drama “Backstreet dreams”(Dreams of Callejón), where he also featured Brooke shields. Immediately afterwards, he pursued his career with the action-adventure film “Delta Force 3: The Killing Game”(Delta Force 3: The Killing Game).

By 1994 he was beginning to make his first approaches to directing, writing some scripts that promised to be filmed. Meanwhile, he acted in “Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle”(Miss Parker’s Vicious Circle), sharing the scene with Matthew broderick Y Gwyneth paltrow.

Finally, in 1996 he began filming his first direction “Unhook the Stars”, Premiered on February 14, 1997. Among its main actresses it had Marisa tomei, Bridgette wilson, ex-wife of Sylvester Stallone, and also his own mother.

In 1997 he also had one of his most remembered roles, when he engaged the drug trafficker Dietrich hassler in the shocking action movie “Face / Off”(Back side). It was nominated for the Oscars and received 8 statuettes.

Sean Archer (John Travolta) is a detective obsessed with catching the murderer of his son, Beaver Troy (Nicolas Cage). Unfortunately, the only way to stop one of his latest misdeeds is to impersonate him, with dire consequences for his life.

From this moment, Nick he almost totally put acting aside to devote himself fully to his role as a director. Occasionally he has appeared on a screen, but in very brief scenes.

In 2002 he brought to the industry the famous “John Q.”, A drama where Denzel Washington He perfectly embodies the role of a father who will do anything for his children, even taking the waiting room of the hospital where they do not want to operate on their child.

Two years later, “The Notebook”(El Anotador) had a great success among the romantic genre, presenting the story of two old men who take up a great love that they long ago left aside.

In 2006 he worked with Bruce Willis Y Justin timberlake on “Alpha Dog”(Alpha Dog). It told the story of the life of Jesse James Hollywood, the drug dealer who became the youngest man on the FBI’s wanted list.

Supposedly, and according to rumors, for 2009 he plans to release, under his exclusive direction, “Captain america” (Captain America). This iconic hero of the nation of the United States has no actor yet, but the negotiations are proceeding swiftly.