New Men’s Round Face Short Haircuts

Cool and clean guy look

You should try this one if you prefer to wear a fresh and clean gentleman cut. Only the strands on the crown have to be cut to less than one inch and then give the sides a clean fade.

Slicked back and Layered Crown Locks

Feather light bangs in this design not only have a beautiful texture, but also some beautiful waves and attractive styling that involves brushing them back into layers to create a perfect short hairdo for a round face.

Modern Caesar Fade

You can also make the Caesar cut to fit on your round face with a quick twist. To do this, you’ll need a nice fade on the sides and give a simple line up to your standard Caesar cut to make it shorter and more fashionable.

Neat and Tidy Fade Cut

The fading taper on the sides of this haircut makes it look very fashionable. And with such precision, only a few wavy stands on the crown are needed to create a perfect cut for your round head.

Clean Side Sweep and Tapered Locks

Distributing the long sides of the crown with a side sweep will give a beautiful look to the round face. And you should also have a simple taper cut on the sides to add some style to the haircut.

Easy and Messy Quiff

This haircut is a one-of – a-kind quiff because it doesn’t sweep like the others and it also looks messy, making it trendy. As it gives a beautiful balance to the overall appearance, it is ideal for a round face.

Thick Textured Crown with Zero Taper

Here’s another haircut showing the incredible charm added to your look through texture. The crown strands have a thick texture and a sweeping front that makes them look amazing. And it blends this with a zero taper on the edges, so you can be sure of a sophisticated look.

Natural Afro Texture and Clear Fade

This beautiful headdress really fits for African Americans because of its natural hair texture. All they need to build this look is to make a sharp fade on the sides and leave on the crown a sleek afro textured hair.

Fashionable and easy Taper Cut

This haircut is a product of skillful scissor use and involves leaving some wavy and slightly messy bangs on the crown and tapering the sides to make them look shorter.

Rockabilly Bangs with Skin Fade

Rockabilly haircuts for people with round heads will also work. This particular one involves leaving on the crown some long brushed back bangs and giving on the sides of the design a smooth skin fade.
Short haircuts are available in abundance for round faces, so it is very unfortunate when men with such facial shapes find it difficult to find a good cut. A round face’s best thing is that it has no distinct lines and angles. It is also similar in length and width, and you only need to pick the features you want to upgrade to choose the right cut.

Fresh and Neat Buzz Cut

In contrast to what most people think, a round face buzz cut will also work. However, you need to make it extra short if you want to look good and also give it a nice skin fade on the sides.

Dimensional Texture and Low Skin Fade

The dimensional locks in this model will inspire anyone and a mild brush back with such a beautiful texture will be the style you need. Also this haircut has a beautiful taper and skin fade zero which makes it look exquisite.
And for that, from a few short spikes to a fancy comb over, you can have anything. The haircuts below will give you some ideas on some simple designs you can wear on your lovely round face.

Choppy Voluminous Bangs

The easy but elegant headdress for your round face is an excellent cut on the locks at the top. You should also shorten and finish the sides by sweeping the bangs back.

Classic Taper Pompadour

There are unlimited pompadour variations, and this one is a fancy one that involves decreasing the sides and giving the crown strands a simple side sweep to create a charming appearance.
Sleek Short Faded Pomp

This beautiful headdress should be tried by every gentlemen with a short hair and a round face as it makes him stand out from the crowd. The style involves leaving on the crown some smooth strands and styling them into a sleek pompadour before finishing off on the sides with a nice fade.

Curly Top and Skin Fade

Curly hair can also provide you with a sweet haircut if you have a round face. You should keep some front swept and textured curls on the crown to create one like this and give a tight skin fade to the rest of the hair.

Messy and Textured Line Up

The highlights of this cut are the smooth side taper and the perfect line-up. The messy crown bangs, however, still help spice up the overall feel.

Scruffy and Tapered Hairdo

In this design, the scruffy look helps to make a detailed round face. And if on the sides you also have a smooth taper style, you’ll look beautiful.

Classy and Short Faded Haircut

This Will Smith haircut is a faded design which is also maintenance-free. It’s very sleek, and it’s a perfect idea for your round face if you have a textured hair like his.

Short and thin tapered spikes

spikes will add an extra dimension to your strings, and you don’t always have to make them long because they’re still beautiful enough. And if you pair them on the sides with a smooth taper, you’ll look great.

Blonde hair is perfect for anyone who knows how to cut and style it. It has a simple side part in this hairstyle and some smooth strands on the crown to finish with a slight side sweep.

Wavy Up and Down Sweep

Although this haircut has a beautiful taper on the down, the first thing most people can note is that the wavy strands on the crown are sweeping up and down as they give an extra height to the round head.

Cute shadow spikes

Short spikes may look good on you. Simply add an undercut and a little light to your hair. The beard is going to be a final touch.When it comes to short haircuts for round faces, you should never lack ideas about what to try because there are many of them available. Go through the gallery above and choose one that suits your preferences and tastes.

Textured Medium Skin Tight Blend

The texture of the short locks on the crown is amazing, making it a top notch haircut. This style also has a skin fade on the sides, which gives an excellent blend to the hairdo and brush the textured locks in front to finish the look.

Shadow Fade and Cute Curls

Shadow fading is trendy, making the short haircut look amazing. But the hairdo also has some beautiful curls on the crown that give some depth to the overall look as well.

Quick Clipper Cut and Side Part

A clipper will always make a beautiful haircut if it is in the possession of a skilled barber. In this style, with some sleek and soft strands and a side part line, it creates a pompadour like cut.

Sweet Comb Over with Taper Fade

This sweet cut is a beautiful round face design that involves leaving some textured bangs on top and giving the sides a taper fade. And to finish the look, only the textured bangs on the crown need to be combed.

Smooth and sleek graduation

It’s fantastic to graduate smoothly from the long strands at the top to the reversed sides. The strands also have a beautiful color and a neat side part besides this.

Sweet Short Haircut

Short haircuts for round faces are available in many sizes and shapes, but the best ones are those that keep things simple like this. Here the design maintains a few short bangs on the crown and a smooth fade on the sides, and to finish the look you only need to finger the short bangs.

Smooth comb over

A comb over works for any shape of the face, but it appears to give a unique appearance to a round face. The strands on the crown are not only smooth in this model, but they look very soft as well, and all you need to do is sweep them to one side to create a perfect comb-over look.