Best 30+ Amazing Neckline Designs For men

Blonde Undercut with Designed Neckline

Tigers Paw

Speared Neckline

High Volume Top with Twin Shave

Dyed Top with Turbulent Neckline

Thin Arrow Neckline Design

Messy Duck Tail with Fringed Neckline

Slanted, Faded and Crossed Neckline

Shaved Slit with Low Tapered Neckline

Angled Neckline with Modern Ducktail Hairstyle

Multi Layered Neckline

Disconnected Skin Fade and Hard Line Design

Winged Neckline

Broken Neckline

Minimalist Design on Classic Crop

Striped Neckline with Tattoo

Disconnected Upside Down Fade

Angular Disconnected Neckline

Blow Out with Layered Neckline

Turbulent Neckline

Disconnected Neckline with Semi-Blow Out

Wavy Messy Top with Dyed Highlights

Taper Faded Neckline with Spikes

Afro Designer Neckline

Fancy Shaved Neckline

Shaved Neckline with Duck Tail

Angular Fringed Neckline

Afro Weaved Neckline

Gradation Contrasts Neckline Design

Textured Blow Back and Pointy Neckline Design

Triangle Inspired Neckline Design

Straight Angle Pompadour and Hardline Design

Ombre Neckline Design Short Hairstyles

is one of the easiest hair models to be found out there. On each side of the head there will be a straight line.


No Taper, No Fade

This year, Andrew Does Hair Longer hairstyles are fashionable. It goes beyond the taper style and highlights the necklines long hair.

The Man Bun with Undercut

For a few years now, the super famous man bun has been rising and shows no signs of backing down. Nonetheless, you can always match yours with an undercut or a subtle fade if you want an upgrade. You already know that they are now making attachable man buns? Yup.

the Blonde Afro

Likewise, this time you could go for an African longer, but blonde. Really, in this day and age, there is no barrier left in mens hairstyles and the sooner you realize that, the better. Enjoy the freedom of your body!

Latest Trends

How to Style Quiff

to help you to choose the perfect style. To get a great quiff, there are three steps: start with a freshly showered, towel-dried hair head. The hair still ought to be wet. > Optional step: To add more volume, you can blow your hair dry at this stage. (Copy Step 3.) > Apply a tiny amount of product to your hair (about the length of your fingernail) and apply it evenly. > Blow your hair in the direction your quiff needs to go. You can use a brush to tease your hair and increase the volume of your hair. > This is it! While it seems basic, it is an innovation issue. Youll need to find the exact technique to create a perfect quiff that works for you. Consider using a higher heat setting or a diffuser nozzle on your blow dryer if you dont get results that you like.

Man Bun Hairstyles Styles Gallery + How To

Dishevelled Look is a combination of a more classic look with a modern touch, styling it on the sides using some matt will give you a great edgy look. Well-worn by all ages and hair types, this cut looks good on most face shapes, avoiding having too much length on the sides is recommended for rounder faces. Practical, trendy and quick to manage, one of the best edgy to deliver certainly.

High Volume Dashing Strands Strong undercuts are nowadays nothing out of the ordinary. Having said that, this high-contrast undercut is coupled with an angular component, front strings, and lots of tattoos. Edgy? Sure.

Undercut Winged Mid-Part Heres a unique style: take a solid undercut base and add a partition down the middle. This old-fashioned look works well when paired with facial hair for an edgy, hipsteric feel.

Move the Classy Hair Back with Faded Side If normal undercuts are too dull for you, you can always turn them up with extra short sides. For this ultra-male, modern look, just add a beard.

Tinted bangs with Hard Undercut Crop hairstyles are already viewed as edgy, but if you add a quick fade on the sides and some bright highlights, you get that. With this look, you will definitely stand out!

Side Swept Short, side-swept haircuts are a great choice if you want something edgy, but not strange. Sure, this can be a very attractive look.

Top Knot This edgy look has multiple components: a short shave on the sides, long hair on the top and a bun on the back. If that wasn’t enough, some facial hair would be thrown in as well!

Tough Long Top with Moustache Heres another hairstyle with that edgy, hipster-ish feel. Its a medium-length, side-swept haircut with short sides and some old-fashioned facial hair.

High Volume Top with Widows Peak It definitely isn’t the look for everyone, but a high-volume, blowout-like style like this one is sure to stand out. Its also not too wild, so it still works for serious, day-to-day life.

Angled Mop Top Make a short mop-top cool by introducing some angles to the look. This style is edgy, brushed, angled, but gets away with it.

Wavy Textured Fringe Would you like something particularly edgy? Why not try a faux-hawk, adding on top a textured fringe with a few wild hairline patterns on the side.

Extreme Wave This style lies somewhere on the spectrum between an undercut and a mohawk. All we know for sure is that its guaranteed to turn heads.

Justin Biebers Side Swept Dyed Fringe Heres Justin Biebers take on the long, side-swept haircut. To make it just that extra bit edgier, has also dyed his hair a light blonde.

Modern Quiff Hairstyle A quiff is nothing too special on its own. But introduce plenty of waviness and texture on top, and you end up with a somewhat edgy, but still restrained look.

Hard Part Pompadour This pompadour has plenty of volume and not one, but two hard parts for an edgy twist. d sunglasses, a piercing, and some facial hair, and the resulting look feels very modern.

Side Swept Undercut This style is yet another long, side-swept mop. However, its cut ultra-short on the sides for an undercut-like flare, and also features unusually long and thick facial hair.

Textured Angular Fringe A simple fringe like this would be pretty common, if not for all the texture that’s been added. This angular, messy look definitely feels like an edgy haircut.

Dye Hard Fan

Psychobilly Mohawk

Brush up Fade Textured Hairstyles

Side Pompadours

cut to one side. As a result, the hairstyle pump part is very prominent and can even be buzzed in to give a sharper effect. Theres a slight fade through the short sides underneath the pomp.

Fall Fade Haircuts Ideas – New Take On A Classic

Because the fade falls behind the eye, 2019 fade is so called. It produces the fade with a smooth arc. The effect is a clean-looking, even-looking haircut.

, and almost all the rest. This is because the fade brings to any haircut a layer of depth that makes it stand out immediately and achieve a different dimension. Keep in mind that any haircut can combine the fall fade and create unique styles.


Speaking of braids, we couldnt ignore Ragnar Lothbrooks braid in the hit TV series Vikings. Its a thick, traditional, warrior braid with shaved sides which Ragnar later decorates with tattoos in the episode.

For more ideas check the gallery below:

Justin Biebers Side Swept Dyed Fringe Justin Bieber has had his fair share of haircuts over the years, including this striking side swept undercut. Instantly noticeable are the long strands of hair hanging in front and giving this style a unique effect.

Drop Fade with Afro Disconnection This fashionable combination of an afro and an undercut is a standout style. A large shaved part disconnects the two distinct styles and unifies the haircut.

Side Brushed Strands with Undercut Taper Elegant yet fun, this trendy side-swept a look is an ideal option for guys who want a haircut with a generous dose of personality.

Skin Fade with Layers Heres a more extreme style that almost enters faux hawk territory. A dramatic divergence is produced by the high fade and side-swept hair that defines this style.

Taper Faded Blonde Hair This preppy look is a perfect haircut to spend the day (or night) out.

How to Get the Drop Fade

The drop fade is a technique that most (if not all) barbers will be able to do, but some of them may not know it by name. Because of this, we recommend finding a picture of the kind of drop fade you want and showing it to your barber so you can get the most accurate drop fade haircut. The drop fade is a variation of the skin fade, so a skin fade is what youll want to ask your barber for. But you need to be specific here––getting a drop fade isnt as simple as asking for a skin fade.

Heres what you need to ask your barber for in order to get a drop fade: You want the fade to create an arc over your ear so that the fade “drops.” That is, the fade is lower behind the ear than it is in front of the ear. Again, this can be somewhat difficult to describe, so make sure to bring a picture. (Note: most barbers use taper instead of fade, so if your barber seems very puzzled if you ask for a fade, ask for a taper instead.) The fade must be balanced in such a way that there is a steady fade up.

For those with angular eyes, the piecey but smooth look features short sides lying under long straight hair strands. To give it a textured look, the hair was cut into layers and slightly allured with mousse. Then this hair is swept back, acting as bangs.

Bold And Expressive

If someone needs to be revealed and articulated, this might be his best hair project. Trim the hair to a shorter length from the arms. Project which takes inspiration from this model as you like it.

What is the hairstyle of the quiff?

As far as the cut is concerned, the quiff hairstyle is basically like the undercut: longer on the top and shorter on the sides and back. The real difference is the top of the head, which for a textured, eye-catching look is angled upwards and combed slightly back. Here, the process of styling is important, and we will go into depth on how you can get this chic look for yourself. And like other voluminous designs, the quiff is a high contrast type, like the disconnected undercut. This means that the long hair on top offers a strong contrast to the sides and back of the short hair.

The quiff is similar to the pompadour in terms of look. Both are voluminous hair-sweeping designs. There are some major differences between the two, however. Guys that wear quiffs tend to focus on the front of the head on vertical length, and with a pompadour this is not always the case. There are many pompadours that can be smaller and less serious. The quiffs other defining feature is its rather messy nature. The hair is often slanted at the front of the head and takes on a wavy look. On the other hand, pompadours tend to be finer, have a little more slickness and shine for them.