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Nancy Kacungira Nancy Kacungira Sylvestra Le Touzel Body and Relation Status What is Sylvestra Le Touzel marital status?What is Sylvestra Le Touzel’s Height? 165 cm How does Sylvestra Le Touzel weigh? 72 kg We’ve seen many actors in their prominent roles rise to fame. And today we’re talking about Sylvestra Le Touzel that is mostly remembered for her appearance in Mansfield Park (1983) by Jane Austen. Including British actress Sharon Maughan Touzel was also enjoying a successful career in acting. So let’s know what makes her famous? Who is Le Touzel at Sylvestra?

Sylvestra Le Touzel is a famous British TV movie and stage star. She was born in Kensington London, around 1958. The exact details of her exact birth month are unknown; thus, as of 2019, her age could be around 61. Figure 1 Image: Renowned British actress Sylvestra Le Touzel She was born into a famous Saint Helier Jersey Channel Islands family in Kensington, London. In East Action Touzel was schooled. Her career as a child actor began with the beginning of her acting career

Le Touzel and her first appearance on television was in The Mind Robber, a story by Doctor Who. She starred in Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park (1983) dramatization by Bbc. She has also starred with Bryan Pringle in the iconic Heineken ad The Water in Mallorca. The commercial was ranked number 29 in Channel 4’s 2000 list of the 100 Greatest Tv s. YouTube: Heineken ad starring Sylvestra Le Touzel

Private Life; Knowledge of her married life

People are always curious to know Miss Touzel’s personal life as she has long been married. For your knowledge her spouse is recognised in the Hbo fantasy Tv series Game of Thrones for his role as Ser Alliser Thorne. Hi Touzel has been married since 2001, and is living a happy life at the moment. Who is her boyfriend, then?

During the production of King Henry Iv in 1991 Le Touzel first met actor Owen Teale. The couple’s married in 2001 after meeting some years later. The duo husband-wife has two grown-up daughters named Grace and Eliza Teale. Le Touzel and her husband have been together for almost nineteen years as of 2019 and are still together, without any disagreements. Figure 2 Image: Sylvestra Le Touzel with her husband Owen Teale The specifics of the past relationship between Le Touzel and her are not available. However she is Mr. Teale’s second wife. He was previously married to British actress Dilys Watling who has a son named Ion. Image Figure 3: Sylvestra and Owen with their kids