Muse – Muse Biography

Muse is a rock musical group that was formed in 1994 in the United Kingdom, specifically in the town of Teignmoouth. At that time, the group was composed of the musicians Dominic Howard, Matthew Bellamy and Christopher Woltenholme, also collaborating in some Morgan Nicholls concerts.

Despite being a rock band, some of their songs have been heavy metal, progressive rock or electronic rock, among other genres.

So the group was formed, they began to compose songs for what was to be their first album. However, before releasing it they did some recitals, with a great reception from the public.

Finally, it was not until 1999 that his first album, which was called “Showbiz”, was released, with great success, since in a short time it reached number 3 in the sales charts. In addition, the work attracted the attention of several promoters, such as Dennis Smith of NME magazine, with whom they signed a contract.

His second album was “Origin of Symmetry”, and was released in 2000, also releasing the DVD “Hullabaloo Soundtrack” shortly after a live performance in Paris.

In 2003 they released another album, “Absolutión”, which stands out for its heavy style, and because in some of its singles the lyrics have political content, criticizing above all the support of the United Kingdom for the war against Iraq.

At this time the group began a series of tours and performances around the world: the United States, France, New Zealand, Canada and others, after which they took some time off.

In 2006 they released the album, “Black holes and Revelations”, followed by a tour that began in Spain, specifically in the city of Baracaldo, in Vizcaya. They continued with Madrid and Badalona (Barcelona), to then leave for Lisbon.

In June 2007 they performed at Wembley Stadium before 70,000 people.

In 2009 they released the album “Resistence”, which won the Grammy Award for best rock album.

According to the members of the group, their next work will be released in October 2012.