40 Mullet Haircut Types

Side Bangs Mullet Haircut

Whether you’re trying to hide a bigger front or an unflattering hairline, side bangs are the answer. Of course, if you appreciate the visual advantages, you can also wear your mullet with side bangs. Also, the mildly spiky top increases the effect.

Side Swept Bangs

Speaking of bangs, here is a more contemporary version of the mullet, with lengthy, straightened hair and a couple of killer side bangs swept. The color is a blonde with nutmeg that you can get if you want to dye your hair a little bit.

Haircut Skullet

This is actually a very unusual treat.

Slicked Back Mullet Haircut

We’re back with another instance of Beckham but with longer hair this time.
If you’ve chosen to maintain your top as long as your mullet’s bottom, you can slick it all back readily. As a consequence, at any moment you will be prepared for the red carpet!

Soccer Mullet Haircut

David Beckham hairstyles are certainly among the most beloveds of inspiration among men of all ages. In addition, Becks is one of the sportsmen who boosted the mullet trend of soccer / European football. If you’re a die-hard athlete or fan, get yours this way.

Spiky Fade Haircut

For as far as we can remember, spiky men’s hairstyles have always been trendy in and out. Nowadays, to get a good hairstyle, it’s all about the particular manner you style your spikes. Try to look fly at this bursting mullet mohawk!

Spiky Top with Flowing Back Hairstyle

One of the finest components of the mullet haircut is that you can play around separately with the top and bottom lengths. For example, you can keep a spiky hair cleanly-cropped top and leave the part at the nape for longer and flowing.

Subtle Mullet Haircut

Some people may not want to be upfront with their mullet haircut. If this is the situation for you, we recommend that you drop down your nape with just a little hair. Whatever you please, you can style the top portion.

Teenager Mullet Haircut

Being a teenager in s implied that you had to cope with a lot of denim and a mullet, of course. The mullet is also combined with a bowl haircut in this situation, hoWe’ver, just to give it the additional boyish appeal it lacked. If you want to copy this look, you’ll also need to spring for the brief bangs that reach the center of your forehead.

Textured Mullet Hairstyle

Orlando Bloom is another celebrity on our list not scared to attempt a contemporary mullet. What makes his version even more impressive is how throughout his hair he obtains texture through many choppy layers.

Blonde Mullet Haircut

If you wonder what a blonde mullet looks like on a soccer player, that’s it. Your curiosity has been satisfied. The undergrowth is a natural brown color in order to make the hairstyle appear as natural as possible. You get a couple of brief, gelled spikes in the front.


Heres another pop-rock singer who, when he was in his youth, simply couldn’t withstand the mullet siren. This lead singer used to wear his in a very shaggy mane with lots of tufty hair on top, almost reminding us of the nice, ancient glam rock days, being the real rebel and rule-breaker he was.

Brad Pitts

No, not even Hollywood hunk Brad Pitt was immune from his youths mullet lure. Here he’s in a definite and glorious mullet haircut with his blonde locks. We can’t say were looking after it. His powerful and very square jaw produced a fluffed-out top dissonance.

Charlie Sheen

This is Charlie Sheens comedy actor in one of his greatest movies, Hot Shot. it’s a parody of several installments on films filled with machismo like Top Gun and Rambo, which rapidly became a legend. In all of them, Sheen performs the lead, and sports a wonderful curly and shaggy mullet, of course.

Chuck Norris is not proud to carry a mullet. Chuck Norris is proud to wear the mullet. Yes, Walker himself sported back in the day a wonderful haircut that certainly helped him attain his god-like status that we all understand and love.

Classic Portrait

It may sound a little too much now, but it was a normal portrait in s. The fashion epitome was the background, the dense jumper, and enormous glasses. Obviously, you can see the haircut, which is all about the back party, front company. The cat is just a bonus.

David Spade

In the hit comedy Joe Dirt, to be honest, this actoris David Spade.
He never sported a mullet in true life, as far as we understand. HoWe’ver, we felt the need to include this one in our list merely because the protagonist is popular and for his looks deserved some recognition.

Dietr Bohlen

You may wonder who Dietr Bohlen is if you are a millennial or even younger reader of this post. He was Modern Talkings lead singer, a duo from Germany who sang electropop and who gave songs like you’re My Heart, you’re My Soul, Cheri, Cheri, Lady, and Brother Louie to the globe. Yes, it’s from the s.

Disconnected Mullet

This is another very unusual natural event, but one that could still inspire you. This is a mullet that is disconnected. Understanding or getting is not simple. Indeed, you can even do it on your own at home. The only thing you need is a razor. Use the razor to make the difficult portion and disconnect the tail from the cut of the crew once you have the mullet it’self.


In fact, thismullet with a lengthy tail behind it also includes a fauxhawk. You can see that the beard is completely formed and the back and sides are tapered. We love the cleanliness of the look, which is nearly geometrical and slick.

In our separate article, see more hairstyles for men with long hair.

The Fernando Torres

As expected, there are also quite a few celebrities, both old and new, who gave the haircut mullet. This is Fernando Torres, a Spanish soccer player wearing a dirty mullet blonde streaked with platinum highlights.
Something like a gladiator.

George Clooney

We need to say two stuff about this. First of all, it’s true, yes. Even George Clooney, who was always dashing and beautiful, once sported a mullet. Second, if you believe it’s familiar, it’s because it’s. it’s the same we saw on Jerry Seinfeld previously, in the back only longer and puffier.

Golden Mullet Haircut

If you’re fortunate enough to have natural hair color like this golden blonde, you’ll have to celebrate it with a mullet. If not, you can dye your hair at all times. If you have blue or green eyes, it operates particularly well because they are highlighted by this hair color.

Admit the Mullet Graduation

It feels cool. It looks like all your hair is long and bushy with the graduation cap on. But There’s a surprise for the women in there when you take it off! In fact, half of your hair is cut short! How imaginative and crazy!

Jerry Seinfeld

Maybe you didn’t realize it about a cool man like Jerry Seinfeld himself, but he sported a mullet as well. And not just that, but throughout the shows entire duration, he wore it. Every nine years. Many individuals have discussed it, some say it’s not actually a mullet.

The Modern Mullet Haircut

let’s ease the contemporary mullet haircut into the subject. As you can see, the version of this exceptional hairstyle that created the history of fashion looks a little distinct from what We’ve been used to so far. Cool, right?

Orlando Bloom

Although he is world-renowned for the long, blonde wig he sported in both The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit and even though he has a beautiful curly hair head, Orlando Bloom has chosen a mullet haircut. Orly, more energy for you!

Patrick Swayze

Yes, shes just like the wind, but Patrick Swayze is like a gelled mullet. We particularly enjoy the curly bangs that fall on the forehead carelessly, thanks to an additional help of hair gel. And, as you can see, this is an elegant and formal look due to it’s suit and bow tie.

Pompadour Mullet Haircut

The most up-to-date version of the mullet you can find is a smooth back pompadour version. If you don’t want to get too much fuss about it or if retro isn’t really your style but you still want a mullet, then hold your back as brief as you can.

The Prom Mullet Haircut

The Prom Mullet Haircut

You can see it looks just as it should be like a new haircut. Before the big night, remember to take your smoker to the dry cleaners and get a haircut. Why isn’t that a mullet?

Rat Tail Mullet Haircut

For apparent purposes, this variation is called a rat tail. The wearer decided to style his long hair in a few smooth and slender strands that strongly resemble a rats tail instead of a mass of hair in the back.

Undercut Mullet

You can even combine a beautiful mullet with an undercut, seeing it’s all the rage these days. They used to do this in the s as well, and it looked like that. it’s a very manly look that if you think more hair is required you can also pair up with a beard.

Actor Jean Claude Van Damme’s Van Damme

had his own style of mullet-wearing. His was between curly and wavy somewhere, and he used to dab it with so much hair gel that it looked like he was just walking out of the shower.

Trendy Mullet Hairstyles

This version combines mullet back with front pompadour.
If in the modern age you want to wear a mullet, that’s how to do it. Add a ring of beard and nose and call yourself a suitable hipster.

Very Long Mullet Hairstyle

Some people look just awesome with lengthy hair. Do not hesitate to opt for a mullet haircut with a longer tail if this is your situation. You can develop the top portion as much as you want–all you have to do is let the bottom portion grow as much as you can.

V-Shaped Rattail Haircut

On the other hand, you might want to have a rattail haircut that isn’t that large on the tail portion, at least in terms of length. Alternatively, with a V-shape in the back, you can pump the edginess of your hairstyle.