Miexed hairstyles for men

Full Beard


Full Beard

Wavy Texture

Morris Motley

Comb Over

You don’t have to grow the whole hair to have a long hairstyle and this smooth comb over is proof of it. Not only is it a classy, stylish option, it will also help teen boys sport long hair without committing to grow it out fully.

Classic Tapered Sides

Shaggy Layers

Keeping it natural and clean is the key thing to remember. It’s perfectly acceptable to keep your hair loose, just use a little cream to tame that rebel skin.

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Hanging Low

Another easy way to wear long men’s hairstyles is to cut your hair in the front while keeping it in the back long. Applying styling products to clean damp hair can obtain this layered look. > If you have straight hair, let it air dry. Alternatively, iron flat until the desired smoothness is achieved. >

High Fade

Anthony Giannotti Undercut or high fade is a great way to keep the hair long while minimizing drying time. With this cut, the loose blow back look fits well, but hair can be worn to one side as well.

Men’s Hairstyles For Thick Hair

The best long and short hairstyles for men with thick hair have been listed below. Whether you’ve got straight, curly or wavy thick hair, this year you’re going to be able to find a cool style and cut to look fresh.

Surfer Hair

Amy Huson Messier textured styles are enormous this year, which also applies to longer hair. You can style this surfer without hitting the beach. The trick is salt spray with a bottle’s pump to get that description and size.

Low Fall Fade

Modern quiff is a world-famous hairstyle. This textured design looks awesome in combination with a low fall fade on the sides and back.

Messy Undercut Hairstyle for Long Wavy Hair

NayQueenofFades This dope cut for curly blends the best of long and short. For an easy-to-wear side part hairstyle, curls are long and twisted up front. Hair is short but dense around the sides and back to bring up the hairline with a low skin fade. This is one of this year’s men’s favorite long hairstyles.

Messy Bedhead

Sam Wines

Chris Hemsworth

All began with his role as Thor for Chris Hemsworth, so it took him years to cut his long hair. His huge female fan base gave a collective sigh when he did, because with long, blonde hair he looked fantastic.

Shape Up

Gentleman Barbers

Perfectly sliced Back

For any formal event, long men’s hairstyles give you the long sliced back hairstyle, which is often selected. It is possible to wear casually or professionally cut back hair.

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Short Messy Crop


High Bald Fade

Line Up

Alexis Ramos


Nick Pelletti The cool thing about fade haircuts is they can be added to any men’s hairstyle. To highlight the shaved ear, this fresh look mixes a low fade with really long hair worn to one side.

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The best men’s hairstyles > the best men’s hairstyles> the best men’s hairstyles> the best men’s hairstyles> the best men’s hairstyles> the fashionable men’s hairstyles> the cool men’s hairstyles> the cute men’s hairstyles> the smart men’s hairstyles> the cute men’s hairstyles> the stylish men’s hairstyles> the cute men’s hairstylesWith a crisp tanned skin, nothing looks better than long blonde hair tied up in a mini ponytail for a summer look. Because it’s the easy way to keep your hair away while still looking chic from your eyes.


Man Bun

on C. And the mix of man buns.

Undercut Sides

Terry’s hippy and metal hairdressing. There’s no question about which one this look is with a sleek shaved trim on both sides. Men’s really cool long hairstyles you can try if you’re talking of growing your hair out.

Long Slicked Back Hair

Sliced back hairstyle is a common option and a high contrast haircut as it blends shaved, short or fading sides with a long top sliced back to give a smooth, elegant look. For a long time, the slicked back hairstyle has been around and it’s always changing. To young guys who want a fun long hairstyle and still look sharp, it’s a great choice. Slicked Back Undercut Hairstyles for Men

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Full Beard

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Pulled Back Hair

Curly High Top Fade

This is one of the most popular long black men hairstyles. Besides the classic flat top models, curlier looks great with a mid bald fade in general.


Agus de Asís Hair Designer


André Fonseca

Edge Up

Squeak Pro Barber

Best Men’s Hairstyles

So what are the best men’s hairstyles to get… On Best Men’s Hairstyles


Full Beard

Antonio Mateo

Bun And Mohawk Mix

If you are one of those black leather jacket bikers, then a mohawk cut is almost necessary to send a message about your personal preferences. That doesn’t mean you need to get rid of the pleasure of having a messy bun, though. Because you can grow your mohawk hair in the middle and finish it with the messy bun you’ve been dreaming about. The sides are still relatively short in the meantime.

Top Knot

Likewise, the man bun is usually tied at the back of the head while the top knot types are tied at the top. One explanation why the top knot is also known as a samurai hairstyle is this unique feature. To create a unique twist,


provides an impressive alternative on the sides of the top knot.


In an attempt to distance himself as much as possible from his former boyband, Harry Styles began making some bold fashion choices and growing his beard. This gained him valuable styling points from reviewers who called him an’ artthrob’ and’ a rock’n’roll king.’

Slicked Back Style

Antonino Lombardi

Best Men’s Round Faces Hairstyles… The Best Hairstyles For Round Faces For Men’


Messy Modern Quiff

Some top length allows a variety of hairstyles to be made. It’s quick to turn this messy modern quiff into a pomp, slick back, peel over, or brush up.

Low Fade

Agus de Asís Hair Artist

High Fade

Andrew Does Hair

While the side part is typical among men’s long hairstyles, this all-purpose look is more sophisticated without a clear line. Alternatively, one side where the portion would be is flipped to the body.

How to Style Long Hair for Men


Trendy Haircuts For Men

Some men’s hair trends are well established now that the year is half over… About Trendy Haircuts For Men’

Slicked Back Hair With Blow Dryer

Tom Chapman on top but kept tighter on the sides. All day long, a touch of product and comb offer hold and established lines.

Full Beard

Highlighted Tips

Full Beard

. Because with color changes and hair styles, you can still do it. For example, in the fashion world spotlight, the trendy guy shown above prefers blonde highlighted hair tips and relatively long hair.

Full Beard

Mark Marrero If long hair and full beard will grow, go for it. A quick fade at the sideburns gives a clean cut finish.



If you have long wavy hair, don’t think about relieving it. To compliment your jawline and illuminate your face, it is best worn in its natural state along with a full beard.

Structured Ponytail

It is clear that the pony tail style is not only for women. You can also try to make a highly structured ponytail if you have long hair.

Groomed Beard

Dre Hair

Longer Beards

Longer hair should be complemented with longer beards, allowing the manly look to rate even higher than the bad boy. After all, without the long hair and beard, tattoos alone can not make the bad-ass look complete.

Long Slicked Back Undercut

Highlighted Hair

This hairstyle is slightly lower than your head. In fact, it’s all about the highlights pulling out its sleek textures and making it catchy and eye-grabbing. You can also highlight your hair locks by using some leave-in conditioners. When you hate it when your hair keeps getting into your face on windy days, you can tuck it behind your ears.


Alan Beak The texture pattern works from short to long for all hair styles. The long hair of this man goes from stringy to elegant with a trim.


staygold is particularly dramatic when it comes to exposing ink, although this bold cut and design has a lot of drama alone.

Haircut blowout

First, what’s a haircut blowout? The blowout consists of a small fade around the

Brad Pitt


Now that summer is only a month away from the end, in preparation for the cooler weather, it is time for teenagers to grow their hair. The great news is, these longer hairstyles are more common than ever before, and they’re a perfect way to express yourself with the many possibilities. All these hairstyles are good, but remember, they don’t have to be exactly followed. Try new stuff and find out what works best for you. Nonetheless, copying any of these hairstyles or using them as instructions can not go wrong. And remember to always have fun!

Austin Butler Surfer Hair Surfer hair is one of our favorite long hair styles because by default it is no-fuss. Let your hair grow long and stay messy— catching a few waves is the only maintenance you’ll do.

Jared Leto’s Slicked Back Jared Leto’s sliced back style is the easiest way for you to look clean when you need long hair. A little brand style and a ponytail or bun is as far as it should go!

Thomas McDonell’s Bro Flow This simple, voluminous Bro Flow style is another easy option, particularly for your college years. It looks cool and it’s pretty straightforward, you might want more?

Gerard Butler’s Ear Tuck Here Gerard Butler shows us how to make the tuck of the ear look great. It can be dense, thin, messy, dry, with or without product as long as the hair is long enough, and this style should work.

Jake Owen’s Center Part If you need a little more rock’n’roll, the center part is fine. This is another example of how you can change your style to make your face form more compatible.

Man Bun

was just a passing phenomenon, but it’s stuck around and seems to be there for a long time now. That should not be shocking because the styles of man buns are flexible and easy to wear for long-haired men.

inches of hair can pull the man’s bun hairstyle by simply wrapping his hair in a bun at the back of his head and securing it with a hair tie. The pulled back look is straightforward and suits a range of face shapes and hair types, creating an all-encompassing look.

The man bun’s best feature is its simplicity. Although it has the added advantage of looking fashionable, the bun is also effective in keeping your hair back and out of your eyes. You can choose from a loose and messy bun or a tight and sleek bun for different environments.

Whether you need to focus on a job or want to prepare sharply for a formal event, you’ve protected the man bun. With less than five minutes of styling time needed for a professional look, it’s the perfect choice for those who want a longer hairstyle that works every time.

Morris Motley

Full Beard

Long Side Parted Hair

What About Hair Weight?

Men’s long hairstyles can look and feel weightless and voluminous with reasonable hold with the aid of good quality hair mousse. So, the best way to do this is to scrunch mousse through your hair and then let it dry.

Long Wavy Hair

Long Sweep Back

Voodoo Hair Lounge but still in a stylish form. The sweep back does what it says and with some weight and structure it sweeps the hair back. Wear it by working a matt material with your fingertips through your hair and pulling your hair back from the crown.