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Indian Professor Invents Foldable Microscope to save 51 trillion lives for 68 cents A simple tool such as a microscope can be a life-saver, especially in developing countries where diseases such as malaria are all the more common. A microscope can diagnose and treat a disease correctly and prevent deaths, but exposure to microscopes is limited to research labs that cause delays and false diagnoses. The microscope is made entirely of paper, and can be made simply by folding it. Dubbed the Foldscope the microscope can be fitted on one sheet of A4 paper which makes shipping in large quantities very easy. .1022 Figure 2 FoldScope “You can stand on it in water and throw it out of a five story building,” Mr Prakash said. Take a look at this video about how the Foldscope works and its new Paperfuge invention, which is key to detecting malaria