Mickey Rourke – Biography of Mickey Rourke

Mickey rourke was born in 1952, with the name of Philip Andre Rourke, Jr., in Schenectady, New York, United States.

Your parents were Ann Y Philip Andre Rourke Sr., both of catholic religion. They got divorced and Mickey had to move to Florida, where he attended Miami Beach Senior High School. There, he was part of the team of Baseball, under the orders of the coach Skip bertman.

His acting career, during these years of his childhood, remains in doubt. Some reports claim that I took drama classes with the legendary Jay W. Jensen, even appearing in at least one play within his school. However, others assure that whoever participated in that supposed school play, under the name of P. Rourke, it was actually his sister Patricia, who attended the same school.

His years as a teenager were more sports-oriented than acting. Raised in the rough part of the city, he took self-defense classes at the Boys Club in Miami. It was there that he acquired his ability to boxing and began an amateur career in this discipline.

At 12 years old, he won his first boxing tournament, with an average weight of 118 pounds. Some of these fights, he carried out under the name of Andre Rourke.

He continued his training in boxing, in the famous 5th Street Gym, from Miami Beach, joining the program of the Police Athletic League. In 1969, already weighing 140 pounds, he faced the world champion of his category, Luis Rodriguez.

In 1971, at the Florida Golden Globes, he received a concussion during one of his fights, having already received another previously, when he faced Rodriguez. His doctors advised him to take a year off, out of the ring.

Thus, Rourke achieved a record of 20-6 between 1968 and 1971, with 17 knockouts.

His acting debut was with a brief appearance in the film of Steven Spielberg, “1941”(1979), with Dan Aykroyd. Then they would come “Fade to black”(1980) and“The gates of heaven”(1980), the latter with Christopher Walken Y John hurt.

If interpretation in “Fire in the body”(1981), together with Kathleen turner Y William hurtIt would be one of his first accolades as an actor, despite the short duration of the role in the film.

In the early 1980s, he starred in the cult film, “Diner”(1982), with Kevin bacon, Daniel stern Y Ellen barkin. Shortly after, he was the protagonist of the film Francis Ford Coppola, “The street law”(1983), with Diane lane, Nicolas Cage, Matt dillon Y Dennis Hopper. In it he played the enigmatic brother of Matt dillon.

His performance in the film, “Thirst for power “(1984), with Daryl Hannah Y Geraldine page, I caught the attention of critics. Although it was a box office flop, it became a minor hit in cult movies. the same Rourke, has called it his favorite film.

In the mid-1980s, he landed several leading roles. His role with Kim basinger, in the controversial and sexual, “Nine weeks and a half”(1986), helped promote her image as a sex symbol.

He received good reviews for his work on “Manhattan South ”(1985), from Oliver stone and in “The drunk”(1987), with Faye dunaway, in which he played the alcoholic writer Henry chinaski. In this last year, he was also seen in “Angel’s heart“, starring Robert De Niro and directed by Alan parker.

Although several of the works of Rourke They were seen as controversial in the United States, however, they were well received by the European audience and critics, especially in France.

At the end of the 1980s, he performed with the musician David Bowie, in the album “Never let me down”. Around this time, he wrote his first screenplay, called “Homeboy”(1988), whose plot revolved around boxing and of which he was the protagonist.

In 1990, he starred in the little box office, “Wild Orchid“, with Jacqueline bisset and, the following year, “Two tough on wheels”, Another failure that he shared with Don johnson, his co-star in the film.

His career was eventually overshadowed by his personal life and his eccentric decisions when it came to choosing roles and films. Directors like Parker They have even said that working with him is a nightmare because he is unpredictable.

It is said that he has rejected several important roles such as that of Eliot ness on “The Untouchables”, Jack Crawford on “The silence of the inocents”, the role of Tom cruise on “Rain man“, among others.

In 1991, he decided he should go back to boxing because he felt like he was destroying himself and losing his own respect as an actor.

When he became a professional boxer, he won all his fights against minor opponents. However, he never achieved national prominence, and he did receive several injuries, including a broken nose, and fractures to his thumb and ribs. His coach during these years was the member of Hells Angels, Chuck zito.

Boxing promoters declared that he was too old to face high-level fighters. RourkeThen he would say that his return to the ring was a personal test of his physical condition, while he still had the opportunity to do so. His victories and his career as a boxer, would be questioned by rumors about payments to the losers of the same.

In 1995, he would leave the ring for the second time, to dedicate himself to acting again. It began, accepting supporting roles in films such as “Time to die”(1995) with David arquette Y Stephen Baldwin, “Bullet “(1996) with Adrien brody, “Legitimate defense”(1997) with Matt Damon, Claire danes Y Danny DeVito, “Buffalo 66”(1998) with Christina Ricci Y “Get Carter “(2000), with Sylvester Stallone, Miranda richardson Y Michael Caine.

Although he was chosen for the film “The thin red line”, His paper was edited and did not appear in it. He also had a small role in “The oath”(2001) with Patricia clarkson Y Benicio, the bull.

Likewise, I play the villain in the video “Hero” from Enrique Iglesias, in which Jennifer Love Hewitt was the protagonist.

In 2002, he joined Eric Roberts Y Brittany Murphy, in order to “Spun”. The following year, in 2003, he participated in “Anonymous” with John goodman Y Penelope Cruz, and in “Once upon a time in Mexico“, with Salma Hayek, Antonio Banderas Y Johnny depp.

In 2004, he played Jordan, in “The fire of revenge“, starring Denzel Washington Y Dakota Fanning. In 2005, he would return to the great roles of Hollywood, starring in the film of Robert Rodriguez, “Frank Miller’s Sin City, Sin City “, with its immense cast consisting of Bruce Willis, Clive owen, Elijah Wood, Jessica Alba, Michael Clarke Duncan, among many others. That same year, he was the co-star of “Domino” with Keira Knightley Y Edgar ramirez.

Among his latest works are “Stormbreaker “(2007), with Ewan McGregor Y Robbie Coltrane, Y “Kill Shot “(2007) with Diane lane. For 2008, it will be seen in “The informers” with Winona ryder Y Billy bob thornton, and in “The night Job ”.

His upcoming works include Sin city 2”(2010), and “The wrestler”(2009).

After his return to the world of cinema, his works were better received than previous ones, and he achieved a higher position and status than he had ever had.