Michael Rosenbaum – Biography of Michael Rosenbaum

Michael Rosenbaum born in Oceanside, New York but shortly after living there he moved to Newburgh, Indiana where he would finish his secondary studies. Later he would graduate with a degree in Theater Arts in Western Kentucky University on Bowling Green, Kentucky, and then return to your New York native chasing the dream of becoming an actor.

He is known worldwide for embodying the role of Lex luthor in the series Smallville, a role for which curiously he would audition without shaving his head. It is in this project where he spends most of his time working and has established strong ties with his co-star Tom welling. In 2001 he received the Saturn Award for his great performance in the role of friend-foe of Superman.

Despite being Lex luthor his most emblematic character, Rosenbaum He is also known for the numerous voices that he is capable of imposing, such as those of Christopher Walken, Keanu reeves Y Kevin Spacey among others.

In turn, he has lent the voices for animated series to other superheroes such as Flash, Deadshot, and several characters from the saga of The League of Justice.

Outside of the workplace, Rosenbaum is a staunch fan of the New York Rangers, your favorite Ice Hockey team. He spends his free time exercising and has fun singing Karaoke.