Michael Biehn – Biography of Michael Biehn

Michael Biehn He was born in 1956 in Anniston, Alabama, but grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska.

At the age of 14, he moved with his family to Lake Havasu, Arizona, where he later won a scholarship in drama to the University of that State.
He dropped out two years before completing his studies, to begin his acting career in Hollywood; There she survived as an advertising model and playing small roles in TV series.

At 23, he landed the leading role alongside Lauren bacall in the 1981 hit “Fanatic“.

Gained notoriety working with Linda Hamilton Y Arnold schwarzenegger in the sci-fi classic of James CameronTerminator“(1984), which began a series of significant collaborations with this director.
Then he was a co-star of Sigouney Weaver on “Aliens, the return“in 1986, and Ed harris on “The abyss“from the year 1989.

From the late 80’s to the present, he has become a necessary actor in quality action films and thillers, without neglecting the fantastic: “The seventh prophecy“(1988), in which he acted with Demi moore; “Navy Seals, Special Command“(1990), with Charlie sheen; “30 minutes to die“(1991),”K2“(1992); her memorable role as Johnny ringo on “Tombstone: The Legend of Wyatt Earp“(1993),”The risk of vertigo“(1993), where he shared a poster with Nicolas Cage; the trhiller “Jade“` (1995) and “The rock“(1996), again with Nicolas Cage Y Sean Connery).

His role in “Cherry falls“(2000), together with Brittany murphy, confirms him as a sober actor but at the same time totally expressive; that same year it has been seen as in the special edition for DVD of “Terminator 2: The Ultimate Edition“revealing the role he had played in a dream of Sarah connor and that it had been discarded in the final version for theaters.

In the following years he worked on various films such as “The Art of War“(2000) together with Wesley snipes Y Donald sutherland Y “Havoc“(2005) with Anne Hathaway; as well as in films for television and participation in different series “Hawaii” Y “Law and Order: Criminal Action“.

In 2007 he was seen in one of the two episodes of the film tribute to horror films, directed by Robert rodriguez Y Quentin Tarantino, “Grindhouse“.
His participation was in “Planet Terror“, a story about zombies, where he plays the sheriff in charge of ending them.

Among his upcoming works, there are several films in different stages of production and filming such as “Kids in America“;”Malevolence: Bereavement“;”Saving grace“;”Streets of Blood” with Val kilmer Y Sharon stone Y “Fire bay“, a historical action thriller set in the time of JFK and his invasion plans to the island of Cuba.

Michael he was married to the actress Carlene olson until 1987, the year he divorced. With her he had twins. The following year he married the actress Gina marsh, with whom he also had two children. The couple divorced in 2007.