Mia Farrow – Mia Farrow Biography

Mia farrow was born in 1945 in Los Angeles California, United States.

Daughter of John farrow, an Australian director and actress Maureen O’Sullivan. His sisters are the actresses Tisa farrow Y Prudence farrow.

Most of his childhood and adolescence were spent in Beverly Hills, occasionally traveling to the different locations of his parents’ movies.

He made his acting debut in 1947 in a short film, alongside his mother. In the 1950s he appeared in the educational film about the Cold War “Duck and Cover

Mine auditioned for the role of Liesl Von Trapp on “The sound of Music”But didn’t get the part.

He began his career appearing in supporting roles in various films of the 1960s. These include “John paul jones“(1959) and”Guns at Batasi”(1964).

He achieved recognition for his work on the soap opera “Peyton Place”(1964-1965), where she played the innocent Allison mackenzie. She would leave this role later, at the insistence of her husband Frank Sinatra.

Her first leading role in the cinema was in “The Devil’s Seed” (1968), which was acclaimed by critics and the audience, still being a classic of the horror genre. Her performance in the film led her to win several awards. including a Golden globe and positioning her as an actress within the environment.

Then I perform a leading role in “Secret Ceremony”(1968) together with Elizabeth taylor. Other of his films from the 1960s include “John and mary”(1969) with Dustin Hoffman.

In the 1970s, she participated in several important films. In 1971, she was seen in the thriller “Doctor Casanova”(1972) and in the 1974 version,“The Great Gatsby“, with Robert Redford, in which Farrow I interpret Daisy buchanan.

He also appeared in the director’s film Robert Altman, “A wedding day”(1978) with Geraldine chaplin.

He has made films for television such as “Peter Pan”In his musical version. Likewise, he acted in theater with Anthony Perkins in the work “Romantic comedy” from Bernard Slade.

In the ’80s and until the early’ 90s, he related to the director Woody Allen, participating in several of his films. Among them are Broadway Danny Rose“(1984), “The purple rose of cairo”(1985) with Jeff daniels Y Hannah and her sisters” with Carrie Fisher Y Michael Caine.

In 1984, she played the role of the mother of Helen slater on “Supergirl” with Peter O’Toole Y Faye dunaway.

In 1988, it was the opposite role to Ian Holm on “Other woman“And in 1989, he appeared in”New York Stories“, directed by Woody Allen Y Francis Ford Coppola.

In 1990, he played the role of the homonymous film “Alice” with Alec baldwin Y Blythe danner.

During the 90s, Mine He appeared less frequently in the movies because he wanted to raise his children. Even so, he made notable films such as “The peak of the widows”(1994) and “Miami”(1995) with Sarah Jessica Parker Y Antonio Banderas.

During 1997, he wrote his autobiography What falls hawaii.

He had appearances in several independent films and for television such as “Miracle at midnight”(1998) and “Forget me Never”(1999) together with Martin Sheen.

Between 2000 and 2003, he was part of several episodes of the series “Third Watch “ In the role of Mona mitchell.

By 2001, I was part of the cast that included Stockard Channing, Kate capshaw Y Rebecca de Mornay on “A girl Thing”.

Among her most recent roles is that of the satanic nanny in the 2006 remake of “The prophecy” with Julia Stiles Y Liev Shreiber. While the film did not receive good reviews, critics highlighted her performance in it.

During 2007, she was seen in the romantic comedy “The Ex “ and the in the first film of the trilogy of Luc bessonArthur and the Invisibles”.

In 2008, she will be seen in “Be Kind Rewind”By director Michel Gondry, with Danny glover Y Jack black.

In her private life, she has been firmly dedicated to children’s rights, working to raise funds in areas of conflict and deprivation in Africa. She is a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF.

He has traveled to Darfur three times to fight for the rights of refugees in the region. During 2007, he offered to trade his freedom for the release of a political leader who was being treated in a hospital but was afraid of leaving him.

His latest effort concerning the Darfur captives is a website (www.miafarrow.org), in which he gives instructions on how to get involved with the cause.

She has recently agreed to be the narrator of a documentary called “As we Forgive Those”Related to the survivors of the Rwandan genocide.

As for her relationships, in 1966 she married the singer Frank Sinatra, from whom he divorced.

In 1970, she married the pianist Andre Previn with whom he had three children, Matthew, Sascha Y Fletcher and adopted three others Soon yi, Lark Song Y Daisy. The couple divorced on good terms in 1979.

Between the ’80s and the’ 90s, he spent several years with Woody Allen but she did not marry or live with him. They both had a son named Ronan Let’s Be Farrow and they adopted two children.

The couple broke up after Allen will begin a relationship with the daughter of Mine, Soon yi.

Mine I was devastated when, some time later, Allen got married with Soon yi And as the legal custody battle unfolded, she accused him of sexual abuse including his other daughter. Daisy. These charges did not progress.

Having always been a fervent advocate for the adoption of children, Farrow She currently has 15 children, of whom four are biological and the rest are adopted.

After the scandal of his adopted daughter Soon yi, Mia did not meet again with her called to the loss “A Tragedy”.

Tom farrow, one of her adopted sons, died in 2000, at the age of 21 after a prolonged illness.

Mine he spends his time between his loft in Soho New York and his stay in Roxbury Connecticut.