Men’s Undercut Hairstyles and Haircuts

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Each information therefore plays an important role. The classic undercut hairstyle men used to wear a few decades ago today are so versatile that without going over the edge, you can easily make your look brighter and more individual. Men’s subcut works for any type of hair and hair color. The only scenario where undercuts aren’t going to work for you is if you’ve got really fine fair hair or if you’re on the crown. The shortest haircut would look best at you in this situation. Simultaneously, if you only deal with a receding hairline, an undercut can be a very good solution. The forehead corners with thinning hair can be cut or shaved very short while the quiff is growing longer and sweeping back.

Men’s Undercut Hairstyles

Not only in young age, undercuts are fine. It’s okay to wear a hairstyle undercut after. Besides, there are many varieties of undercut hairstyles, some of which are very humble, others turning heads. Look through our review and choose a style you think you can pull off easily and feel comfortable with.

Double Layer Undercut

> This undercut style includes a short trimmed part under the main longer hair part and another shaved hairline under the short trimmed one. It produces a double layer effect that is particularly impressive when combined with a full long beard.

Wild and Curly Undercut Style

> Green juice drinkers also appreciate natural hair. So perhaps you didn’t know what to do with your curly locks in the third grade. That’s no excuse to dump an undercut now (and perhaps some extra attention).

Natural Fro Undercut

The undercut’s appeal is that it works on all the textured hair. Black men are fiercely rocking this look. The styling is mostly au naturale in order to get the height of this look. For extra personality, go a few shades lighter on top.


Curly Undercut Hair

Everything goes with an undercut. Sure, you can blow it all back when you feel extra saucy but you don’t have to. Work a small dollop of mousse into damp hair crunching and twisting it to fall on your forehead. Air dry and walk on.


Or maybe you’re just the type of guy who’s been in the craft beer movement for years and who’s been looking for local whiskey distilleries. If that’s you, that’s the long hairstyle vintage.


Romantic Rockstar Undercut

It’s a good thing boy bands are back. No really. They make for great hair inspiration. This men’s haircut would be right at home on stage in front of millions of shrieking fans. The secret to the look? Tousled volume and dreamy texture.


Side Undercut with Fade

You shouldn’t wear the upper part too long to preserve the style and always comb it back and sideways (revealing the part line defined).


Bold and Brash Undercut

Channel your inner rockstar with a hair>hawk.


Silver Fox Undercut

Men’s flexibility is not just about texture (straight wavy curly or kinky). It’s about gender as well. Young people of the middle ages and maybe even your grandparents will rock that. Wait for your dad. After all, it’s vintage. Anyway, showing off gray streaks in a modern way is cool.


Natural Curly Undercut

If your hair is naturally curly, you may find it very easy. Just get a barber to do the undercut and then style your hair every morning with a little gel or other fastening product to highlight your curls. It is also advisable to have a slightly wet look. The under-cut hairstyle of these men works especially well with dark hair.


High Fade Undercut

This long undercut includes buzzing layers and a non-layered edge. Wear slicked and smooth for a dapper look. The sleek retro cut is reminiscent of the 1920s. Styling with pomade or cream wax provides a polished not crunchy finish.

Asymmetric Half-Shaved Pompadour

This reflects commanding self-assurance, preferred by soccer star Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The fade, like the whole beard, adds a masculine touch.

Short to Long Undercut

Try this alluded and textured look for a cool contemporary feeling. The chopped layers provide a carefree rumpled effect while structure is added by the tapered sides. To hold bangs out of the eyes, flip the front to one side.

Fade Cut with Waves

Natural movement adds to the pompadour an individual twist. The men’s undercut includes rigid curls that do not need to be straightened for a virile look. Upon showering, add gel to the long top and you’re good to go. 351.904.jpg” />

Classic Undercut Hairstyle

Undercuts are not just fashion-forward and avant-garde but traditional and timeless. Neat barbering and clean lines make a silhouette that is understated. The buzzed outline reduces bulk making this a good selection for hair types that are rough and thick.

Line-Up Quiff

If your style is bold and elegant, try this gravity-defying quiff. Drying ends and arranges wavy strands in perfect shape; crisply shaved angles add dimension. Rake cream with fingertips to separate and identify thick lengths.

Contrast classic low fade with luxurious brushed-back lengths to create an intriguing contradiction. There are fewer haircut choices for men, but by adding unconventional variations, you can create something special. The contrast is emphasized by subtle highlights through the front.

Men’s Top Knot

With an undercut style, men with tightly coiled hair can control their manes. The high fade, while the top lengths are pulled into an organic knot, offers structure. Natural coils shine, but remain neatly contained and free from flyaways.

Faded Faux Hawk

This> faux hawk is a perfect hybrid of civility and rebelliousness for the male who likes a fashion-forward cut. Cleverly hewn borders contrast the bristling interior. Use a generous dab of cream wax or pomade to elevate and accentuate the spicy tips.

Tri-Level Cut

Long Brush Back

You don’t have to go very short in order to try one of the trendy men’s hairstyles. This look features an evenly shaved underside overlapped with a long hair curtain. Pushing hair back with a light-hold cream gives a sleek satin finish and reduces volume.

Curly Top with Design Line

This curly undercut combines a mid> taper fade and clean shaven periphery with a free-shaped Afro-style top. Add tailor-made details with a crisp stripe etched into the front hairline. The blended and precise cut requires virtually no styling just to wash and go!

Classy side part

A shaved part row highlights the shape’s accuracy. The relaxed sporting atmosphere makes it a soccer pros favorite. Paddle brush style and strong hold wax.

Skin Fade Mohawk

Thick straight hair is ideal for this towering faded undercut. Upon drying, applying wax to damp hair will create a pliable hold as it meets water. Then lock strands with a few spray pumps in place.

Gelled Back Undercut

Undercut haircuts are often retro-like with shaved sides and tight corners. This look is managed but not stiffly perfect for men who like a mixture of contemporary and traditional, formed with gel and fingers instead of a brush.

Men’s Surf Style

This undercut shape evokes an ocean wave curvature. The shorter sides were clipped for a less extreme version of a cleaner surface instead of clicking. Enable the flow of the type to be determined by natural patterns and cowlicks.

Preppy Long Quiff Style

This style basically looks like a college boy’s hairstyle was only slightly off the map due to a preppy feel. Just tell your barber to maintain the length in the upper part and then make sure you comb it back with a bit of styling product, if your hair is slightly long up top. ‘

‘> ‘

Short and sweet undercut hair

Here is an example of short undercut hair proving that men who are not in long hair can still experience the highest level of elegance. The overall impression is traditional and sleek without having to try too hard with a well-groomed beard that is clean-shaven on the cheeks.


Long and spiky undercut

For a showy look that will make you stand out in a club (and maybe allow you to reach the six foot mark) blow long hair straight up. Don’t think you can get away with using only one item. Choose a heat styling cream to use before using a textured pomade afterwards. They’re meant to compliment your wardrobe and what you’re in. This look is truly unique because the perfect edges of the hairline and the long waves are fading.


Faded Undercut with Mini Dreads

Check yes this is another undercut hair>Dreads should have many lives!


Undercut Hair with Hipster Appeal

This retro style is for your little hipster soul. Long layers are balanced by a full beard. If you go for this style don’t get lazy! Grow your long beard to perfection combining it every morning. And hit hair with a blow dryer whenever you wash it.

Crazy height on top of the super short sides and spiky bleached tips. If you have the elegance and swagger that you should pull this off. Need to start growing your hair? It’s going to be worth the wait.


Short and Sleek Undercut

It is important to note that under-cut hair does not have to be thick. If you have short to medium hair and are ready for a change (something to make you stand out better) go for this look and work with the length you already have.

Long All-Around Undercut

This is definitely an undercut for> young men as it goes very well with cute boyish features. Get an undercut that may not be extremely short by the way and wear the longer section swept to one side or gathered in a man bun. Make sure you use a shampoo for volume and if you also feel the need to use something to fix it in place apply invisible minima. As you can see, this look works well with a short beard as well, and on the famous lumbersexual style we can fully see this as a successful partially shaved spin. In long and wavy lines, fashion the top section back. Subtle highlights for this style can also be considered.


Faded undercoat for long hair

Here’s something bold and spectacular you can do with long thick hair. Faded side and nape undercoat are perfect to distinguish long beard and longer hair up. If you have heavy natural curly hair it will work fine with this style.


The clear-cut line and angled temples are this haircut’s main strengths and charm.


Shaved Sides Men’s Haircut

As for this type of undercut hairstyle men choose it when they want a low-maintenance yet stylish look. The closely clipped sides and back give sufficient space for shaved designs simple lines or more complicated patterns.


Undercut Military Style Haircut

Here’s the cool men’s undercut from the American war film Fury by Brad Pitt. A good change from medium-length hair with perfect side undercuts to manly hairstyle!

HelgaEsteb /

Edgy Undercut for Special Occasions

The haircut of Siva Kaneswaran reminds us of a very smooth fade. His thick dark hair on top is razored for the perfect edgy finish which looks best with lots of texture and extra definition when angled upwards. When you opt for this haircut, you’ll style it quickly for the maximum volume with wax and a blow dryer.

Featureflash /

Fantastic Edgy Undercut Haircut with Square Angles

A square top looks very eye-catching in men’s undercut hairs. Add the jagged ends and slight highlights like those of Adam Lambert and you’re going to get a super cool look that turns heads. Now the question is, are you ready to deal with your personality with some extra attention? Jaguar PS /

Undercut Hairstyle Men with Longer Top would like

Undercuts high in temple level help to visually increase the thickness of your hair particularly if you choose to wear it elongated on top. Colin Farrell shows a great example with whatever medium hold product you prefer, which is also very easy to style.

JaguarPS /

Edgy Undercut Hairstyle

If you choose to have temple undercuts, the edgy haircut with a prominent texture looks even better. Josh Duhamel’s thick hair is straight. It looks fabulous on the sides and back with point cut ends and smooth length tapering.

DFree /

Neat Undercut and Facial Hairstyle

Undercut hairstyle men can boldly copy the one you see in this picture. He shows a good understanding of the short men’s undercut with sleek curves and a sweet contrast of textures. With his facial hairstyle, his undercut blends an easy way to look stylish without having to shave every day.

JaguarPS / Finally it should be remembered that regular hairstyle undercut people used to see everywhere now have much more variants. Celebs prove you that almost every day you can keep and style this haircut differently. Every week you’ll have to visit the barber to keep your undercut in its perfect shape. Pomades styling creams gels and hair mousses are among the best styling products for men’s undercut hairstyles. For the maximum volume, a blow dryer is added. But with just a bit of styling product shaping the surface with your fingers, it’s all right to style your undercut. Prev1 of> Next —> —> Similar Haircuts> Types of Fade Haircuts That Are Trendy Now> Call It a Temp Fade or Temple Fade Either Way It’s Trending> Stylish Low Fade Haircuts for Men> Ultra-Cool High Fade Haircuts for Men> Best Fall Fade Haircut Ideas for Men> Two French Braids inside the back are criss-crossed to create a very interesting design. Adding this braid to a beautiful ribbon really brings it to the next point. These French braid pigtails have a really beautiful overall effect. 940.jpg” />

Braids Buns and Bows

By creating a basket weaving effect, take your braiding skills to the next stage. A conventional braid suggests three beams, but this one uses four or more beams to produce a complex and special braid. With a basket braided on either side, the hair is split right down the middle. The braids are secured and twisted into sweet little buns. This hairstyle’s crowning pieces are the adorable hair bows on top of every bun! A lot is going on here, but to try it’s really an exciting look!


Double Heart Braid

This double heart-shaped braid actually appears to be more difficult to achieve than it really is. The inside braid was sectioned and braided after the outside braided and out of the way. After both braids were formed and tied into pigtails, a beautiful ribbon was weaved into the braid for a more formal and complicated result. In a basket weaving process, the braids curve around the head to be tied into gentle ponytails. The bright and bold hair accessories make it look a lot sweeter overall.


Four Braids with Ribbon Lacing

This symmetrical style is beautiful and a great inspiration! Try different ribbon colors to suit every dress. This is a fun look to try for girls with short or long hair. All you need is four braids with two long pieces of ribbon and elastic bands. Make sure you braid really close to get the same smooth effect as shown. To feed into one of the braided ponytails, three twists are produced high on top directed diagonally downwards. Top it off with two giant neon-colored bows and for your little Princess you have a head-turning style!


Double Twists with Double Buns

Check out these cool twists and buns! Long thick hair is definitely necessary for this hair style. Start with one twist on top and one on the bottom and then add to the two pigtail buns on either side. Finish your look off with soft color ribbons. Six mini ponytails are twisted into a really cool look up the back and end on top of the head in two fluffy buns. The twin tails pop up with fun pink bands and ribbons.

Future braids

These French braided pigtails look really futuristic. Loose threads are left out and then braided back in to make an amazing web effect on the spider. This would be a great idea to use for a Halloween costume, but somebody who really knows how to use French braid pigtails will learn it as well.


Classy Ribbon-Intertwined Ponies

This is a fantastic motivational hairstyle that almost any skill level can achieve. Traditional ponytails are placed high on either side of the head and then intertwined with ribbons. Who knew something so basic could look so elegant and beautiful?

All pieces of this chic hairstyle are the thick braids and red ribbons of zig zag. Through the braid the ribbons are woven, making the hair look like it bunches. Super cool and when the product is so beautiful and interesting it is worth the time and effort.


Snake Braids

If you have super long hair and want to show it off this look is for you. Braids go down and up and get fixed high on the sides of the head for a beautiful rounded look. These pigtail braids require good hair thickness and reasonable length.


For this chunky bun style, the thicker your hair is. We love how fun bobble elastics protect the buns. I can’t get any cuter from this look!


Braided Crown

Who doesn’t like a girl with pigtail hair? A nice braid on top produces a beautiful crown effect that blends perfectly into French braided pigtails. Crown braid helps to keep the front of the hair looking soft and frames the face very nicely.


Crisp section lines and bright bands of rubber make the overall look very different.


Huge Double Bows

These beautiful black hair bows are awesome! In a diagonal pattern, two twin tails climb up the back and end up in perfect hair bows. This pigtail hairstyle will definitely separate you from the crowd.


Soft Fishtails

A deep side part produces a smoother effect on this sweet country blonde. Fishtailed pigtail braids were created and kept messy for a comfortable unkempt hairstyle.


These are very basic, but they are played by making a diagonal part line on the back of the top center line. We do love scary looseness!

> Today pigtails are not just two twin ponytails. They can include braids twists buns ribbons flowers and more! Try yourself to try something new and take your old classic hairstyles to the next level. Related posts> Adorable Toddler Girl Hair>Awesome and Edgy Mohawks for Kids> Creative Braided Back to School Hai> A haircut as well as color jewelry makeup and upper-body clothing all play a role in the face framing. To make the best show, it’s just a matter of deciding how to bring them all together. We’re talking today about trendy face-framing highlights as the fastest and most foolproof way to highlight your best assets.

Face-framing highlights are a coloring strategy that brings out your most attractive features cleverly. Explain to your hairstylist that you are looking for strategically positioned waves and carefully selected coloring cues that will provide insight as to where to draw your face. A good hairstylist, when they cut styling and color your hair, should keep those things in mind. We will help you decide where and how to put the emphasis on face framing in a discreet way to make sure all eyes are on you!

Dark Blonde Face Framing Long Brown Hair

Chunky honey-blonde highlights running along the sides of the face are a clever way of drawing attention to the eyes and mouth areas. The brown almond base color is enhanced with gold hints and helps to shimmer and shine in the light.

Collarbone Choppy Blonde Bob

The middle part> choppy bob is made so much more beautiful with face-framing blonde highlights and trendy spicy colors. Fun and youthful, it’s the perfect solution to highlight the cheekbones.

Waist-Length Messy Brown Waves

There’s no better way to liven up long and boring tresses that have lost their luster.

Long Wavy Honey Balayage Hair

Sun-kissed blonde face-framing highlights on brown hair are an easy way to revamp your appearance if you want to brighten your pale complexion. The minimal wave is slightly messy, giving body and volume a big boost without being overwhelming.

Dark Brown Cut with Subtle Blonde Highlights

Sleek and sultry just the slightest hint of blonde highlights on> mahogany-brown hair does an excellent job of framing the eyes. Off-center part and long feathered sides also help set the face in a picture-perfect background of beautiful chocolate waves.

A natural-looking effect is provided by the lightest pieces near the face. It’s a coarse wavy hair adorable choice.

Long hair with blonde ash balayage

Face-framing lavender-tinted ash blonde highlights for dark brown hair are a modern way to make long hair look more developed. The side part line and a long sweep of peek-a-boo bangs help show the lower part of the face attracting attention to the delicate chin and pretty eyes.

Wavy Dark Brown and Blonde Balayage Hairstyle

The rich brown base color with a light> blonde balayage makes a beautiful job of framing a narrow face. Waves cascade around the shoulders in this sporty and fashionable hairstyle that will shave years off your look.

Honey Bronde Waves

Honey-bronde tendrils curl delicately along the face and neck and overgrown bangs are intended to hit under the narrowing effect of the chin. It’s a flexible hairstyle and a great way for super-long locks to show off.

Tousled Medium Bronde Bob

Head framing and side frames that graze the chin work well on a straight hair bob because it helps the eye to concentrate on You! The light blonde highlights reinforce this stunning allied look’s texture.

Long Wavy Walnut Brown Tresses

Brunette hair walnut brown highlights frame the eyes in a symmetrical manner. The waves are tumbling down the shoulders to lighten the teint and to put out the ears. The textured ends of choppy enable the hairstyle to emerge as casual and simple.

Brown Lob with Right Hair Partial Highlights

Thick and bouncy hair has a phenomenal way of being universally flattering. The trendy versatility is also boosted by a shoulder-length bob that is slightly shorter in the back and graced with a tinge of blonde highlights.

Straight Hair with Ash Blonde Balayage

One of the best things to do with super straight hair is that it naturally requires attention. Around the eyes, the bright blonde highlights ensure that the eye is attracted straight to your face and that beautiful smile.

Top-Knot for Brown Hair with Toffee Highlights

What’s the best formula for a fun and trendy hair>topknot with a few face-framed tendrils! Super-thick toffee-flavored waves and a loose-wound bun provide the right amount of height and body.

Sleek Ash Bronde Hair

That’s why strong highlights around the face are important to make sure it doesn’t get lost behind the hairstyle. 977.jpg” />

<img src="

Messy Waves with Creamy Blonde Highlights

The careful positioning of highlighting foils leads to a more natural distribution of lightened bits, which outlines the outline of the head. There are elegant and feminine long carefree waves.

Beachy Blonde Rock and Roll

You’ll look like you’re ready to break into a shaggy tomboy haircut guitar solo. It is split down the middle and has some pretty bleached highlights. The choppy high-voltage locks coil around face and neck smoothly.

Brown Barbie-Style Hair

On super-smooth brown barbie-doll hair, subtle face-framing highlights on dark hair make all the difference. The long straight strands of the run-of – the-mill are completely revitalized with thin ash brown stripes that highlight the eyes as they extend to the lower half of the body.

Note that well-placed face framing highlights and baby lights are just as critical for a balanced appearance as a great hairstyle. Never underestimate the power of a wave or curl carefully positioned; and the effect is even more striking when the curl is highlighted with a sensational color. Prev1 from> Next —> —> Related Posts> Shadow Root Hair Low Maintenance Melted Looks> Foilyage Is Your Next Favorite Hair Color Technique> What is the difference between Partial and Full Highlights?> Pintura Highlights Curly Hair Best Color Technique> Hair Smudging Is the Breakthrough Way to Highlight Hair> Hair Strobing Is the Best Way to Enhance Your Face Shape Hair Cuts and Styles Stay Connected Hair Style Inspiration. No matter what your hair type is, we can help you find the right hair styles © Copyright 2019 Menu>> >

Long-Haired Goddess Casual Braid

Match this beautiful Mohawk braid with a sew in the back start braiding the middle section turning it into a ponytail or braided bun. You can jump into so many ideas for the rest of the hair!

Impressive Colorful Cornrows

Due to their height and colour, these delicate braids look incredibly hot. Braiding is quite easy to perform so you can prepare a bunch of clips and ties for extensions of your chosen hue and start the styling process!

Mohawk Braid and Ponytail

What better way to complete your brilliant appearance than with a cute, unpretentious hairdo? You could stick to the traditional braided or non-braided ponytail as to the options here. Trust your guru of inner beauty and you’re sure to rock a wonderful look!

Ultra Modern U-shaped Braid

If you’d like to learn how to watch a video under braid, it’s easier to see it once than read it several times. Once the basic technique is mastered, you can turn the heat up by trying different gorgeous styles under braids! Killer braid tips give an unusual shape to your plait and finish it with a ponytail or a top knot.

Tight Black Swirling Braid

You can achieve another magnificent look by grabbing hair sections on your head’s right or left side. Work it all the way until you finish a bun. Use the French technique to get your fingers going as you focus on keeping the strands tight.

Tight Bun and Cornrows

How fashionable are these cornrows? Get to learn more about perfection as a concept with a tight bun thanks to this special cornrow updo! Remember that your best teacher is practicing.

African Style Braiding Idea

These two subbraids suit the Queen with distinct outer edges and mixed inner edges. The puffy pony is optional, but it adds to the hairstyle’s showiness.

Two Ombre Braids

Transformation of three-strand braids into two-strand fishtails along with pleasant color transformations black violet white. The result a beautiful hairstyle as a great night out choice!

Straight Ponytail Spiral Braid

It’s time to upgrade your styling skills by combining a fresh and new look with a typical braid style! Don’t be a hair experimental stranger! In cute waves, even such detail as edges can be creatively styled.

Curly Hair Braided Headband

Job or meeting late? Tame your hair by having the mess spectacularly braided. How? Grab a bunch of strands and braid them in such a pretty and cute headband.

Black Crown Braid

What starts as a regular braided approach slowly becomes a stunning crown braid coiffure – a perfect choice for a special event. You don’t need to use the extensions that match your hair’s natural hue. Alternatively, go for a two-tone look and enjoy the colored hair bonus without dyeing your own strands.

Side Pony and Raised Braids

These glossy braids could have rushed to the sky but drowned in the curly clouds of the fluffy pony. Baby hair waves add to the charm of the entire look. Love Love Love Love Love Love!

Extravagant Action braid

Show off your sexy side with this sweet feminine and extra high divine braid. The best compliment for such a chic Mohawk braid is a long sleek pony.

Thin Cornrows

Thin and thick braids all at one time? Why isn’t that? To get the perfectly tamed strands for a smoking hot and modern look, mix thin and thick french braids. Use a low braided bun or a ponytail to finish.

Easy Casual Braided Updo

This is a quick and beautiful

do which is ideal for undercuts. Not only is it highly trendy, it is also quite wearable! See it and try it instantly!

Heart-shaped Fishtail Braids

These fishtails are pulled apart and then put together with an idea behind them for a creative braided look. The distinction is a type of pigtails that doesn’t look childish at all.

Triple Braid with a Bun

Simple three braids running parallel to your neck’s nape that result in a truly magnificent braid look. Leave the braids ‘ ends free to wear as a braided pony or wrap them in an elegant bun.

Long and Big Cornrows

You’ll love to wear a discreet yet noticeable style for a while. These can be easily styled from the previous example into a low bun or braided down your back for a large four-strand braid.

Which one would you try in braid hairstyle? You’re sure to look like a rock star whatever you choose! They’re so trendy and stylish under braids that you’re not going to regret wearing them. Related Posts> Triangle Braids for Curly Hair of Various Forms> Triangle Braids Bringing The Box Braids to Next Stage> A Tall Cool Lemonade Braids Glass!> Easy Loose French Braid Hair> Amazing Fulani Hair Cuts and Styles for Women of All Ages Stay Connected Get inspiration in hair style. Regardless of your hair type, we can help you find the right hairstyles The Right Hairstyles © Copyright 2019 Menu> >> > Home> Events> Wedding