Best 50+ Mens short haircuts

Buzz Fade + Textured

Caesar Cut

This short hair style is great for people who dont want to spend much time cutting their hair. Faces that are square and heart-shaped. With the right hair cut, there will be no need for grooming other than to draw the bangs with your fingertips over the forehead.

Natural textured crop

Slick Back Hair

is so sleek and voluminous and youll love to wear it. Mens Hairstyle Patterns to Try in 2019 – Mens Fashion Oval and heart-shaped heads. Until you blow-dry your hair, break it in the middle and so blow-dry it. Then comb it backwards to ensure that the hair is still broken. Sprinkle it with some hairspray to make the short thin hairstyle last.

Fringe Hairstyle

can be clipped or allowed to grow longer, with a messy look on the side or angle and textured. Ideal for men with wavy or curly hair, the look can be changed by a short or long fringe.

Combined with a short taper or fade on both sides and back, bangs guys still have plenty of short hair style options on top. Guys must experiment with different ways to get a fringe using a decent pomade, wax or clay.

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Best short haircuts of men

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Short Taper Hairstyle

Jack Robinson Pullen instead of fades.

Short Buzz Fade with Beard

Andy Authentic

Masculine Buzz Cut Examples + Tips How To Cut Guide


Mens side part hairstyles

Wavy Brush Back with Low Fade and Beard

Wavy hair has the advantage of being able to apply its own unique style to any hairstyle. Brushed back hair just looks better here because its wavy.

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Fantastic short hairstyles for men with thin hair

. This hairstyle looks amazing, and by cutting the bangs short, you can achieve it and sweep it backwards.

Cool Short Mens Hairstyles

, we assembled the new mens hairstyles that youre going to try in 2019!

Platinum Blonde Hair

Platinum Blonde

will continue to be strong in 2019. Platinum blonde is the best way to make a switch when you feel like youve had your current hair color for far too long. This is the summers hottest hue. To keep the color clean, simply schedule regular check-ups.

Curly hairstyles

but also to lighten the stroke to make styling and management simpler.


High Bald Fade

This ad is what so many men need. Add a very thin line to the middle for spice it up. Great for all ages and shapes of the body. You should go to the barbershop and say you want a thin line to your barber. Thats a lot of it.


to help your scalp breath and to strengthen your hair.

Comb Over With A Beard

is a great short hair style for thin-haired guys because the hair gel makes the hair texture look brighter and thinner. Faces that are round and heart made. Split your hair on the side smoothly far. Then brush the hair to the opposite side to make sure its not straight and still has some weight. To make it shiny, smooth and solid, use hair gel.

Steve McQueen Haircut

Andrew Does Haircut, Steve McQueens one-length all-over short haircut is the time check.

Mens easy short haircuts

hold it.

Buzz Fade + Line Up

Richie Southpaw Another way of rocking a cool buzz is here. Thick hair is the ultra-defined edge up and creates a good blur for the fade.

Face Pompadour

on the hands.

Spiky Sections

Jamie Stuart Instead of single spikes, this trendy look pulls up hair in large sections for a wave-like effect that complements the hint of curled bangs.

Silver is another very flattering color that men love this season. Good for anyone in different colors of hair. Cut it quickly and paint it black. For this look, thats all you need.

high and Tight + Drop Fade

Andy Authentic


V-Shaped Skin Neck Taper with Curly Top

Short Haircut With Waves

Waves in the back are not for everyone, but there are also so many thick-haired guys who will easily pull them off. Bold, sometimes experimenting people. Youre going to need a professional hairstylist.

Buzz Cut

Platinum blonde can always go and stand out in the crowd. Great for all short-haired men who can try it out and grow it out or cut it if it doesnt work. This haircut doesnt need to be styled, just dye it platinum blonde.

You can consider retro hairstyles

. With a sleek retro style, you can go back in time, like this elegant comb over. We recommend that you wear vintage cuts with a clean rasped face for the desired effect.

High and close + Fade

Flanagans Barbers A fade emphasizes hair thickness on top. Layering illuminates skin and provides shine.
Fade Haircut + Thick Hair


Side Hairstyle

refers to hair division. It is the natural hair section, though the hair is sometimes improved by shaving the sides near the top all the way.


hort hair With A Diamond

Jewels and diamonds may become part of your short mane. Ideal for children, adolescents and young adults. Call to give them this look at the hairdresser.

Layered Cut Short length of hairstyle

on top.

Short sides with comb over

The short sides with comb over are a very common haircut found in the short hairstyles for men. Easy to maintain and perfect for any face or style.


Straight Textured Hair

Layered haircuts on straight hair show their texture best. And whats funny, because they always turn out to be described, it doesnt really matter what guy haircuts you go for. Only keep in mind that the top hair achieves a different dimension and stands out more with the short sides and back.

Cut with Texture

Clever Short Haircut with Decals

What better way to stand out than a different haircut from your peers? Shaved patterns, which are also called hair tattoos, will help you get an original look that you wont see on any other person. Take some time to find the best model for you!

All faqs you may have on a hair transplant are replied to here

The best hair products for men with short hair are broken down. There are a number of good styling products for short hair ranging from pomades and hair waxes to clays and creams. Essentially, whether you should use pomade vs wax vs clay vs cream depends on how you want your hair to be styled and the different levels of hold and shine that you need. Below are the leading brands: Suavecito, Layrite, California Baxter, Uppercut Deluxe, Imperial Barber, Tigi Bed Head, American Crew, Gatsby and Smooth Viking.

Classic + Classic


Easy Short Haircut for Men with Round Faces

Theres nothing that a smart haircut and beard cant solve for difficult facial forms. People with round heads, for instance, may go for larger beards to cover any unwanted curves. For this appealing look, the haircut can be kept short.

Temple Sponge Curls Fade


Comb Over with Disconnected Undercut and Beard

Short on the sides and long on top hairstyles became the hallmark of mens short hair. Here we have an undercut for a cool look combined with a short, trendy comb over.


How to adapt haircut to face shapes

Buzz Cut

These stars are popular and can be pulled off by almost anybody. Even if once you get them you dont like them, dont worry. By going shorter, you can always repair the haircut. It is good for younger men who still want to play a bit on thick hair with their short haircuts. Find a good hairstylist who does various shapes and patterns beautifully.
Caesar Cut + Short Sides


High Bald Fade

If you would like to choose the best short hair style for thick hair for guys, this is the one. Those who like really short manes, along with the high fade, will love this. Tell your hairstylist youre looking for a very high fade.

Buzz + Curved Part + Temple Fade

Diamond Status Barbering

Neon hair colors are popular for both men and women.

Side Swept Fringe with Comb Over and Fade

Another version of the side part, this side swept fringe adds a little something extra for a more unique look.

staygold31 Fashion messy and textured crop. Its not bed neck.

Medium Taper Hairstyle

Short taper hairstyle is perfect for a square face, the sides match the naturally arranged wavy sliced back hair, giving you a fresh but serious look.

Beard Fade with

classic Men

Andrew Does Hair Here is another Steve McQueen hairstyle version. This flexible cut can be anything that you want.

How to Style A Modern Pompadour

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Short Curly Hair

Why not blue hair? Its so much easier to get a bright hair color when your hair is short. To young people and teens who enjoy different hair colors, its the best idea. Attach some trendy designs on the sides to make things even more interesting. For both straight and curly thick hair, this hair dye works great. Youre not going to have to do any makeup, just make sure you use color-protecting items and rock for thick hair this short hairstyle.

Pompadour Fade with Hard Part and Beard

The fashionable hairstyle pompadour continues to be solid. This textured retro look variation is great for young men who want for any occasion a cool short hairstyle.

Modern mens trendiest short haircuts

Short mens hairstyles can be so pleasant. Each time you go to the hairstylist, avoid getting the same haircut. With the choice of a bold hairdo, you can make your entire appearance more interesting.

Curly Hair with Mid Bald Fade

The natural curly hair of this guy makes this hairstyle work.
Textured Cut textured Hairstyle


For Widows Peak

, there is no better way than to have a layered slice. Trim the sides and leave the edge significantly longer. D a little product shaping and raise the hair up. Those trendy hairstyles are good for everyone regardless of the texture of your hair.

Induction Cut

Induction cutting is usually the very first haircut a soldier gets before joining the army. By default, this is the shortest haircut you can get without fully shaving your head. For men with attitude, this military hairstyle is still going strong.

Low Fade With Beard

There is a brand new trend that ties the beard practically to the short hairstyle. If you like different hairdos, this one is a winner if you also have a mustache. The low fade starts with the hair but moves on to the beard. Choose your ideal location and number of columns.


Hair Design

Who is willing to raise their short hairstyle? If youre sick of dull mens short hairstyles, its so special and bold. Make sure you find a fine barber replicating on you the same style.

Tapered Haircut

Tapered short hair cuts are used for low-maintenance mens hair styles. These work on virtually any type of hair and can be tailored to both casual and formal surroundings. When you have a night out after a long working day, making the back and sides tapered while leaving the top hair long is the true savior.
Short haircut with part

is as polished as any vintage hairstyle pompadour.

And A V In The Back

Short haircuts for men can bring so much joy. The best idea for all ages and facial shapes sounds like that. Get an undercut on the sides or a very high fade that finishes with a V in the middle.

Shaved Haircut Style

Mr. Fine Line

Low Skin Fade with Hard Part Comb Over

The first thing that catches our eye is how fresh it looks. And this barber opted for a dense, shaved part and a comb over which slicks back a bit, instead of the conventional comb over or side part.

High and tight Fade

, and the guy who enjoyed the clean-cut models took the masculine look into the mainstream. While the high and tight fade may seem easy to cut with a good set of hair clippers at home, we strongly recommend that you ask your barber.

, although the guy does not have to slice down the sides of the body. As for the short haircut on top, with a range of hair types, including heavy, thin, wavy and curly hair, the high and tight fits well. This is because short hair makes it easier to style and sustain twists, waves, and hard-to-manage strings.