40+ Mens Messy haircut Ideas

Milo Ventimiglia Messy Hairstyles for Men

Do you remember back in s when you used to root for Gilmore Girls for Rory and Jess? Or, your mother did at least. Milo Ventimiglia is now years old and stars at This Is Us.

Modern Aesthetics Curls

Nearly all the hairstyles we’ve shown you have been using the straight hair structure so far. Which doesn’t mean that if you have wavy hair, you can’t have chaotic hair. The instance below shows this!

Orlando Bloom Men’s Messy Hairstyles

In actual life, Orlando Bloom has very curly hair. However, in The Lord of the Rings, he became known as a blonde elf with lengthy, sleek and straight hair. He even said that without the wig on, some people don’t acknowledge him.

s Messy Hairstyles for Men

We couldn’t have compiled a list of messy men’s hairstyles and didn’t include a throwback photo to the incredible Glam Rock era. Here’s Jon Bon Jovi who was the epitome of fashion back then and his curly frizzy hair mane.

Men’s Shaggy Hairstyle

You can upload your chaotic head game and just go straight for a shag haircut. In its most disorganized and finest simplicity and style!

Short Curly Hair

The same applies to all males with curly hair. Don’t worry about keeping your curls short and wild, the impact is more than spectacular and envy worthwhile.

Short Bangs Messy Hair

Keep it brief, keep it messy, keep it fringe-y! You can go for a brief haircut, leave it layered and chaotic, and still invoke some control by combining everything with bangs.

Men’s Short Messy Hairstyles

Short and messy, of course, is the simplest way to approach this haircut. You’re going to be amazed at how easy styling it is. Just bring some hair wax between your fingers and apply it to your locks in a liberal way.

Short Sides Long Top Messy Hair

There are many excellent examples of brief sides, long top hair and cuts, but we just enjoy how cool this messy top is!

Spiky HipsterHairstyle + Full Beard + Moustache

Alert Hipster, we have a great look coming up! All about this image points to some excellent hipster components, from chaotic hair to complete beard to a dramatic mustache.

Swept Messy Hairstyle Back

Messy hair doesn’t imply you can style it at least a little. Take a que from below the picture and, in particular, sweep your hair back with just a bit of product while leaving it run wild.

Textured Blonde Messy Hair

While this specific picture may not make it very clean, the person below decided not only to go for a blonde shaded undercut, but also to color his textured, chaotic hair.


‘ Adam Levine

‘ Another singer on our men’s list of chaotic hairstyles is Adam Levine. He was also unable to withstand the lure of unkempt spikes and chose to go for this boyish haircut that stretches his face and highlights his cheekbones.

Alexander Skarsgard

Alexander is just one of many of Skarsgard’s overly talented children. His wealth of acting siblings involves Gustaf whom you may know from a small show called Vikings and Bill who played the clown in Pennywise.

Andrew Garfield

The second of three Spiderman we’ve had over the previous couple of years also enjoys a nice chaotic hairstyle. It compliments his boyish good looks and makes him look even older than he already is.

The Brad Pitt

Another heartbeat of the s we can thank for pioneering the chaotic hairdo trend is Brad Pitt. He invented the haircut asymmetric and choppy, stressing his beautiful blonde locks.

Bradley Cooper

Although he is better known for his medium-sized, sliced-back hairdo with a lot of hair gel in it, Bradley Cooper is known to maintain it casual and messy from moment to time.

Chris Evans

When playing Captain America his hair is flawless and reminiscent of s, Chris Evans prefers a rather messier hairstyle in true life. He likes to smooth his hair back with a little hair wax in a casual fashion.

Thor himself is a enormous fan of men’s chaotic hairstyles. He never wears it very smooth, whether he has lengthy, medium or short hair, but rather in a chaotic and unruly manner. He’s not wrong because he’s one of the world’s most beautiful males.

Dan Stevens

Actor Dan Stevens has gone a long way since Downton Abbey and February’s Summer roles. Now he’s playing a lot more modern characters that let him channel and look like himself.

The Dane Dehaan

The actor Dane Dehaan has created himself as a leader in Hollywood with positions in films like Kill Your Darlings and Tulip Fever under his belt. Plus, he looks a little like Leonardo DiCaprio with that haircut and blonde hair, don’t you believe?

David Beckham

David Beckham still looks ideal even when wearing chaotic men’s hairstyles. It’s not the fault of him. He understands just how to wear a haircut. He’s had about a million distinct ones, making him a god of styling.


‘ Eddie Redmayne

‘ From one young British to another. Eddie Redmayne has, and he understands, the aura of a supermodel about him. Indeed, thanks to his chiseled good looks, the actor has modeled Burberry throughout his life.

The Finn Wolfhard

In comparison, here’s what the fresh-faced actor Finn Wolfhard is going through today. He sports the typical and almost compulsory, medium teen haircut that all his age kids have to go through.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles was a former member of One Direction throughout his career. But it’s likely fair to say they can all be described as chaotic men’s hairstyles. Like the singer himself, they are all artistic and carefree.

Young Jake Gyllenhaal

is certainly a style inspiration for all of us. By using a handful of mousse, you can copy his amazing haircut to alllay your hair. Use hairspray if you need some additional assistance.

Jared Leto

Here’s a real style icon that has passed through more modifications and phases than we care to count. Jared Leto had a real time back in the day he used to put up his hair like this and truly believe in men’s chaotic hairstyles.

Jeremy Renner

Jeremy Renner is a bit of a goofball in true life, as proved by his chaotic hairstyle. He is sporting an undercut with a brief, chaotic top with lots of choppy layers.

John Krasinski

Although a classically beautiful person, John Krasinski always maintained his boyly charm with a devilishly sweet smile and chaotic hair. To quote his boss Jo from The Office, he’s a’ big sun tea drink.’

The Johnny Depp

Nevertheless, it’s impossible to mention heartbeats and chaotic men’s hairstyles and leave Johnny Depp out. DiCaprio’s brunette and slightly edgier version, Depp has always been a poor kid on the large screen as well as in true life. And that was just what his hair said.

Unanimously acknowledged by Jon Kortajarena as one of the most beautiful and successful male models of all time, Jon Kortajarena might understand one or two things about fashion and design. He is very partial to this wealthy side of chocolate leaves chaotic haircut that highlights his out of the normal characteristics.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Jonathan Rhys Meyers is the actor’s embodiment of the rocker persona. His androgynous and exceptionally beautiful face is complemented completely by a brief and spiky hairstyle that does not steal the focus from its facial characteristics.

The Jude Law

The fact that actor Jude Law has a receding hairline is now widely recognized and he does not attempt to conceal it a bit. Therefore, with this scenario, a chaotic hairstyle truly enables him as it will assist you.

Justin Bieber

As quickly as he matured a bit and was no longer a baby-faced teenager, Justin Bieber also began sporting modern messy men’s hairstyles. He chose platinum or blond bottle.


Leonardo DiCaprio

But before Zayn Malik, Leonardo DiCaprio was the King of all chaotic bed heads and unruly hair strands, which implies we need to give credit where credit is due. He is certainly the initial heartbeat, particularly with films such as Titanic and Romeo + Juliet.

The Messiah Caesar

The Caesar haircut has thus been named because it seems that this is the hairstyle that the great emperor of Rome wears in most of the sculptures that portray it. Although it is typically styled using gel, the chaotic version can also be tried.

Nick Carter

Talking about adolescents, here’s Nick Carter and his assumption of chaotic hairstyle back in the s. Backstreet Boys was just starting at that time, and he was on a enormous superstar wave. By the manner. Did you understand that Backstreet Boys in Vegas can still be catched?

Robert Downey Jr.

To the extent that chaotic hairRobert Downey Jr. also borrowed the haircut of his character in true life. It’s no secret that over the years the two have merged a bit, but individuals still seem to appreciate it.

Robert Pattinson

Whether you’re a Twilight series fan or not, you must acknowledge that Robert Pattinson is a really beautiful man. Therefore, we think that his style is certainly one you should copy when it comes to chaotic hairstyles for males.

Rupert Grint

Ginger messy men’s hairstyles never looked better than Rupert Grint’s actor, none other than Ron Weasley himself. He usually wears a medium hairstyle, layered and choppy with lengthy bangs.

Tom Hardy

Speaking of the world’s most beautiful males, how could we have passed through a list of men’s chaotic hairstyles without even mentioning Tom Hardy? Through his tattoos, bushy beard, distinctive feeling of style, and chaotic hair, his bad boy persona is obviously articulated.

Tom Hiddleston

Although he usually presents himself as the classic British gentleman who might be both James Bond and Prince Charming at the same time and has the hair to prove it, Tom Hiddleston sometimes kicks back with unruly hair when he doesn’t work.

Zayn Malik

Although all the One Direction boys had chaotic teenage haircuts and enjoyed experimenting a little, it was Zayn who stole everybody’s heart from the renowned’ strand’ incident. Once, while on the red carpet, a single strand of hair dropped on his forehead from his slicked back hair and all of Twitter melted into folly.

Tom Holland Messy Hairstyles for Men

We’ve seen one Spiderman, let’s look at the latest actor to play the iconic personality. Of course, we’re talking about Tom Holland, who also crowns with a chaotic but beautiful haircut his new yet beautiful teen face.

Tom Welling Messy Hairstyles for Men

Thanks to our chaotic hairstyles subject, we have spent quite a lot of time with s and s heartbeats in this article. Therefore, mentioning Tom Welling as well, the Superman of tiny screen and his head of chaotic spikes, would only be reasonable.

Unconventional Men’s Messy Hairstyles

If you want to spice stuff up a bit, what better way to do that than with unconventional colour. This is red wine, a red family shadow. Currently, non-traditional colors are all the rage, so you’ll be on the correct track.

Undercut+ Full Beard

Last but not least, this list will finish with another undercut, this time in a release. Pair it with a complete beard and a layered and chaotic top, and you’re all nice to go!

Undercut Fade with Spikes

Less than the top of the bed and more to the layers. Here we have a smooth undercut fade which is paired to speed up again with a layered top spiky hairup!