Men hairstyles

A feel like Barber / Stylist with a licensed Barber Cosmetologist. With a clean crisp hard part separating the fade from the multidirectional texture on top, the sides are closely faded to the body. If your scalp is moisturized and clear of bumps or other imperfections, just go as low as your skin. If you have issues with your hair, keep a shadow fade to mask any defects (a half to a 1 guard). I used gravity paste from Hanz de Fuko to make it look piecey and light and airy. Focus on keeping most of the height in the back as the size drops to the periphery. Own that. Own it. This is a very cool haircut with sharp edges and edgy style. If you want to look relaxed but low-key trendy, it’s a great style.

Airy Textured Barber Fade

A This is a pompadour with a soft fade taper. It’s a look that he can switch from time to time. I cut the top so that it can be worn on the back like in the photo or combed on the left or right. The taper fade cleans his temple’s back and sides as well. I’d say that the drug depends on the type of hair. With him, I used Osmo Uk’s Matt Clay. This is a look that he can wear as it is dry during a business meeting. This is also the next best option for guys around who don’t want a clean fade. A fade taper is perfect for any form of the head. It’s clean and neat. This also applies to a guy who wants a clean cut but who wants a sporty look to rock. I love hair cutting that a customer can wear on various occasions and in different ways as well.

Perfect blend

I used Evo’s Crop Strutters cream

Blowout Fade

A with Barber I would characterize this look as a perfect mix of modern and traditional and the detail that made this haircut special! I still recommend my customers to try new haircuts … why not make life too short? Textured Top

/ Barber For cool and sporty boys, I recommend this hairstyle. I also recommend that this hair be styled for a proper effect with By Vilain Dynamite Clay Wax or By Vilain Blow Powder. This hairstyle always looks amazing with a fading beard! Clean cutting edge

Lifestyle is the first thing I often ask a customer. Unless it fits the person wearing it, the most perfectly executed skin fade will do no good. You can always tell when somebody is uncomfortable with the way they look, so it’s my responsibility to ask the right questions to make sure that the hair is a reflection of who they are like. Since this haircut sits close and emphasizes the shape of the head in the shortest section, it is perfect for anyone with a large face shape oval. The explanation for this is that it allows the eye to move vertically instead of side by side, because it has less distance on the hands, making the head of someone appear longer. If I had a customer with a longer face shape, I might recommend something with a little more side length to help offset the vertical emphasis that their head shape offers.

Skin Fade with Barber / Stylist Length

A This particular look is a fade skin with a certain length and texture on top. I’ve added a little pick to break it down to give it a nice contrast to the skin. My favorite thing about this style is the growout process. It still looks nice and compatible with the growth of the top when this haircut grows out. When it comes to styling this look, it is highly recommended to have a matte brand like aputty. For that matte gritty look, I personally like using Fatboy or Adh. Goods from Matte are the ticket for a still functional look with low shine. I also like using some finishing contact surface powderlikethe Osis Powder Cloud. Most of my customers are fashionable men in the range of 20 to 40 years with a small edge.

Tapered Afro

A with Barber This is a tapered sponge-style afro. I added the moon-shaped part to give it some swag. I’ve also added the taper to the head and beard to show some fade work. To make the bald taper pop and give you the transition impact, the crisp lineup on the head and the beard. At the edge, the twist sponge gives a new curly look for guys to the retro afro. Picks twist shampoo conditioner sponges and a moisturizer are all the devices you need to keep your look clean. Hair Type