Barber muse This cool cut leaves hair packed with clean-cut edges due to the fading, line-up and rounded neckline of the temple.

David Beckham

Everyone knows that David Beckham has attempted every haircut known to man and has, therefore, become a trendsetter. Today, with a trimmed beard, he wears a very trendy long pompadour. Loving it!

Haircuts For Asian hair types

Asian hair is so thick and heavy, it is much easier to pull off an Asian haircut floppy than a straight haircut. Find blunt-edged Asian short hair styles, such as a potato. Also, a long-lasting top with short sides and back works perfectly for those who want to add a bit of size, as it can be styled in many ways and needs little maintenance. Further information about Asian male hairstyles can be found below.

Running Wild: Tousled and Stylish Disheveled Hairstyles You can try

Trendy Irregular French Crop The French crop is one of the best texture types to incorporate. Just a few light strands on top will take this haircut to a different level.

Skin Faded Undercut This is another French crop turn. With a thick fringe on top, under-cut real short on the sides, you might find this hairstyle shockingly practical…

Crop and Fringe Let your French crop part naturally on the fringe, and you’ll be left with such a cool impact. Put on some glasses and grow some light hair on your face and you’re good to go!

Forehead Hide Cut with Faded Sides For thicker hair, for a close, rough look, you could ruffle the top of your French crop. It beautifully contrasts with the short sides, which in particular is a big French plant pro.

Blonde Textured Crop If you need something a little more reserved, your French crop may be a little less French crop and a little longer bottom, sides shorter!Nonetheless, it’s the texture that makes the look so sweet.

Undercut with Hard Line As with any hairstyle, you can create contrast and stand out from the crowd with lines and partitions. Here’s how a French plant looks.

Very Subtle Front with Tapered Line Up When you look at all the French crops on this list, you’ll find that there are plenty of ways to get closer to the top of your head. Let that grow dense and that’s the look you’re going to get.

Modern Textured Crop Disconnected Undercut This is another French crop disconnected, but with texture boundaries applied to the edge. Some tufts go up, some go side by side, some go down. It’s messy and that is something we enjoy.

No French crop Frills This is not much of a French plant variety. It’s just a simple old French plant. But it still looks cool, isn’t it?

Blonde Angular Fringes with Fade Let’s say you’re a free spirit, and through your hairstyle you want to express that. Here’s how you’re doing it: get a French plant, leave the top short, add lots of spikes!

French Crop with Light Spikes Leave the top hair on your comfortable and long French crop and you’ll have plenty of opportunity to create new styles instantly if you get bored. Apply spikes to the back for this style, not the front.

Modern French Fade plant The French crop is as old as, if not older than, the Roman times. Why not combine your crop with a faded undercut to make it more traditional, like this?

Burst Fade Wavy French Crop Embrace and curl your wavy hair. That’s what this gentleman did to his hairstyle French crop. Definitely worthy of some praise is the natural look that results.

Longer Textured Plant As another basic French plant variant, grow your hair to around 3 or 4 centimeters before closing the sides.

Side Styled ShortFront Fringe It is not always important to cut the sides of your French crop right down to the hair. There, on the sides a little length plus the tiny front tuft is what separates this design from the others.

French Crop’

French Clean and Short Crop’

French Casual Crop with Mullet ‘

Hulk Highlights and Hard Line Layout’

Top Crop with Clear Fade’

French Crop with High Fade, Yes Please’

The new quiff is the answer today for a traditional, clean hairstyle with a little personality. On the sides and back, a sharper fade will give you a clean, modern look, while a less pronounced fade will feel more comfortable. How to Style Traditional Quiff –Clean hair towel, leaving it slightly damp. Apply some pomade or wax on your fingertips and run through your hair, tingle the front and brush the rest back. Use a little mousse if you want a little more weight. Complete by blowing the quiff into place.

The short quiff is like a modern quiff, but it gives a more relaxed, youthful look. The top is cut at around 2-4 inches much shorter and is usually accompanied on the sides by a sharp fade or undercut. This cut is ideal for guys with minimal hassle needing a clean cut look.

The curly quiff is basically a long quiff for curly hair men. The result is less smooth and polished, but more relaxed and artistic. How to Dress the Curly Quiff–Style the curly quiff like a normal quiff. However, to handle the hair more effectively, you may need to use a wide-toothed comb. And if you want curls on top of your quiff, make sure you don’t use powder or blow drying to flatten them.

Long Blowdried Quiff The long quiff for a modern, well-groomed guy is a much more dramatic look. The sides are kept short, like the previous ones, but the hair on the top is kept longer. This gives it much more weight. The longer your hair usually, the longer it takes to style, and this is true here. But it’s well worth the final result. How To Style The Long Quiff–The styling process is almost the same as the simple quiff, but there are two major differences. Second, because of the amount of hair involved, you may need to use a higher temperature. Second, you might need a little more product to bring the hold it needs to your longer hair.

Messy Quiff This is a sleek and casual mesh great. The same concepts still apply to any quiff, but instead of primping, the aim is to shape your hair loosely without worrying about making sure everything is sleek. The result is that the attitude of a devil may be cautious while still being well put together. Without much effort, this is the best way to look stylish. How to Style the Messy Quiff–Do your simple quiff planning, but just brush some mousse with your fingers and blow dry instead of carefully combing your hair into place. In the front you could apply a little hairspray to stop hair from falling in your face.

Best Haircut Style For Guys

Here’s a beautiful example of a style that blends different lines and coloring on the sides with a nice faux hawk on the top.

There are infinite possibilities as you can see. Eventually, depending on your imagination and the expertise of your barber, how stylish your hair design comes out.


Long Crosses Undercut

This haircut crosses two worlds on top of your head. One hand is cut very short, almost boyish, while the other receives a long-haired look that is very bohemian. Be careful because a lot of trimming is required for this cut.

Favorite Haircuts For Men With Glasses: Find The Ideal Style


Regulation Cut: Practical and Appropriate

Long spikes stick out from the base, producing a tear-like effect with a light trim through the centre.

Horizontal Neckline Disconnects A few disconnects used to split a dull mass of hair in the previous neckline styles. Just by putting them on a horizontal line, identical disconnections can be all the more shocking.

Artsy Neckline Shapes This gentleman has chosen a unique neckline hair style consisting of several artistic shapes and lines that fit into the flow of the hairline to compliment a simple old buzz cut.

Christmas Tree Why not trim this Christmas tree neckline on your neck for something slightly different? Bonus points awarded in either of the last two months of the year for selecting this theme.

Scribble Neckline Style with Long Angled Top It’s hard to put your finger on what makes this style so cool, but we think it’s a combination of a diagonal swoop (nearly perpendicular to parts of the left hairline) and a large separation.

Undercut with Tri-Line Shave’

Stairway to Designer Neckline ‘

Tapered Custom Neckline ‘

Blonde Undercut with Designed Neckline’

Tiger’s Paw’

Speared Neckline’

On each side of the head there will be one straight line.


Ivy League Haircut Suggestions Styling Tips Gallery

It goes beyond the taper style and incorporates the neckline’s long hair.

The Man Bun with Undercut

For a few years now, the super famous man bun has been on the rise and shows no signs of backing down. Nonetheless, you can always match yours with an undercut or a subtle fade if you want an upgrade. You also know that they are now making attachable man buns? Yup.

he Blonde Afro

Likewise, this time you could go for an Afro longer, but blonde. Really, in this day and age, there is no barrier left in mens hairstyles and the sooner you realize that, the better. Enjoy the freedom of your body!

Latest trends

Styling the Quiff

so you can choose the perfect style. To get a great quiff, there are three steps: start with a freshly showered, towel-dried hair head. The hair still ought to be wet. > Optional step: To add more volume, you can blow your hair dry at this stage. (Copy Step 3.) > Apply a tiny amount of product to your hair (about the length of your fingernail) and apply it evenly. > Wave your hair in the direction your quiff needs to go. You can use a brush to taunt your hair and increase the volume of your hair. > This is it! While it seems basic, it is an experimentation issue. You’ll need to find the exact technique to create a perfect quiff that works for you. Consider using a higher heat setting or a diffuser nozzle on your blow dryer if you don’t get results that you like.

Hairstyles of Man Bun Gallery How To

Dishevelled The dishevelled look is a combination of a more classic look with a modern touch that will give you a great edgy look by styling it to the sides using some matte. Well-worn by all ages and hair types, this cut looks good on most face shapes, avoiding having too much length on the sides is recommended for rounder faces. Practical, trendy and quick to manage, one of the best edgy to deliver certainly.

High Volume Dashing Strands Strong undercuts are nowadays nothing out of the ordinary. Having said that, this high-contrast undercut is coupled with an angular part, front strands, and lots of tattoos. Edgy? Sure.

Undercut Winged Mid-Part Here’s a unique style: take a solid undercut base and add a partition down the middle. This old-fashioned look works well when paired with facial hair for an edgy, hipsteric feel.

Move the Classy Hair Back with Faded Side If normal undercuts are too dull for you, you can always turn them up with extra short sides. For this ultra-male, modern look, just add a beard.

Tinted bangs with Hard Undercut Crop hairstyles are already viewed as edgy, but if you add a quick fade on the sides and some bright highlights, you get that. With this look, you will definitely stand out!

Side Swept Short, side-swept haircuts are a great choice if you want something edgy, but not strange. Okay, this can be a very attractive look.

Top Knot This edgy look has several components: a short shave on the arms, long hair on the top and a bun on the back. If that wasn’t enough, some facial hair will be thrown in as well!

Rough Long Top with Moustache Here’s another edgy, hipster-ish hairstyle. It’s a side-swept style of medium length with short sides and some old-fashioned facial hair.

High Volume Top with Widow’s Peak It’s definitely not everyone’s look, but a high-volume, blowout-like style like this one will definitely stand out. It’s not too wild, though, so it’s still working for serious, everyday life.

Mop Top Angled Make a short top mop cool by adding some look angles. This style is edgy, polished, angled, but gets away with it.

Wavy Textured Fringe Would you like something especially edgy? Why not try a faux-hawk, adding on top a textured fringe with a few wild hairline patterns on the bottom.

Extreme Wave This look is on the continuum between an undercut and a mohawk somewhere. What we say for certain is that turning heads is assured.

Justin Bieber’s Side Swept Dyed Fringe The short, side-swept haircut by Justin Bieber. He’s even dyed his hair a light blonde to make it just that extra bit more edgier.

Traditional Quiff Hairstyle A quiff is by itself nothing very special. But put a lot of waviness and texture on top of it, and you end up with a somewhat edgy, but still restrained feel.

Hard part Pompadour This pompadour has a lot of volume and not just one, but two hard pieces for edgy twisting. D sunglasses, piercing and some hair on the face, and the resulting look is very traditional. Side Swept Undercut

This design is another thick, side-swept mop. Nonetheless, for an undercut-like look, it is cut ultra-short on the sides and also features exceptionally long and thick facial hair.

Textured Angular Fringe A basic fringe like this would be very popular, if not all the added texture. Surely this blunt, messy style looks like an edgy haircut.

Dye Hard Fan ‘

Psychobilly Mohawk’

Brush up Fade Textured Hairstyles

Side-cut Pompadours

shaved on one side. As a result, the hairstyle pump part is very prominent and can even be buzzed in to give a sharper effect. There’s a slight fade through the short sides underneath the pomp.

Fall Fade Haircuts Ideas–New Twist On A Classic

Sep, fade 2019 is so named because the fade falls behind the eye. It produces the fade with a smooth arc. The effect is a clean-looking, even-looking haircut.

, and almost all the rest. This is because the fade brings to any haircut a layer of depth that makes it stand out immediately and achieve a different dimension. Keep in mind that any haircut can combine the fall fade and create unique styles.


Speaking of braids, we couldn’t forget Ragnar Lothbrook’s braid in the hit TV series ‘ Vikings.’ It’s a thick, traditional, warrior braid with shaved sides, which Ragnar later decorates with tattoos in the episode.

Check the gallery below for more ideas:

Justin Bieber’s Side Swept Dyed Fringe Justin Bieber has had a fair share of haircuts over the years, including this stunning side swept undercut. Instantly noticeable are the long strands of hair hanging in front and giving this style a unique effect.

Fall Fade with Afro Disconnection This trendy Afro and undercut combination is an excellent look. The two distinct styles are separated by a large shaved section and the haircut unifies.

Side Brushed Beaches with Undercut Taper Elegant and fun, this fashionable side swept look is the perfect option for those who want a generous dose of personality haircut.

Skin Fade with Layers This is a more severe look that almost drops into fake hawk territory. A dramatic divergence is created by the high fade and side-swept hair that defines this style.

Taper Faded Blonde Hair This preppy look is a perfect haircut to spend the day (or night) out.

How to Drop Fade

Drop fade is a technique that most (if not all) barbers can do, but some may not know by name. Because of this, we suggest that you find a picture of the kind of drop fade you want and send it to your barber so you can get the most accurate drop fade haircut. The fall fade is a skin fade type, so you’re going to want to ask your barber for a hair fade. But here you have to be specific––getting a fall fade isn’t as easy as as asking for a skin fade.

Here’s what you need to tell your barber to get a fall fade: you want the fade to build an arc over the ear to drop the fade. That’s, the fade is lower behind the ear than it is before the ear. Again, it can be a little hard to describe, so make sure you bring a video. (Note: most barbers use taper instead of fade, so if your barber seems really puzzled if you ask for a fade, ask for a taper instead.) The fade should be balanced in such a way that there is a steady fade up.

Skin Fade Haircut Ideas (Trendsetter for

Side SweptUndercut

Short Textured Haircut Surgical part

javi thebarber A sleek looking short textured quiff haircut for thick hair men. This mid-fade has an operative part separating the two lengths of the fade area.This could be the best hair style for him if someone wants to be revealed and expressed. Trim the hair to a shorter length from the arms. Project which takes inspiration from this project as you like it.

What is the hairstyle of the quiff?

For cutting purposes, the quiff hairstyle is basically similar to the undercut: longer on the top and shorter on the sides and back. The real difference is the top of the head, which for a textured, eye-catching look is angled upwards and combed slightly back. Here, the process of styling is important, and we will go into depth on how you can get this contemporary look for yourself. And like other voluminous designs, the quiff is a high contrast style, like the disconnected undercut. It ensures that the long hair on top gives a strong contrast to the sides and back of the short hair.

The quiff is similar to the pompadour in terms of look. Both are voluminous hair-sweeping designs. There are some major differences between the two, however. Guys that wear quiffs tend to focus on the front of the head on vertical length, and with a pompadour this is not always the case. There are many pompadors that can be smaller and less serious. The quiff’s other defining feature is its rather messy nature. The hair is often slanted at the front of the head and takes on a wavy look. On the other hand, pompadours tend to be finer, have a little more slickness and shine for them.

How to Style the Slicked Back Hairstyle

Since sliced back hair can be applied to a wide range of haircuts, only the styling process will be passed along. To add a touch of sophistication, you can start from almost any haircut and slick the hair back. Starting with damp hair that was dried towel after a shower is good. Excavate a small amount of pomade, about the size of a small coin (a good start to an American nickel size), and use your hands to work it into your skin. Make sure that the pomade coats just your hair, not your scalp.

The sleek motion should be a smooth movement to the back of the head. First, take a brush and smooth back on the hair. Start with the peg right above your forehead and go back until you hit your crown.

You can follow up with more after the first slick back to make sure your hair is on the right track. The most elegant results will be achieved by using a brush. And this is it! Use a blow dryer or a little hairspray to help you stay in place if your hair has problems staying.


Best Blonde Hairstyles for men to try in

Comb Over for Curly Hair

Sur Barbers The comb over is similar to the side part hairstyle but less the part specified. Also, curly hair is a flattering choice to show natural texture on top and to keep the sides short.

Hairstyles For African Hair

Another common feature of all African natural hair forms is that they have a comfortable shape. And, once you’ve found the perfect style, you won’t need any additional styling. Your barber will look at your curl pattern and give you a fading, round or square cut based on it. There are some suggestions for natural black hair styles to ease the role of your barber.

Hair Products For unruly hair

With unruly hair, you want products to help reduce the heat. Use those with a foundation that is smooth and soft as they moisturize the hair and prevent frizziness. Use a blow dryer and a vent brush to smooth the cuticula, helping to keep the hair straight and formed. Clean and Clear Mid Fade with Short Top’

Brush Up Skin Fade’

Clean Taper Fade’

Clean Taper Fade’

Gingered Wavy Top with Faded Line Up’

Long Curly French with Side Line Style

Latest Trends

Spiky Mohawks With Shaved Sides

High Drop Fade Short Top Leaf Design

Jeremy Wexler Hair Low fade adds form and elegance to the short men’s haircut.

Piecey Bedhead Short Sides Long Top Hairstyles

Piecey Bedhead Short Sides Long Top Hairstyles

You might also want to find the piecey bedhead for smoother short sides of long top hairstyles. All you need to do is climb and go out of bed. If you want a more stylish look, you can always turn the strands into bits for a purposely sleepy look that stands out among the rest.


Surfer Hairstyles: An Iconic Tousled Look and More

Aug 14, 2019

Although these may not sound like the healthiest hair products, you can create a similar look at home without causing hair harm. Here’s our guide on how this unique, adventurous look can be achieved.


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